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2013 general kupugani presentation


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2013 general kupugani presentation

  1. 1. Camp Kupugani Multicultural Camp
  2. 2. Camp Kupugani• Unique empowerment program• Diversity and communication skills in a fun atmosphere• Campers from varied cultures and backgrounds--Europe, Asia, numerous U.S. States, plus Chicagoland and NW Illinois• 3:1 camper to staff ratio
  3. 3. Importance of a Camp Experience• 96% of campers make new friends• 93% get to know campers different from themselves• 92% feel good about themselves• 74% do things they were at first afraid to do• Increased personal accountability• Increased decision-making skills• Increased social skills• Increased self-confidence• Appreciation of natural surroundings• Use of tools and skills learned at camp
  4. 4. Importance of Camp Kupugani: Parent Survey Results• Over past 6 years, 99% of respondents would recommend our camp to friends.• From 2012, overwhelming majorities of our parents noted their childs improvement in: – Acknowledgment & Appreciation of Diversity – Conflict Resolution Skills – Personal Growth and Self Confidence – Positive Self Image and Empowerment – Interpersonal Relationships – Body Image and Health – Social Awareness and Activism
  5. 5. Kupugani Camper Love “Camp Kupugani helped me see that I am beautiful on theinside and out. Because of my time here at Camp Kupugani, Iwant to teach girls that they are strong independent women who can change the world.”
  6. 6. Kupugani Camper Love"I learned things they try to teach you in school but here they actually teach you: unity, diversity, self-respect, respect, communication, decision-making, and easy conflict resolution."
  7. 7. Kupugani Camper Love“Camp Kupugani helped me realize everyone is unique and that makes us special, and everyone is alike and that brings us together.”
  8. 8. Kupugani Parent Love“ The level of experience and diversity among the staff was exceptional.” - Amy B., Educator, Highland Park IL
  9. 9. Kupugani Parent Love“Everyone...was just so, so personable, kind, and thekind of person I want my daughter looking up to andspending time with!” - Laura V., Educator, New Orleans LA
  10. 10. Kupugani Parent Love“I have never come in contact with such a wonderfulgroup of people at a camp before. Everyone did anoutstanding job, the camp was so organized, it wasunbelievable.” - Joe M., Entrepreneur, Woodridge WI
  11. 11. Kupugani Parent Love“When I see how [my daughters] face lights up whenshe speaks about camp, its a priceless experience.” - Kenya P., Marketing Consultant, Richardson TX
  12. 12. Kupugani Media Love• Chicago Tribune• “This multicultural program is unique; [kids] of different cultures and backgrounds come together for fun and to learn empowerment and social intelligence skills.” Insight News• Ebony; Positive Thinking Magazine; Tavis Smiley Radio; Our World with Black Enterprise
  13. 13. What Now?• Kids from 7-15 are welcome to register!• Girls four-week session from June 23 – July 20• Girls two-week sessions: June 23 – July 6 and July 7 – July 20• Boys two-week session: July 21 – August 3• Mother Daughter Weekend Aug. 16 -18• Sliding scale scholarships available
  14. 14. Have Fun Changing Your World!