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True Narrow Band Operation by NX Digital 1


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NXDigital1 was the first NXDN network to be commissioned in the Southern Hemisphere, but did you know that it also offers true narrow band operation?

Unlike competing formats, which use "virtual 6.25kHz operation" through use of TDMA timeslots, NXDN uses true 6.25kHz channels, and FDMA operation.

FDMA does not suffer from the distance limitation of TDMA, and by using a true 6.25kHz channel bandwidth, offers better immunity to noise and interference, the Achilles heel of digital systems.

NXDigital1 has a policy of continual development, the network is always upgraded to the latest available software.

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True Narrow Band Operation by NX Digital 1

  1. 1. True Narrow Band Operation
  2. 2. True 6.25kHzchannels
  3. 3. FDMA operation
  4. 4. Better immunityto noise
  5. 5. Better immunityto interference
  6. 6. The NXDigital1 network isalways upgraded to thelatest available softwareTrue Narrow Band Operation