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September 11


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September 11

  1. 1. a day of remembrance . . .
  2. 2. Eternal God, amidst all the turmoil and changes of our world, we know that you are constant, our firm foundation in the midst of every storm and upheaval.
  3. 3. We pray for people who live in fear-- for Israelis and Palestinians alike who risk their lives merely going about their daily business. We pray for all who live in fear of terrorism-- in the Middle East, in Northern Ireland, the Philippines, Colombia, Sri Lanka, and the United States. Whether we worship you as Christian, Jew, or Muslim, give us courage. When fear threatens to paralyze us, embolden our hearts that we may continue to live active, faithful lives.
  4. 4. We pray for people oppressed by poverty, political and military force, or lack of education and opportunity. Give them hope, strength, and a constructive way to break the cycle of poverty. Give us who have so much the will and the drive to fight against oppression of every kind.
  5. 5. We pray for all who have lost their lives in the events of September 11, and for those they love who are left to mourn and carry on. We hold in our hearts those who have died in the violence and war that has erupted since then in Afghanistan, Liberia, the Philippines, Iraq, and the Middle East. Bless those who have been lost, that their souls may live on in your love and presence. Bless those who mourn, may they find comfort, strength, and hope in your presence and our compassion.
  6. 6. We pray for our world leaders and for all people who are in a position to negotiate, to stop the escalating violence, to work for peace, and to choose a path of reconciliation. Give them wisdom in perilous situations and the will to make sacrifices for the common good, to enter into dialogue, to compromise, and to reconcile.
  7. 7. We pray for those who have lost their jobs. Give them hope, guide them in their search, and strengthen them in their efforts to make ends meet. Keep us mindful of those who are struggling that we may reach out with the support and resources they need in this challenging time.
  8. 8. Ever present God, calm our fears. Guide us as we struggle to live in this rapidly changing world. We pray that we may remain loving, kind, and open to your presence in our lives, in our neighbors, and in the world around us.
  9. 9. We cry to you, O Lord. Hear our prayer! Amen!