Exploring Punjab with Karun Chandhok: Ford India - National Geographic Episode Round-Up


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Karun Chandhok (http://www.karunchandhok.com) is a Punjabi, but considers Tamil Nadu as home - his family tree has been rooted there firmly for generations. When given a chance, it was not surprising when he embarked on a quest to explore Punjab, the land of his forefathers - when shooting for the My Endeavour alterrain series produced by Ford India and National Geographic.

I got the opportunity to travel with him on this journey, and it was quite an experience to be on the move with a racing driver - not that Karun treated the highways as his racing track. He was driving Ford India’s SUV, the Endeavour alterrain edition (http://www.india.ford.com/suvs/endeavour) - quite a popular car in this state. And it was just the right car to take not only on the highway, but also through agricultural fields, village roads and training tracks of the armed forces.

Did you watch the episode aired on National Geographic on June 16, 2013? Whether you did or not, join the journey from another vantage point - through images.

[If you missed the curtain-raiser, have a look here - http://kunzum.com/2013/06/04/ford-india-national-geographic-my-endeavour-exploring-punjab-with-karun-chandhok/]

You can also view more images at https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10151370573880770.1073741839.108449295769. Watch the trailer on YouTube at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_H_YcJFmYPc

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Exploring Punjab with Karun Chandhok: Ford India - National Geographic Episode Round-Up

  1. 1. Exploring Punjab inIndia with Karun ChandhokTHE EPISODE ROUND-UPThe show was telecast on June 16, 2013 at 7:00 p.m.,India Standard TimeAll photographs and text by Ajay Jainajay@ajayjain.com / http://kunzum.comMonday 17 June 13
  2. 2. Karun started the journey in Sirhind near Ludhiana - this town is known for giving trucks in thestate a colourful and artistic look. Karun the racing driver turned into Karun the artist for a while.Monday 17 June 13
  3. 3. Punjab is the agricultural capital of the country - and it’s richfarmers sure can afford big, mean machinesMonday 17 June 13
  4. 4. Punjab is known for a variety of crops - including these beautifulsunflowers that Karun stopped to have a closer look at.Monday 17 June 13
  5. 5. Karun’s inherent sense of adventure saw him drive throughfields when he couldMonday 17 June 13
  6. 6. When in Punjab, we stopped to eat at dhabas (roadside eateries)whenever we got a chance - they serve the best meals in the stateMonday 17 June 13
  7. 7. One of the highlights of the journey was witnessing the Gatka, thetraditional weapons-based martial art of the Punjab region. Wemanaged to witness the show while in Jalandhar.Monday 17 June 13
  8. 8. During the Gatka performance, this snake like metallic weaponsure sent us all on a backfoot - if it struck any of us, its ‘sting’would surely have hurt.Monday 17 June 13
  9. 9. The men of the Sikh community of Punjab wear turbans as their traditionalheadgear - and the likes of Bhupinder Thind even run academies inJalandhar to teach the art of tying turbans in many different ways. He isseeing here tying one on Karun - with a self-imposed challenge of doing soblindfolded. And he managed to do a perfect job.Monday 17 June 13
  10. 10. A visit to Punjab cannot be complete without a visit to a Akhara, or atraditional mud-wrestling arena - like this one in Jalandhar that we visited.Monday 17 June 13
  11. 11. It was fun and games too at times - like when Karun hopped ontoa tractor for a joyride in Hoshiarpur.Monday 17 June 13
  12. 12. While in Hoshiarpur, Karun also got a primer on how to make gur orjaggery from sugarcane - at a small set-up along the highway.Monday 17 June 13
  13. 13. Karun could not resist taking home a box full of freshly madejaggery.Monday 17 June 13
  14. 14. Often, the best of travelling is when you can just sit aroundwithout an agenda or plan - in other words, you can chillMonday 17 June 13
  15. 15. We were fortunate to have got an opportunity to spend time at the BSF camp inHoshiarpur - and witness how our soldiers stay fit and combat ready to keep us safeMonday 17 June 13
  16. 16. Karun and BSF officials exchanging notes on their respectiveoccupations and lives before Karun got a tour of the campMonday 17 June 13
  17. 17. And then we reached Amritsar - where a visit to the GoldenTemple is a mustMonday 17 June 13
  18. 18. One of the fascinating experiences of the Golden Temple is dropping by at the langaror community kitchen - thousands are served meals here daily, with much of the workbeing carried out efficiently by volunteers. Karun sure enjoyed his lunch here.Monday 17 June 13
  19. 19. You sure need oversized woks and strong arms when you have tocook for thousands dailyMonday 17 June 13
  20. 20. Volunteers cleaning dishes to have them ready for the next set ofpeople coming in for a meal at the Golden TempleMonday 17 June 13
  21. 21. A sense of nationalism was seen in full when Karun visited the India -Pakistan border at Wagah; thousands visit the site daily in the evening towitness the lowering of the flag ceremony for the day.Monday 17 June 13
  22. 22. The alterrain finally brought the journey to an end at WagahMonday 17 June 13