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Macworld 2010-12

  2. 2. THE NEW EDGE UNDERSTANDS 10,000 VOICE COMMANDS. ENOUGH SAID. It doesn’t just give directions, it takes orders. A whole lot of them. The 305-horsepower EDGE SPORT with MYFORD TOUCH. A voice and touch-activated communications ™* system that puts your music, information and entertainment at your fingertips – while your eyes never leave the road. It’s an automotive first. All wrapped up in one thrilling ride. It’s quite possibly the world’s smartest crossover. 2011 EDGE SPORT Simply open your phone’s browser and download the free app at or text “MYFORDTOUCH” to 4FORD. Then follow the directions to snap this tag and see MyFord Touch come to life. ** *Driving while distracted can result in loss of vehicle control. Only use mobile phones/MyFord Touch/other devices, even with voice commands, when it is safe to do so. Some features may be locked out while the vehicle is in gear. Certain commands abbreviated. See owner’s guide for complete commands. **Standard text messaging and data rates apply.
  3. 3. Incorporating MacUser CONteNts December 2010 COveR stORy 34 The Macworld Gear Guide Each Mac user on your holiday list is unique, but don’t let that stop you from choosing the perfect gadget to complement your friend’s or relative’s Mac, iPhone, iPod, or iPad. We’ve assembled the best gear to share with you. FeAtURe 66 Review: Office for Mac 011 RevIeW The latest version of Office for Mac has arrived, and we’ve reviewed the entire suite. 34 Should you upgrade? OPINION The Macworld Gear Guide 11 From the Editor’s Desk This month’s Gear Guide is our wish book of the best tech gadgets, from the practical to the fanciful (iPhone-controlled helicopter, anyone?). MAC UseR 16 The Birth of Mac OS X We take a look back at the debut of Apple’s operating system a decade ago. 18 The Effect of Mac OS X 20 Study: The Media Is Fascinated with Apple 22 Mac Gems Monitor battery life; access OS X’s hidden screensaving options; and easily track, manage, and pay your bills. iOs CeNtRAl 66 26 Preview: iOS 4. What you can expect from the latest update to Apple’s mobile operating system. Review: Office 28 The iPad’s School Day: Apple’s Tablet Hits for Mac  the Classroom 28 What’s New at the App Store 30 App Guide Each month, we review the App Store offerings that have caught our eye. On the Cover Photography by Peter Belanger 4 Macworld December 2010
  4. 4. IT’S TIME TO LOOK AT THE WORLD FROM A UNIQUE PERSPECTIVE. Introducing the new Canon EOS 60D. Featuring our first ever 270-degree 3.0-inch LCD screen that allows you to express yourself from any angle, whether it’s an extreme high angle , low angle, or even self-portrait. And with an 18 Megapixel CMOS sensor, 5.3 fps shooting and multiple aspect ratios, you’ll capture stunning photography from every direction . Then see beyond the still in 1080p Full HD video. I n s p i r e d. B y C a n o n.Image Simulated. ©2010 Canon U.S.A., Inc. Canon and EOS are registered trademarks of Canon Inc. in the United States. IMAGEANYWARE is a trademark of Canon. All rights reserved.
  5. 5. Contents December 2010 WORKING MAC32 Five Awesome Automator Tips Use Apple’s easy automation tool to extract text from PDFs, schedule workflows, and more. 36 Keep Cookies Under Control 34 MacSpeech Scribe 1.1 PLUS: Reviews 33, Business Center 82 PlAylIst 3286 The Apple TV Reborn RevIeW The all-new Apple TV is smaller and less expensive than the one it replaces. Plus, it adds Netflix support. Check out our review. 84 Tame Your Playlists PLUS: Reviews 83 DIGItAl PHOtO 86100 Photoshop Elements 8 Gets Organized RevIeW Adobe brings Elements Organizer to the Mac and adds a Content-Aware Fill feature. 101 Fix Your Vacation Photo Faux Pas 102 Preview’s Photo-Editing Powers 106 Three Apps for Adding Effects PLUS: Reviews 104 CReAte 192103 Mac Debut for Adobe Premier Elements 8 RevIeW Amateur video editors take note: Adobe offers up a video editing alternative. MACWeeK 108 Back on the Mac: AutoCAD for Mac, iOS For weekly Mac news from, sign up for the 110 Free Plug-ins Freshen Photoshop MacWeek newsletter at newsletters. PLUS: Reviews 112 At MACWORlD.COM HelP DesK Our latest podcasts, slideshows, and videos:116 Mac OS X Hints Podcast: Reviewing the Apple TV Get the old iTunes back, shorten URLs with a ( service, hide an app’s Dock icon, and more. Podcast: iPhones and iPads in Business 114 Mac 811 and Education ( Batch-convert photos with Automator, make Podcast: App Guidelines and Ping Google’s preferences stick, and more. ( Video: Apple’s iPhone 6 Goes on Sale in China (macworld BACK PAGe .com/4498).192 Spotlight Video: RIM’s Supposed Tablet Computer (macworld .com/4460). It’s totally not the Macworld Gear Guide.4 Macworld December 2010
  7. 7. From the eDitor’s Desk By Jason Snell Wish Book Useful or useless? Depends on who’s asking. L ike pretty much anything in life, What’s great about the iPad is its technology products can’t be versatility: As we’ve said in these pages viewed in simple black-and-white many times, it’s good for games, e-mail, terms. It’s tempting to sort those the Web, Twitter, and yes, reading. products into two piles: one for useful While I’m skeptical of tools intended tools and the other for useless gewgaws. for only one purpose, I like the Kindle But I don’t think it works that way. because it’s a unitasker. You can’t really use it for the Web or Twitter or e-mail: A Guide to Gear It’s for reading and that’s it. A Kindle Every December, we devote our cover may not offer most of the iPad’s fea- story to the coolest new Mac-friendly tures, but it’s also $360 cheaper, nearly gadgets and gear we can find. (This a third as heavy, and, in well-lit envi- year’s Gear Guide starts on page 34.) You ronments, better for reading plain text don’t have to be a genius to figure out on a page. why: We’re entering the holiday season, Which one is best? I can’t answer that, when people spend lots of money on all reading and writing because I don’t know you. My wife loves sorts of tech-related products. about tech products her iPad but doesn’t use a Kindle. (She Generally, the Gear Guide gets good checks out books from the library.) But reader feedback. But we do get some isn’t always practical. I’ve recommended the Kindle to friends complaints that we’re writing about And that’s ok. who wanted a small, light device for useless, overpriced junk. To the com- reading books. plainers, I say this: The $300 Parrot I’d be lucky if even a couple of the The situation is similar with the AR.Drone remote-control helicopter things I helpfully circled in the Wish iPhone. I know people who won’t buy an (page 46) is not junk. And overpriced? Book made it under our Christmas tree. iPhone until it’s available from Verizon, That depends on how valuable you think But that wasn’t the point. Sometimes because AT&T’s service is so bad for a camera-equipped helicopter that you products aren’t there just to be bought. them. But that logic doesn’t work for me: control with an iPhone really is. They’re there to be dreamed about. At my house I can’t get a signal from In all seriousness, while a product like I remember reading MacUser when I Verizon or T-Mobile; AT&T and Sprint the AR.Drone might seem absurd—and was in college. I’d memorize all the are my only options. let’s be honest, unless you’re waging war specs for Apple’s latest PowerBooks, With any luck, Apple will end that against your next-door neighbor’s fleet of dreaming about the high-end models. debate by extending the iPhone to other remote-controlled Wi-Fi tanks, it isn’t But I knew I’d never be able to afford U.S. carriers in 2011. In the meantime, particularly practical—I’ve had many that snazzy laptop with an active-matrix the value of the iPhone—as with any geeky people ask me about it recently, display and 16 levels of grayscale. (I other tech product—will vary based on more than any other product. suspect many of our readers do the same who you are and what you need. Certainly, only a few of the people who today when reading about a 12-core Mac Macworld can tell you about the are excited about the AR.Drone will Pro or an i7-based iMac.) products—both serious and fanciful— actually buy and fly one. But reading that are out there. But the final buying (and writing) about tech products isn’t Practical Uses decision is yours. You’re the only one always practical. And that’s OK. Different people dream about different who knows whether a remote-controlledphotograph By pEtEr BElangEr products. Which is why I don’t have a helicopter, or an iPad or a Kindle, What Do You Want? good answer when someone asks me a deserves to be circled in your own When I was a kid, I used to spend the question like, “Kindle or iPad?” There is personal wish book. fall poring over the annual Sears holiday no answer that’s right for everyone. catalog—aka the Wish Book. (If you I own a Kindle and an iPad, and I like Jason Snell is the editorial director of don’t remember it, just imagine every both. They’re different products that share Macworld. E-mail him at jason_snell@ single product that a kid could ever want, some overlapping functionality. Both are or follow him on Twitter lavishly photographed.) going to sell well this holiday season. at December 2010 Macworld 11
  8. 8. STATEMENT OF OWNERSHIP, MANAGEMENT, AND CIRCULATION VP, EDITORIAL DIRECTOR Jason Snell EXECUTIVE EDITORS Philip Michaels, Dan Miller MANAGING EDITOR Sue Voelkel1. Publication Title: Macworld First-Class Mail): 0; C. Total Paid and/or ART DIRECTOR Rob Schultz2. Publication Number: 0741-8647 Requested Circulation: 225,719; D. Non- SENIOR WEB PRODUCER Curt Poff SENIOR EDITORS Christopher Breen, Jackie Dove,3. Filing Date: September 29, 2010 Requested Distribution (By Mail and Outside Dan Frakes, Roman Loyola, Scholle Sawyer McFarland, Jonathan Seff4. Issue Frequency: Monthly the Mail): 1. Outside County Non-Requested ASSISTANT MANAGING EDITOR Sally Zahner5. Number of Issues Published Annually: 12 Copies Stated on PS Form 3541: 5,040; 2. In SENIOR ASSOCIATE EDITORS Heather Kelly, Dan Moren6. Annual Subscription Price: $34.97 County Non-Requested Copies Stated on PS ASSOCIATE EDITORS David Chartier, Chris Holt STAFF EDITOR Serenity Caldwell7. 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  9. 9. i am the next best thing to concert tickets.iHome’s iP3 premium speaker system for iPhone and iPod needs to be heard to be believed. It featuresBongiovi Acoustics’ Digital Power Station technology coupled with 50 watts of power and best-in-classspeakers for truly incredible audio. All inside a sleek package that looks as sexy as it iHome is a registered trademark of SDI Technologies, Inc. iPhone and iPod are trademarks of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries. Bongiovi Acoustics, Digital Power Station, and the DPS symbol are trademarks or registered trademarks of Bongiovi Acoustics, LLC.
  10. 10. The Easy Way to Clean Up Hard Drive Clutter PrEsidEnt and cEo  contEnt dirEctor, PcWorld |  sEnior ManagEr, Mike Kisseberth MacWorld contEnt Works  audiEncE dEVEloPMEnt  Ted Greenwald DW Malouf sEnior ExEcutiVE adMinistrator  dirEctor, Production  nEWslEttEr sErVicEs ManagEr  Caroline Ward Nancy Jonathans Michael E. England sEnior VP, salEs and MarkEting   PrEPrEss ManagEr  rEsEarch ManagEr  Stacey Levy (217/859- 077) Tamara Gargus Miguel Beteta Rodrigo dirEctor of salEs  Production sPEcialist  rEsEarch analyst  Gabe Rogol (217/852-5 5 ) Jerry Wandel Kyle Flick East E$coMMErcE ManagEr  cto  Alisha Billingsley account dirEctors  Aaron Jones Kathy Rebello (749/904-4224)  social MEdia coordinator  sEnior dirEctor, Amy Singer (041/3 2-0 15) Toni Panayotov it & WEb oPErations   account ExEcutiVE  Sean Greathouse sEnior usEr intErfacE dEsignEr  Paul Moretti (217/02 - 757) it ManagEr   Jonathan Andersen salEs associatE  Walter Clegg usEr intErfacE dEsignEr  Shari Redan (045/988-0488)  systEMs analyst   Sky Collins southWEst Eileen Quan intEractiVE dEsignEr  it tEchnician   Eliza Wee account dirEctor  Cindy Hamilton (828/220-2447) Dan Dudziak sEnior VidEo ProducEr  sEnior systEM/nEtWorks Chris Manners sEnior account ExEcutiVE  Duane Hampson (217/859- 1 ) adMinistrator  Procirc subscriPtionUse Tidy Up! to find and remove salEs associatE  Wil Shultz ManagEMEnt  sEnior WEb oPErations Shawne Burke Pecar,extraneous files that slow your Chrissy Schneider (217/859- 038) northWEst adMinistrator  Andrew Trice Megan Guard computer down. account dirEctors  dirEctor, softWarE Procirc rEtail solutions  Scott Hill, Mark Peterson Elaine Ebner (217/035-2759) dEVEloPMEnt   David White (217/02 - 332)  Jim Hutson VP, huMan rEsourcEs  Kate Coldwell account ExEcutiVE  softWarE Carol Johnstone (217/859- 84) dEVEloPMEnt ManagEr   huMan rEsourcEsWith Tidy Up! you can search for duplicate salEs associatE  Kieran Fitzpatrick rEPrEsEntatiVE  Ellen Cobb files and packages in numerous ways: Nelson Hong (415/978-3266) sEnior softWarE dEVEloPErs  Alexis Barrera, Bill Cappel, Justin sEnior VP, cfo/coo  Owner Application Extension MarkEting ManagEr  Counts, Christian McKeegan, Vicki Peilen Jim Hopkins Content Time Modified Wei Ming Xu dirEctor, financE  Type Time Created dirEctor, ad oPErations  Diane Ryczek ExEcutiVE VP/gEnEral Kevin Barden Creator Name ManagEr, onlinE  dirEctor, financial ad Label Visibility ad oPErations sPEcialist  Stephan Scherzer oPErations  Keri Campbell Diane Hacker Date Age VP, businEss dEVEloPMEnt  ad oPErations coordinator  Ulla McGee dirEctor, adVErtising account Lauren Martinelli sErVicEs  You can also search by the tag, duration and sEnior dirEctor, audiEncE dEVEloPMEnt and analytics  Kevin Greene bit installments of MP3 and AAC sound files sEnior dirEctor, PrograM dEVEloPMEnt  Alexa Wriggins dirEctor, accounting  and EXIF metadata, search the contents of the Brian Buizer Michelle Reyes dirEctor, PrograM iPhoto, Aperture, iTunes databases and Mail ProJEct ManagEr, salEs  ManagEMEnt  staff accountant  mailboxes, and synchronize deletions with Leilani Lopez David Lake Scott Lum-Duenas iPhoto, Mail and iTunes. salEs associatEs  Product ManagEr, MobilE  accounting assistant  Nelson Hong, Shari Redan, Jacky Lee Jose Rodas Chrissy SchneiderDownload Tidy Up! now and try HOW TO CONTACT MACWORLD STAFF Our offices are located at 741 Second Street, 3th Floor, San REPRINTS AND PERMISSIONS You must have permission before reproducing any material from it for FREE Francisco, CA 82145; phone, 217/02 -4747; fax, 217/02 - 727. Macworld staff can be reached by e-mail at firstname_lastname@ Macworld. Send e-mail to; please include a phone LETTERS TO THE EDITOR MAILINg LISTS We periodically make lists of our customers available to mailers Send comments about any aspect of Macworld to letters@ of goods and services that may interest you. If you do not wish Due to the high volume of mail we receive, we to receive such mailings, please write to us at Macworld, P.O. can’t respond to each letter. We reserve the right to edit all Box 5591, Boone, IA 744 5-4591, or e-mail us at subhelp@ submissions. Letters published in Macworld or on Please include a copy of your mailing label or your become the property of Mac Publishing. full name and address. BACk ISSUES OF MACWORLD MACWORLD CONFERENCE & ExPO Starting with the March 044 Macworld, back issues can be As the flagship sponsor of Macworld Conference & Expo, downloaded in digital format, from (63.88; Mac Macworld encourages all subscribers to attend this excitingAvailable at: OS X 14.1 or later required). Print-format back issues (subject annual industry event. For information, please visit www to availability) cost 69 per issue for U.S. delivery, and 610 for international delivery; prepayment in U.S. currency to Macworld is required. Send a check or money order to Macworld Back Issues, P.O. Box 5591, Boone, IA 744 5-4591; or phone 944/099- 3929 (U.S. and Canada) or 717/02 - 05 (all other locations).© 2010 Hyperbolic Software. All rights reserved.Hyperbolic Software and Tidy Up! are trademarks ofHyperbolic Software.All the other product names mentioned in this herein are thetrademarks of their respective companies. 12 Macworld December 0414
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  12. 12. MacUSERNews and Analysis about Macs, OS X, and AppleThe Birth of Mac OS XA look back at the debut of Apple’s operating system a decade agoBy B eNj eDwa rDST he fortunes of the Mac platform changed drastically 10 years ago. On September 13, 2000, Applereleased its Mac OS X Public Beta, alimited-time trial run of the ultramod-ern, groundbreaking operating systemthat would replace the old Mac OS. Mac owners have been living with OS Xever since, so it’s easy to forget that thecompany endured some tough times. MacOS X wound up being one of the keydrivers in Apple’s comeback story. Microsoft’s Windows NT in 1993 andWindows 95 two years later put Apple’sclaim of OS superiority on shakyground. Apple found itself in anespecially vulnerable position as theonce-revolutionary Macintosh OS, firstreleased in 1984 but only incrementallyimproved thereafter, suddenly lookedantiquated. Apple found itself forced toconfront its own mortality. First Look In September 2000, Apple released a beta of Mac OS X on a CD. For about The company launched a long (and $30, the beta gave users a look at the future of the Mac.ultimately mismanaged) quest to replacethe classic Mac OS with a state-of-the-art match Next’s plans for innovative system for the Next Computer, whichsuccessor, a quest that spanned three hardware, Jobs and his team came was released in 1988.Apple CEOs and half a dozen or more across a new approach to Unix architec- The Next Computer was a startlinglyOS candidates from both within and ture. It was an experimental OS advanced machine for its time, but aoutside of Apple. kernel—christened “Mach”—being stratospheric price held it back. Jobs The process finally came to an end in developed by graduate students at eventually pulled the plug on the com-1996 when Gil Amelio, then-CEO of Carnegie Mellon University, including a pany’s computer line and focused entirelyApple, selected technology from a 24-year-old named Avie Tevanian, who on software, especially the NextStep called Next. started the Mach project as part of his NextStep evolved further in the early Ph.D. work in computer science. 1990s, gaining versions for multipleThe Next Connection Tevanian’s Mach kernel was unique non-68K processors like SPARC andApple cofounder Steve Jobs started Next for its time. It had a far more flexible Intel’s x86 line.Computer in 1985 after he was forced to and modern structure than previous In 1996, when Apple was looking forresign from Apple. Jobs assembled a team Unix-compatible kernels; it was this its replacement OS, Jobs pitchedof talented engineers and programmers to quality that attracted Jobs’s attention. NextStep to Apple executives. They likedcraft the ultimate research workstation. Tevanian soon found himself what they saw, and in December of 1996 While seeking the foundation of an working for Next and developing Apple announced it was purchasing Nextadvanced operating system that could NextStep, a new graphical operating with the goal of using NextStep as the16 Macworld December 2010
  13. 13. foundation of a new Macintosh OS. March 1999. It retained the classic convincing. A big part of Apple’sSteve Jobs would also take an advisory Platinum interface of OS 8 (and the development approach was to empha-role at Apple. In a remarkable turn of Rhapsody prototypes), but it got its size a combination of the seamlessevents, the founder was back. DNA from NextStep. Classic environment (which would run all classic OS apps) and a new CarbonFrom NextStep to Rhapsody Enter OS X API that would allow easy porting ofJobs eventually became Apple’s interim By 1999 the public knew about the shift classic OS apps to OS X. Thanks toCEO. He filled important posts within from Rhapsody to OS X. What the those changes, developers started tothe company with his trusted and public didn’t know was that, since 1998, come around.accomplished Next brethren, includingAvie Tevanian, who became vice All operating systems grow obsolete, but evenpresident of software engineering. Apple engineers used NextStep 4.2 as ten years after its commercial debut, we’rethe starting point for the new Macintosh still living in the golden age of OS X.OS and began a three year process thatwould transform the Unix-based OS into Apple had been secretly developing a Moreover, developers saw the writinga consumer operating system. The vibrant and fluid new graphical on the wall. Jobs made it clear in Januaryproject was code-named Rhapsody. interface for Rhapsody named Aqua. It 2000 that Apple would be pursuing a It wasn’t long before Apple developed was during Aqua’s development that the single OS strategy. Within a year, hea prototype that functioned mostly like philosophical shift from Rhapsody to announced, Apple would ship OS X byNextStep but possessed graphical OS X took place. default on all new Macs. That date gotelements borrowed from the “Platinum” Jobs unveiled Aqua to a stunned pushed back a bit, but it ultimately cametheme of Mac OS 8. Apple put this new audience during his January 2000 to pass, and OS X was on its way to aversion into the hands of developers in Macworld Expo keynote speech. The widespread installed base.August 1997. delighted, newly permanent CEO spent a But the new OS met significant large portion of his speech demonstrat- The OS X Legacyresistance from Adobe. Apple had ing Aqua’s graphically striking new OS X is the heart and soul of Apple’soriginally wanted to channel all new features. Apple found itself, for the first software strategy, and OS X proved todevelopment for Rhapsody through a time in at least a decade, with an be an essential investment to ensureprogramming system it called Yellow operating system that people could not the continued viability of the MacBox, which was essentially an updated wait to get their hands on. platform.version of the OpenStep development In September 2000, Apple But how long will it last?environment from the NextStep days. obliged. According to Tevanian, who left Apple in Yellow Box would have allowed Tevanian, the company 2006, is surprised andapplications developed for Rhapsody to knew that it couldn’t delighted at how flexiblebe easily ported to other operating just keep the beta- OS X and his clever littlesystems and even between processor testing process under kernel turned out to be.architectures like PowerPC and x86. wraps. The company After all, he says, OS XUnfortunately, developers would have needed to get the OS runs on a wide range ofhad to abandon any investment they put out into as many hands hardware, from industrial-into building classic OS applications. as possible. Apple set the strength servers to desktops Adobe balked at this and refused to price of Mac OS X Public to iPhones and iPods. Appleport its software over to Rhapsody. This Beta at $29.95. The beta sold had a 20 to 30 year lifespan in mindlack of support from a key third-party through Apple’s online store; for OS X during its development, saysdeveloper, in addition to grumblings the company later offered a $30 Tevanian, but he suspects its fundamentalfrom other developers, ultimately discount on the first full release of OS X underpinnings may last even longer.caused Apple to pull the plug on its (version 10.0) when it shipped in 2001. Ultimately, all operating systems groworiginal Rhapsody plan in 1998. Reviews of the public beta were mixed obsolete, but for now, even ten years Rhapsody wasn’t truly dead, however. but optimistic. OS X represented a after its commercial debut, we’re stillIn its place came murmurs about “Mac promising future for Apple, but the living in the golden age of OS X.OS X” (X being the roman numeral for company still had a long way to go inten). Under the name Mac OS X Server producing a fully mature OS. Benj Edwards is a freelance writer who is1.0, Apple released the first and only As usual, it was the third-party also editor in chief of the Vintage Comput-commercial version of Rhapsody in developers who needed the most ing and Gaming blog. December 2010 Macworld 17
  14. 14. MaC USerThe effect of Mac OS X OS X’s 10 MostA former Macworld editor recalls his first impressions of Mac OS XBy rOB Gri FFiThS Innovative FeaturesM Ten years ago, even early adopters of y life changed 10 years ago, Mac OS X probably couldn’t have con- when Apple released the Mac ceived of the OS features that we rely OS X Public Beta. At the time, on so heavily today. Here are the tenit seemed like this new OS was just the features that we consider to be thenext step (albeit a big one) in the most significant contributions to theevolution of the Mac. Mac experience. 378—Ma cw oo While icons and windows simplyexisted in OS 9, they seemed to jump offthe screen in OS X. Shadows helped 1 Time Machine: Backup program introduced with OS X 10. .distinguish between layers of windows,and the colorful Dock at the bottom of 2 Spotlight: Introduced as the desktop-search successor to Apple’s Sherlockthe screen contained easy-to-access icons in OS X 10. .both for currently running applicationsand for programs I placed there myself.On visuals alone, there was no doubt d Unix Underpinnings: Thanks to Unix, Mac OS X finally gained the stability that was longthat the Mac OS X Public Beta repre- Of course, there were less welcome lacking in the Mac OS. lsented a decisive break from the past. changes with the public beta. For one The Classic Environment and That’s not to say all was perfect. Aqua, thing, it was slow—the Finder, in Boot Camp: These technologiesas Apple called its new interface, was particular, was extremely slow. Simple made it easy to transition to the Mac. rbesieged by an attack of the striped tasks such as launching applications and Developer Tools: These toolsbackgrounds. Aqua also consumed a lot opening files could be unbearably slow; help developers take advantageof screen real estate, especially when in tests I ran at the time, program of new, compelling features. scompared to OS 9. Mac OS X’s windows launching was anywhere from two to five Exposé: This was the first signifi-were larger, its Dock took up more space, times faster in OS 9. Another problem cant attempt to improve windowand Finder windows had huge toolbar concerned peripherals: Most of them management since Windows . fareas filled with massive icons. And simply didn’t work in the public beta. Bonjour: This networkingdon’t even get me started on the heavily Even with the plethora of good changes technology was introduced astranslucent menus. Finally, some apps I’ve listed, however, the public beta Rendezvous in OS X 10.2 and(Address Book, I’m talking about you) probably wouldn’t have changed my life if renamed in OS X 10. .were just downright ugly. Still, overall, I remember thinking that it hadn’t been for one additional key fact: Mac OS X Public Beta was written on top 6 iChat: Included in OS X 10.2. Gave OS X a notable productiv- ity boost.I was using something that felt modern of a Unix core, and included a Terminaland forward-looking. To me, the important ways in which application to directly access that core. Even more importantly, in the begin- t Native PDF Support: This lets you view PDFs with the Preview application and easily create PDF filesOS X worked boiled down to one thing: ning, using Unix commands in Terminal with any program that supports thestability. The Mac OS X Public Beta was nearly a must for a whole range of Print command.included all the proper buzzword tasks, such as getting certain printers totechnologies of the day—true multitask-ing support, protected memory, and work, changing network settings without rebooting, making Terminal’s window 10 Smart Folders: Using the power of Spotlight, Smart Folders are essentially savedother goodies under the hood to help translucent, installing a text-based alter- searches.keep the machine running, even when native to the Internet Explorer browser,an application quit. Instead of rebooting and finding strings of text within text files.because a program crashed, as I had to Looking back now, if that public beta working at Many Tricks, one of mydo in OS 9, the Mac OS X Public Beta had been nothing more than OS 9 with favorite Mac software developers. Sowould simply display a message telling a pretty new face but the same basic thank you, Mac OS X Public Beta, forme that a program had crashed, but underpinnings, I wouldn’t have spurring a change in my life that Ithat I could continue working. What a launched, joined couldn’t have predicted but am verywonderful change. Macworld, and eventually ended up grateful to have experienced.16 Macworld December 2010
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  16. 16. MaC USerStudy: The Media Is Fascinated with AppleBy jOaB jaC kSO NA study released in September 1626 by 1626. (Trade publications and news sites,the Pew Research Center states that such as those offered by IDG—Macworld’sApple gets more coverage in the parent company—were not examined.)mainstream media than any other Overall, 2$.2 percent of alltechnology company. technology stories on these outlets About 0 percent of the focused primarily on Apple. Aboutcoverage either lauded Apple as 22. percent focused on Google,innovative or superior, or praised .2 percent on Twitter, and .3the company’s fan base, while percent on Facebook. Trailing theonly about 2 percent of the pack was Microsoft, whichcoverage focused on the despite its launch of Windowsshortcomings of Apple products. and Office 1626 during this time The researchers studied period garnered only percent oftechnology-related stories across $1 the outlets, including newspapers, TV The disparity in coverage is striking,networks, radio programs, and news given that during approximately this sameWebsites. The samples were taken time period, Microsoft still generatedbetween June 2, 166 , and June 6, slightly more sales than Apple. Macs: Current Lineup SPeeD7 FiND PrODUCT SPeCS raTiNG PriCe DiSPLay Mark 0 a CODe B DESktop iMac Intel Core i8/8. GHz mmmm . inches Ms8o Intel Core i8/8. GHz mmmm . inches Ms88 Intel Core i8/8. GHz mmmm inches Ms8s Intel Core i / . GHz mmmm inches Ms8r quad-core Mac Mini Intel Core Duo/ mmmm not included M8—s . GHz Mac pro Intel Xeon/ . GHz (quad-core) mmmm not included 8 Msrd Intel Xeon/ . GHz (eight-core) mmmm 8 not included 8 Msrw Intel Xeon/ . GHz ( -core) none C not included none C MsM— poRtaBLE MacBook Intel Core Duo/ mmmm 8 inches Mo—l . GHz (white) MacBook air Intel Core Duo/ . GHz mmmh 8 inches swr8 Intel Core Duo/ . 8GHz mmmh 8 inches swrs MacBook pro Intel Core Duo/ . GHz mmmm 8 inches Mcrc Intel Core Duo/ . GHz mmmh 8 inches Mcro Intel Core i / . GHz mmmmh inches Mcr8 Intel Core i / . 8GHz mmmm inches Mcrs Intel Core i / . GHz mmmm inches Mcrr Intel Core i / . 8GHz mmmm inches Mo—d A Speedmark 0 is Macworld Lab’s standard test tool for benchmarking systems running Mac OS X 26.0 (Snow Leopard). For more information on Speedmark testing, go to$$6 . B In a browser’s address field, typing in a find code after takes you to a product’s review or overview. C System has not yet been tested or rated.16 Macworld December 1626
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  18. 18. Mac UserMac GeMs Discover Great, Low-Cost Mac Products By Dan Frakes savescreenie 2.0.0 UtiLities Mac OS X includes some nice screenshot features, but it offers no official way to customize the format, location, or name of the resulting images. Savescreenie 2 provides accessWatts 1.1.1 to these hidden OS X options via an Laptops Laptop batteries no longer suffer from the “memory effect” and related easy-to-use graphical interface. Youlife-shortening afflictions. But that doesn’t mean modern notebook batteries are can choose from among 11 file-formatmaintenance free. If you want to keep your MacBook’s battery performing at its best, options (including PDF, PNG, JPG, TIFF,Apple recommends performing monthly calibrations ( and PSD), edit the location where OS XHT1490). Watts aims to make such maintenance easier, while incorporating saves screenshots, and change the basenoteworthy features of a few other portable Gems. name of screenshots (OS X adds the Watts’ systemwide battery menu provides more information than Apple’s own, date and time to this base).while taking up less room. The utility can also notify you, using Growl ( mmmm; free; cf/x;, when your laptop’s remaining charge dips below a percentage you choose, andwhenever your laptop switches between battery and AC power. Watts also tracksdetailed information about your battery’s capacity and life-cycle status. Go to Weblog But Watts’ calibration features are what make it unique. The program reminds you Read Mac Gems onlinewhen it’s time to calibrate and then walks you through the appropriate steps. Watts ( also remind you not to always run your laptop off AC power (which isn’t good for for longer reviews of thesethe battery), and it can help you properly charge the battery for long-term storage. and other products.mmmm; $7; Binary Tricks; DockView 1.37 UtiLities If you click and hold on a program’s Dock icon in Mac OS X 10.6, after a couple seconds you’ll see Exposé-like window previews. Dock- View offers a similar, but more convenient, feature: Simply move the cursor over a program’s Dock icon, and you instantly see previews of that application’s windows. You can click on a preview or—great for keyboard- shortcut lovers—press a keyboard shortcut (1-1, 1-2, and so on, each displayed on the respective preview) to bring that window to the front. mmmh; $8; Kapeli; Macworld December 2010
  20. 20. Mac User Mac GemspowerMate .1inpUt Griffin Technology’s PowerMate—a chunky, aluminumcontroller knob that doubles as a button—used to be a popular Macaccessory, but after years without a software update, the devicebecame a stylish paperweight. The recently released PowerMate9.1 brings OS X 41. compatibility and a number of new features. You assign actions to various PowerMate triggers: rotateclockwise, rotate counterclockwise, press, long press, andpress-rotate combinations. (You can now use modifier keys withthese actions, allowing for many more distinct triggers.) For anytrigger, you choose one of a slew of possible actions, fromopening files and programs to simulating mouse and keyboardactions. You can even configure the same trigger to performdifferent actions in different programs, or create completelydifferent sets of actions that you can switch between. Don’t havea PowerMate? Griffin plans to start selling the hardware again.mmmm; free; Griffin Technology; 22chronicle .0 G e M U P DaT e BUsiness Chronicle aims to help you track, manage, and pay your bills. You enterinformation about your debts—the payee name, the dollar amount, and the due date— AppleJack UtiLities One of my all-timeand then select the way that you’ll be paying: online, by mail or phone, or usingautomatic withdrawal. Chronicle creates an event in iCal for each bill, so you’re notified favorite Mac Gems is The Apotek’sseveral days before each is due. AppleJack (mmmm; payment A bill list provides an overview of all your bills, how much you’ve paid out during the requested; ),current month, and, if you choose to add information about your monthly income, how a utility that lets you perform amuch cash you currently have on hand. The summary screen also displays the number of number of troubleshooting proce-bills and the estimated total dollar amount due within the next seven days. dures at startup—without You can view details about each debt, including how much you’ve paid toward it requiring that you have a Mac OSover the past 42 months, when the next payment is due, and whether or not you X or third-party CD or DVD. Oncehave automatic reminders enabled. You can also configure Chronicle to store your you install AppleJack, you simplydata on either the Dropbox file-storage service or MobileMe, making the data boot into single-user mode (byaccessible from any computer with Chronicle installed. holding down 1-S at startup) and I would like to see more features for tracking your total debt, including any interest type . Using the you may be text-based interface that appears paying, as well (you press the number correspon- as a way to ding to the action you want to track your total perform), you can check and repair debt-related your startup volume, repair expenditures, permissions, delete cache files, but Chronicle is validate preference files, clean up a wonderful way virtual-memory swap files, and to keep tabs on test your Mac’s RAM for problems. your regular AppleJack is especially useful for debt payments. laptops—it can be invaluable if 3— you’re on the road with a trouble- Jeff 3rJ— some MacBook. The recently mmmh; 2; released AppleJack 4. features LittleFin Software; long-awaited compatibility with Snow Leopard (Mac OS X 41. ). 220 Macworld December 2141
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  22. 22. iOS CentralThe Latest on the iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, and App StorePreview: iOS 4.2What you can expect from the latest update to Apple’s mobile operating systemBy DA N MOreNW e’ve barely had time to get used to iOS 4.1, released in September, and nowanother update to Apple’s mobileoperating system is upon us. iOS4.2—which could be available by thetime you read this—is arguably thebigger of the two iOS updates: Not onlydoes it bring the features of iOS 4 (andiOS 4.1) to the iPad, but it also finallyunifies Apple’s mobile software platformacross its mobile devices. Plus, it actuallybrings a couple of new, prominentfeatures along with it.AirPrintOne of the biggest features touted byApple CEO Steve Jobs during his iOS 4.2sneak peek is the operating system’s new-found ability to print wirelessly from the Folders Support for folders—added to the iPhone with iOS 4—has arrived for the iPad.iPad, through AirPrint. But, according to While they work the same way, iPad folders can hold 20 apps instead of the iPhone’s 12.Apple, AirPrint will work in only one oftwo ways at launch: with a compatible Tapping Print under any of these items Apple TV (for audio and video), althoughprinter from HP (and eventually, we pre- brings up a pop-up menu that asks you Apple is licensing the technology tosume, printers from other manufactur- to select a printer by searching your other vendors to allow them to sellers) or with printers shared via your Mac network, and presents a control for AirPlay-compatible products—speakers,or PC (which requires Mac OS X 10.6.5). selecting the number of copies. receivers, and the like. Whenever you’re listening to music iniOS 4.2 finally brings the features of iOS 4 to an AirPlay-enhanced app under iOS 4.2—for example, the built-in iPodthe iPad, and unifies Apple’s mobile software app—you’ll see an AirPlay button. Tapplatform across all of its mobile devices. this button, and any AirPlay-compatible devices on the same local network We weren’t able to put this feature to AirPlay appear in a pop-up menu. Tap a device,the test by the time this issue went to With AirPlay—a new and improved and your media streams directly to, but we can tell you that the print version of the AirTunes feature found inoption appears in Safari, under the Share the current desktop version of iTunes— Additional iOS 4.2 Featuresicon to the right of the Bookmarks you’ll be able to stream music or video AirPrint and AirPlay lead the parade ofbutton; in Mail, where it lives under the from an iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch to iOS 4.2 enhancements, but they’re notReply button; and in Photos, where you’ll any AirPlay-compatible device. Initially, the only features worth your attention.have to tap the Share button before you AirPlay will work with only AirPort Notes After three long years, ourget an option to select and print pictures. Express units (for audio) and the new national nightmare of Marker Felt is26 Macworld December 2010