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  1. 1. The Silly Donkey
  2. 2. A long time ago, there was an old man who had a donkey and a puppy. donkey = puppy =
  3. 3. The donkey lived in a good stable and hadvery good food to eat. But the man made him do hard work everyday. stable =
  4. 4. The puppy lived in the house doing nothing. It likedto jump and sit on the old mans lap and it liked to lick the mans face. The old man would laugh joyfully and fed the puppy with cake and milk. lap = lick = laugh = Fed = F
  5. 5. The donkey saw this and was jealous. "I have to work very hard while the puppy plays all thetime. If I behave the same way, perhaps the old man may like me too," the donkey thought. jealous = perhaps =
  6. 6. So the next morning, while the old man waseating his breakfast, the donkey walked into the house. He ran around the table and tried to lick the old mans face.
  7. 7. As the donkey was bigger than thepuppy, he knocked over and broke a jug full of water and a cup of honey. Knock over = F Jug =
  8. 8. The old man was very angry. He picked up abig stick and hit the donkey. The silly donkey ran away in pain. Stick = F Run away = Pain = P
  9. 9. “What a silly donkey I am!" From now, I will not do this again so that I will not be punished," he said to himself. Silly = F