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Canada immigration rules and eligibility 2014


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Many professionals, businessmen are migrating to Canada in large number the main reason behind this is the Canadian economy and good opportunities. The migration process, eligibility, rules and regulation depend upon the visa category you are going for. Similarly the processing time also depends upon the the program you have opted for yourself.

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Canada immigration rules and eligibility 2014

  1. 1. Canada immigration rules and eligibility 2014
  2. 2. Canada has become one of the most favorite of immigration. Professionals, students and family are migrating to Canada for better future, to work and reside their indefinitely. This is the reason why migrants to Canada have increased. There are several visa programs under which applicant can migrate to Canada. The processing of Canada immigration depends upon the program category you have selected for. the basic requirements and processing time also depends upon the visa option you have opted for.
  3. 3. Canada immigration rules and eligibility 2014 are based upon applicant’s age, language skills, character and health certification, if you are applying for skilled worker program than work experience, skills and qualification becomes one of the most important eligibility criteria. If the visa program you are applying for is sponsor your spouse, partner or children the under this program it becomes essential for applicant to show family’s medical, criminal and background certification.
  4. 4. For eligibility criteria and rules regarding immigration you are required to search a bit. And if you want to Canada immigration it is essential criteria you assessed • • • • • • Age Permanente resident status Time the applicant have lived in Canada Language skills Criminal history How well applicant knows Canada.
  5. 5. The basic requirements which are considered in type of Canadian visa categories are • • • • Age Language skills (Canadian official language) Medical and criminal certification Financial backup (this is basically to know that if applicant can support himself/herself in Canada or not)
  6. 6. As I said rest rules and eligibility criteria depends upon the visa category you are selecting for yourself. Canada is the land of opportunity. For businessman and for skilled worker it is the ideal place for scope and growth. For further details you can visit their official website i.e., You can also check your chances to acquire visa with the help of online point’s calculator. This online point’s calculator let you know the chances of completing successfully the whole visa process. You can easily find online point calculator on internet.
  7. 7. As Canada immigration process follows point based system, so applicants are required to get assess his/her skills from a relevant assessing authority. Assessing authority will assess your skills qualification, age, experience and other aspects carefully and will award you points accordingly. Canadian immigration eligibility as I said above it is depends upon the visa category you have selected for yourself, you can seek help from a relevant visa consultant who can guide you in immigration process. There are many immigration consultants in India. In fact you can easily find some of the best immigration consultant in India. These immigration consultants help applicant in every single step of immigration.
  8. 8. Immigration consultant will charge their fee accordingly. They even help applicant in selecting appropriate visa category for immigration according to the qualification, skills, age, of the applicant. You can also approach consultant through their online services as there are many immigration consultant who proved online consultancy. So if you are willing to migrate then you should not miss any chance to migrate to Canada.