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  1. 1. present aciónGrupo japonés:Edward PérezJason Tavares Joelvis dotelRicky Toribio
  2. 2. sushi Ingredients:3 cups Japanese rice 3 1/4 cups water1/3 cup rice vinegar 3 Tbsp sugar 1 tsp salt
  3. 3. preparation Put the rice in a large bowland wash it with cold water. Repeat washing until thewater becomes almost clear. Drain the rice in a colanderand set aside for 30 minutes.Place the rice in rice cooker and add water. Let the ricesoak in the water at least 30 minutes. Start the cooker. When rice is cooked, let itsteam for about 15 minutes.
  4. 4. heat until the sugar dissolves. Cool the vinegar mixture. Spread the hot steamed rice into a large plate or a large bowl. Please use a non- later metallic bowl to prevent any interaction with rice vinegar. Prepare sushi vinegar Its best to use a wooden bowl (sushi-zu) by mixing rice called sushi-oke. Sprinkle thevinegar, sugar, and salt in vinegar mixture over the rice and fold the rice by shamojia sauce pan. Put the pan (rice spatula) quickly. Beon low heat and heat until careful not to smash the rice.the sugar dissolves. Cool To cool and remove the the vinegar mixture. moisture of the rice well, use a fan as you mix sushi rice. This will give sushi rice a shiny look. Its best to use sushi rice right away.
  5. 5. resultMakes 4-6 servings
  6. 6. Tamagoyaki卵焼き Ingredients: • 6 eggs• 2 tablespoons sugar • 1 tablespoon soy sauce (or more, to taste) • onions green onions (optional)
  7. 7. Mix all ingredients together with the onion very fine chopped green onions in abowl and beat well.preparacion Putting heat a nonstick pan (traditionally used a square pan, but the round usedthe same) with some fritolim (aerosol can that will not stick to things) or else a little vegetable oil. Once hot the pan, pour a little of the mixture so it forms a thin layer, let it cook.
  8. 8. Roll the omelet or starting from one end (going to be more plump) or from foldingin three sides. Place the omelet on one edgenext of the pan and pour back a little of the mixture,letting it stick to the previous omelette. Once thi s layer list, begin to screw theomelet from the point where it was placed the first layer. Repeat steps 3, 4 and 5 until the end of the mix (you can do one or two supergiant tamagoyaki med ium). Remove from heat and cut.
  9. 9. There are two ways to cut the tamagoyaki. One is to cut the omelette in a 3 cm high(width of tamagoyaki it is left intact). This is used topresentation place within the obento. The other is to trim the edges to make it smooth, cut into rectangles and in turn cut by adiagonal rectangles but without corners (ie it is a form of 4 sides, a sloping). I do not think he understood nothing, another day I put pictures of how to cut it. Likethats not important and is so rich that it does not matter.