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Financial freedom strategies A2W


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A full great presentation of A2W.. You want financial freedom, this a sure way for just that.

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Financial freedom strategies A2W

  1. 1. ‘KunleOdunnoiki<br />
  2. 2.
  3. 3. Many People ask me: “What exactly is this Avenues to Wealth all about? What is the privilege pack, and what is in it?”<br />
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  5. 5.
  6. 6. It has over 100 e-books worth over $3000… some samples<br />
  7. 7. The hotel search portals can make you savings up to 70%<br />This same hotel was found for $133 on their website and by walking in.<br />
  8. 8. Each of these vacation experiences cost over $1000 for one person… the prices below are for two<br />PACKAGE INCLUSIONS<br />Three Nights Accommodation in Dubai.<br />Daily Breakfast<br />Return Airport Transfers from Dubai Airport<br />Desert Safari with Barbeque dinner and belly dance<br />Half day Dubai city tour<br />Dhow Cruise with dinner and transfers<br />Optional ExtraTop level of Burj Khalifa (World’s tallest Building) is US$60 per person<br /><$400<br />PACKAGE INCLUSIONS<br />Welcome drink on arrival<br />3 nights / 4 days accommodation on twin<br />Meals as indicated in the Meal Plan column<br />Airport/ Resort /Airport transfers (as indicated in the Transfer mode column)<br />All taxes of the resort<br /><$760<br />
  9. 9. The Complimentary Offers are complimentary… FREE… bonuses<br />Come and join us in Las Vegasfor three fun-filled days and twoexciting evenings of fun in thecity that never sleeps. . . <br />This special "Vacation Package" includes 3 days and 2 nights in either the Excalibur hotel or the Golden Nugget hotel in fabulous Las Vegas, as well as show tickets and $100 in promotional slot play.<br />Day 3<br />Breakfast at hotel<br />Visit Jewelry factory in Pattaya<br />Transfer to Bangkok<br />City tour; Visit the Golden Buddha temple, the reclining Buddha temple<br />Lunch & Dinner<br />5 Days<br />In Thailand<br />Day 2<br />Breakfast at hotel<br />Visit Coral Island by speed boat<br />Lunch & Dinner<br />Day 4<br />Breakfast at hotel<br />Safari World & Marine Park<br />Lunch at Safari World<br />Dinner<br />Day 1<br />Arrive at Suvanabhumi Airport<br />Transfer to Pattaya<br />Visit Alcazar show<br />Dinner<br />Twin Share accommodation 3+ Star<br />Day 5<br />Bangkok- Airport for Departure<br />Breakfast at hotel<br />Transfer to International Airport for Departure<br />
  10. 10. You get the opportunity to be part of a Global Cooperative and enjoy fractional ownership opportunities<br />Cooperatives are one of the best ways to starting the journey to financial mastery. Cooperatives, well run ones. . .give you the following benefits.<br />An opportunity to develop a savings culture - you'll be amazed what $1 per day (Less than N5,000/month) for 32yrs at 20% interest per annum equates to. . . $1m (Over 150million)<br />It gives you an opportunity to be a part of big deals, and to become aware and hence find it easy to become wealthy. An opportunity to fractionally own.<br />It offers you an opportunity to learn about finances, you belong to a group of people at different stages of their development, you get to have the benefit of what others know.<br />A legitimate opportunity to make mouth watering interests twice a year, playing big in opportunities that small people don't even see.<br />An opportunity to get loans at the lowest interest rates in town.<br />We have a fantastic Cooperative which was Inaugurated by the Lagos State Government Agency responsible for cooperatives on the 31 March, 2010.<br />
  11. 11. The Health Deals are something else….<br />Medanta Executive Health Check Up<br />Complete Haemogram<br />Blood Group<br />Blood Sugar Fasting & Post Prandial<br />Urea, Creatinine<br />Serum Uric acid<br />Lipid Profile<br />Urine Analysis<br />Electrocardiogram<br />Chest X Ray<br />Dental Check Up<br />Eye Check Up<br />Health & Life Style Counselling<br />Stress Echo<br />Carotid IMT<br />Consultation with Cardiologist<br />Liver Function Test<br />Thyroid Function Test<br />Homocysteine<br />High-sensitivity CRP<br />Body Fat Composition Analysis<br />Hepatitis B surface Antigen, Human Immunodeficiency virus, Hepatitis C Virus<br />Pulmonary Function Test<br />CreatinePhosphokinase<br />Prostate Specific Antigen*<br />Papanicolau Test Smear (Screening test for cervical cancer)**<br />Mammography**<br />Ultrasound imaging whole abdomen and Pelvis<br />Consultation with ENT, Physician, Gynecologist, Ophthalmologist<br /><$200 instead of $>5,000 in US/UK<br />Please click on the Specialty/Procedure you are interested in:<br />BARIATRIC SURGERIES<br />COSMETIC SURGERY<br />ORTHOPAEDICS<br />CARDIOLOGY<br />NEURO AND SPINAL SURGERY<br />KIDNEY TRANSPLANT<br /><$8,000<br />
  12. 12. You also enjoy amazing Local Discounts on almost any everyday product. Electronics, FMCG, Laptops, Landed Property e.t.c.<br />Laptops<br />Mobile Phones<br />Glo CUG<br />Photography Studios<br />Car Products<br />Mcnichols<br />Fashion Shops<br />Thermocool products<br />Hotels<br />Transport<br />Party Planners<br />Furniture<br />Travel and Tour Packages<br />BringitBay<br />This is what the inside of the site for local deals looks like<br />
  13. 13. Advertising Opportunities<br />
  14. 14.
  15. 15.
  16. 16. What’s the Catch?<br />
  17. 17. Rather than use <br />traditional advertisinglike television, radio and print media, Avenues To Wealthuses an innovative <br />REWARDS SYSTEMto compensate you for recommending Avenues To Wealth to others!<br />
  18. 18.
  19. 19. Earn DOLLARS weekly!<br />
  20. 20. Avenues to Wealth<br />Rewards Program<br />
  21. 21. Reward Number 1<br />Fast Start Bonus<br />Earn a cash reward with 3 personal sales<br />
  22. 22. 3 personal sales earns you a Fast Start Bonus<br />YOU<br />Left Team<br />Right Team<br />SUE<br />BOB<br />Joe<br />LOU<br />= $<br />You have introduced your THIRD personal sale<br />and now earn a FAST START BONUS.<br />$15 from every sale of a Privilege Packis allocated for FAST START BONUSES.The total Fast Start value that week is divided by number of<br />Fast Start qualifiers that week= value of Fast Start Bonus that week<br />
  23. 23. Reward Number 2<br />Binary Pool Bonus<br />Benefit from every team sale<br />
  24. 24. Binary Plans build teams quickly<br />YOU<br />Left Team<br />Right Team<br />SUE<br />BOB<br />Joe<br />LOU<br />= $<br />Every time you have 2 team saleswith “1” team sale on the LEFT team and “1” team sale on the RIGHT team you are paid a CYCLEpayment.<br />$85 each week from every sale in the world is put towards the CYCLE payments. The TOTALcycle value for that week is divided by the number of cycles of that week = CYCLE VALUE<br />
  25. 25. Binary Plans Build Teams Quickly<br />ANN<br />YOU<br />JOE<br />SUE<br />BOB<br />Left Team<br />Right Team<br />LOU<br />TIM<br />TIM<br />Joe<br />= $<br />ALI<br />Sue makes a personal sale to Tim and you earn a CYCLE payment<br />When you achieve another 2 team sales with “1” team sale on the LEFT team<br />and “1” team on the RIGHT team you are paid another CYCLEpayment.<br />
  26. 26. Reward Number 3<br />Matching Bonus<br />Become successful by helping<br />others become successful<br />
  27. 27. Become Bronze & Earn<br />10% Matching Bonus Income<br />YOU<br />Left Team<br />Right Team<br />PS<br />PS<br />Personallymake 2 sales to become a BRONZE distributor<br />and earn a 10% matching bonuson the Fast Start & Binary Pool<br />income earned by ALL distributors personally introduced by you<br />You must earn either a Fast Start or Binary Pool Bonus to qualify for Matching Bonuses<br />ALI<br />
  28. 28. Become SILVER & Increase<br />Your Matching Bonus Income<br />YOU<br />PS<br />PS<br />Left Team<br />Right Team<br />PS<br />PS<br />TIM<br />Joe<br />PS<br />PS<br />Personallymake 6* sales and help them reach the rank of<br />BRONZE for you to become a SILVER qualified distributor<br />* Must have a minimum of 3 in the left team and 3 in the right team<br />You now receive a 10% Matching Bonus on your level 1 distributors<br />PLUS a 5% Matching Bonus on all your Level 2 and 3 distributors<br />You must earn either a Fast Start or Binary Pool Bonus to qualify for Matching Bonuses<br />ALI<br />
  29. 29. Become GOLD & Increase<br />Your Matching Bonus Income<br />YOU<br />PS<br />PS<br />Left Team<br />Right Team<br />PS<br />PS<br />Joe<br />PS<br />PS<br />PS<br />PS<br />PS<br />PS<br />ALI<br />Personallymake 10* sales and help them reach the rank of<br />BRONZE for you to become a GOLD qualified distributor<br />* Must have a minimum of 5 in the left team and 5 in the right team<br />You now receive a 10% Matching Bonus on your level 1 distributors<br />PLUS a 5% Matching Bonus on all your Level 2, 3, 4 and 5 distributors<br />You must earn either a Fast Start or Binary Pool Bonus to qualify for Matching Bonuses<br />
  30. 30. Become PLATINUM & Increase Your Matching Bonus Income & qualify to earn rewards from BC2 & BC3<br />BC1<br />BC1<br />BC2<br />BC2<br />BC3<br />Left Team<br />Right Team<br />BC3<br />BC2<br />PS<br />PS<br />Kay<br />Jill<br />PE<br />PS<br />PS<br />PS<br />PS<br />When you are GOLD Qualified and BC1 earns $3,000* in a week<br />you become a Platinum and can now build under & earn income<br />from BC2 & BC3 which can substantially increase your earning<br />* Qualification can be obtained by one time achievement of earning $3,000 in<br />a week from combination of Fast Start, Binary Pool and Matching Bonuses<br />You now receive a 10% Matching Bonus on your level 1 distributors<br />PLUS a 5% Matching Bonus on all your Level 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7 distributors<br />You must earn either a Fast Start or Binary Pool Bonus to qualify for Matching Bonuses<br />PS<br />PS<br />PS<br />PS<br />
  31. 31. Why Do We Give Participants<br />3 Business Centers?<br />BC1<br />BC2<br />Left Team<br />Right Team<br />BC3<br />BC2<br />Joe<br />LOU<br />Each time a sale occurs in the right Team of BC1 <br />you are also creating a sale under BC3<br />Once you are qualified to activate BC3 the sales falling under BC3 <br />will potentially earn rewards for BOTH BC3 and BC1<br />Each time a sale occurs in the left Team of BC1 <br />you are also creating a sale under BC2<br />Once you are qualified to activate BC2 the sales falling under BC2 <br />will potentially earn rewards for BOTH BC2 and BC1<br />
  32. 32. Reward Number 4<br />Wealth Pool Bonus<br />Benefit for showing leadership<br />
  33. 33. Monthly Binary Plan for Leaders<br />YOU<br />Left Team<br />Right Team<br />SUE<br />BOB<br />Joe<br />= $<br />Every time you have 2 team saleswho each achieve the rank of BRONZE and “1” is in your LEFT team and “1” is in your RIGHT team you are paid a WEALTH CYCLEpayment.<br />$40 from every sale in the world is put towards the monthly WEALTH CYCLE payments.<br />The TOTALWealth Cycle value for that month is divided by the number of Wealth Cycles in that particular month = WEALTH CYCLE VALUE<br />You must be a SILVER distributor to qualify for this reward<br />
  34. 34. Momentum Builds Very Quickly<br />YOU<br />BOB<br />SUE<br />Left Team<br />Right Team<br />TOM<br />ANN<br />= $<br />Tom & Ann both make two personal sales and become BRONZE<br />You receive 1 Wealth Cycle Payment<br />ALI<br />When you achieve another 2 Bronze Team Members with “1” in the LEFT team and “1 in the RIGHT team you are paid another WEALTH CYCLEpayment.<br />
  35. 35. Reward Number 5<br />Wealth Pool Matching Bonus<br />Become successful by helping<br />others become successful<br />
  36. 36. Matching Bonuses<br />up to 7 Levels Deep<br />You must earn a Wealth Pool Bonus to qualify for Wealth Pool Matching Bonuses<br />
  37. 37. Reward Number 6<br />Free Luxury Vacation<br />Qualify for 5 star luxury leadership retreats<br />
  38. 38. 7 day Luxury<br />Leadership Retreat<br /><ul><li> 7 day event held every 6 months with a 6 month qualification period
  39. 39. Avenues to Wealth pays airfares, accommodation, meals, tours, etc
  40. 40. Silver, Gold & Platinum ranked participants & above earn points to qualify
  41. 41. Points are given for personal sales and team building
  42. 42. Qualified top point earners in 6 month qualifying period go to next event
  43. 43. Live tally of top point earners is displayed in Participants area </li></li></ul><li>Avenues to Wealth Opportunity Overview<br /><ul><li>Travel Discounts
  44. 44. FREE vacation in USA/Thailand
  45. 45. Cutting-edge health services
  46. 46. Huge selection of e-books
  47. 47. 1 year unlimited access
  48. 48. Automated online opportunity
  49. 49. Low entry cost
  50. 50. Low risk
  51. 51. Recession proof business
  52. 52. Products everyone wants
  53. 53. Personal marketing website
  54. 54. Marketing tools & resources
  55. 55. Live Online conferences
  56. 56. Training & support
  57. 57. Help Desk
  58. 58. Earn excellent income
  59. 59. Luxury leadership retreats
  60. 60. Discounted Products/Services
  61. 61. Wealth education/Investments
  62. 62. Timing is perfect</li></li></ul><li>What does it cost to take Advantage of<br />all the Benefits of the Privilege Pack?<br /><ul><li>A Privilege Pack gives you twelve months of incredible benefits for only US$330* (less than $6 per week)
  63. 63. All benefits are available instantly
  64. 64. If you like the idea of EARNING EXTRA INCOME, you may take advantage of the Avenues to Wealth business development program
  65. 65. Just a few referrals can quickly pay for your entire benefits package
  66. 66. If you want to become a serious marketer, skills training is provided free of charge to enable you to earn serious rewards by recommending the benefits and privileges</li></ul>* Processing fees are applicable for some methods of payment<br />
  67. 67. We offer multiple payment options to cater for all markets<br /><ul><li>MasterCard and Visa Credit/Debit Card
  68. 68. Strong anti-fraud systems for high risk markets
  69. 69. AlertPay
  70. 70. Well established online payment system
  71. 71. Pre-paid vouchers via local agents
  72. 72. Ideal for cash payments and those without credit cards
  73. 73. eGlobalPay
  74. 74. electronic wallet for low cost, instant global transfers</li></li></ul><li>
  75. 75.
  76. 76. How? <br />Simply share Avenues To Wealthwith others<br />
  77. 77. Who tell OTHER people about Avenues To Wealth <br />
  78. 78. Who tell MORE people about Avenues To Wealth<br />
  79. 79. Simply telling a FEW PEOPLE can lead to HUNDREDS, evenTHOUSANDSof A2W Associates!<br />
  80. 80. YOU can earn CASH REWARDS <br />calculated WEEKLY EVERY time <br />these people purchase from A2W!<br />
  81. 81. If you keep doing what you doing NOW what will your FUTURE look like ...<br />?<br />?<br />?<br />?<br />?<br />?<br />?<br />?<br />?<br />
  82. 82. Experienced team with a track record of success!<br />Dr Dolf de Roos<br />Dolf is known all over the world for his real estate activities and his prolific writing on the subject, including 15 books that have appeared on bestseller lists in over eight countries.<br />He worked with Robert Kiyosaki for years and wrote a book on real estate in the Rich Dad's Advisor series. He has taught real estate at Tony Robbins' Wealth Mastery, has been a professor of real estate at the University of North Texas, and is a distinguished member of the faculty at Trump University. Furthermore, his teachings have gone beyond real estate to wealth creation in general, with courses including the "Wealth Magnet" and the "Psychology of Creating Wealth".<br />
  83. 83. Experienced team with a track record of success!<br />Damien Martyn<br />No contemporary cricketer, Sachin Tendulkar aside, made batting look so simple as Damien Martyn. He played with a high elbow, a still head, a golfer's deft touch, and had all the shots, including perhaps the most brutal reverse-sweep in the game.<br />He was named man of the series in the Border Gavaskar Trophy in 2004, to help Australia defeat India on the subcontinent for the first time in more than 30 years, and was named in early 2005 as the Australian Test player of the Year at the annual Allan Border Medal presentations.<br />
  84. 84. Experienced team with a track record of success!<br />Les Richardson<br />After 17 years in the Construction Industry working his way up from lunch boy to Construction Manager responsible for projects worth millions of dollars all over Australia, Les decided a change in direction was needed in his career.<br />He began building and hosting local and international websites, and started working with Network Marketing companies. A few years later, while working on an American project, he had the opportunity to work with Stefan Gayton, and after realising their goals were in alignment, a new partnership was born.<br />
  85. 85. Experienced team with a track record of success!<br />Stefan Gayton<br />Stefan gained a multitude of experience and skills during his 15 years in Direct Marketing, managing hundreds of campaigns for a variety of blue chip companies, like; RBS, AOL, Tiscali, Lloyds, Cigna Insurance, etc. However, in 2003 his career was brought to an abrupt end as a result of a serious accident, and Stefan spent the next few years rebuilding his life.<br />Not one to just do nothing, Stefan soon realised he had a flare for Network Marketing. Coupled with his web skills, he formed a strategic alliance and successful partnership with IT expert Les Richardson, and the foundation for Avenues to Wealth.<br />
  86. 86. Participants Only Area Online Resources<br /><ul><li>Receive professional marketing, training & admin tools
  87. 87. Many companies charge subscription fees up to $39.95 USD/month, all these are FREE with Avenues to Wealth
  88. 88. Resources and educational material are created by experienced professionals
  89. 89. Resources use the very latest cutting edge technologies available and are updated regularly</li></li></ul><li>Think global<br /><ul><li>Avenues to Wealth is a global community
  90. 90. Participate from any country in the world
  91. 91. Develop an international team online and offline
  92. 92. Earn rewards 24 hours a day, 7 days a week</li></li></ul><li> What is it going to be?<br />
  93. 93. ….Remember <br />
  94. 94.
  95. 95. JOIN NOWand start creating a better life for you and your loved ones... <br />
  96. 96. Join NOW<br /><br />
  97. 97. MY CONTACT<br /><br />@aodunnoiki<br /><br />08072694226<br />08188163913<br />