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Using Automation with Twitter [Episode 8] - Tuesday's Tips & Tactics: Inbound Marketing in 10 Minutes or Less


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The top source of social media traffic and leads on Kuno's website is Twitter. This week's episode looks at simple Twitter automation designed to generate leads, using the content you have and content from other relevant sources. You will also be introduced to two must-have tools for getting started with automation, as well as best practices for sharing on Twitter.

Video and additional commentary are available here:

Tuesday’s Tips & Tactics - Inbound Marketing in 10 Minutes or Less is a weekly series presented by a member of the Kuno Creative Inbound Marketing Team. The series is designed to instruct viewers on how to deploy inbound marketing tactics in order to maximize campaign ROI.

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Using Automation with Twitter [Episode 8] - Tuesday's Tips & Tactics: Inbound Marketing in 10 Minutes or Less

  1. 1. Tuesdays Tips & Tactics Twitter Automation Twitter: #Kuno - @DanStasiewski
  2. 2. Lead Generation Twitter: #Kuno - @DanStasiewski
  3. 3. Twitter Automation•Content•Tools•Best Practices Source: Flickr - joshsemans Twitter: #Kuno - @DanStasiewski
  4. 4. Content Source: Flickr – Oh ParisTwitter: #Kuno - @DanStasiewski
  5. 5. Content #Kuno - @DanStasiewski
  6. 6. Content sTwitter: #Kuno - @DanStasiewski
  7. 7. Content rTwitter: #Kuno - @DanStasiewski
  8. 8. Tools http://www.hootsuite.comTwitter: #Kuno - @DanStasiewski
  9. 9. ToolsTwitter: #Kuno - @DanStasiewski
  10. 10. Tools http://www.bufferapp.comTwitter: #Kuno - @DanStasiewski
  11. 11. ToolsTwitter: #Kuno - @DanStasiewski
  12. 12. Automation Best PracticesTweet 6-8 Times Per Day... At Minimum Twitter: #Kuno - @DanStasiewski
  13. 13. Automation Best Practices Tweet Your Content 25% Twitter: #Kuno - @DanStasiewski
  14. 14. Automation Best Practices Tweet At Least One Landing Page Per Day Twitter: #Kuno - @DanStasiewski
  15. 15. Automation Best PracticesTweet Other Peoples Content 75% Twitter: #Kuno - @DanStasiewski
  16. 16. Automation Best Practices Use Your Time to Connect Twitter: #Kuno - @DanStasiewski
  17. 17. Thanks for Watching! Slides are available at Twitter: #Kuno - @DanStasiewski