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Brain evolution system forum


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Published in: Health & Medicine, Technology
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Brain evolution system forum

  1. 1. A Review of The Brain Evolution SystemThere are specific reasons why I recommend the programs that I do on this site.The reason that I am writing this and recommending that you try the BrainEvolution System is because it is a unique program unlike any other that I knowof, and I believe many people can benefit from using it. But not everyone. Thisprogram is created for a specific group of people that are willing to make asacrifice and have the discipline it takes to improve their lives. This isn’t youraverage group of entrainment recordings that you can just listen to whenever youfeel like. It’s an actual program that you must commit yourself to. It’s likefollowing a diet and exercise program but for your brain. Not intended forslackers.What is the Brain Evolution System?Brain-Ev is a 6 month ‘fast track’ meditation program. It consists of 6 levels foryou to advance through each month. It is designed to train and exercise yourbrain so that you can begin to gain control over your thoughts and actions, not tomention reep deep states of consciousness that most people never achieve ontheir own. It’s a complete rewiring of the brain. Just like we should exercise ourmuscles in order to stay physically healthy, we should exercise our brain in orderto be mentally healthy. This system is like a gym for the mind and it includes yourown personal trainer.Most people should not get this program. In order to be successful at it you mustdedicate 30 minutes every single day for 6 months. The majority of people justdon’t have this much free time or they don’t have the amount of discipline it takes
  2. 2. to fully go through with it. Those who do and decide to start the program willbenefit greatly though.I firmly believe that our thoughts create our reality. The way we think influencesour actions, our choices, beliefs, goals, aspirations, the drive to be successful andto be something great. Thoughts define who we are. The only problem is thatmost people don’t have control over their thoughts. They go through life onautopilot doing what everyone else tells them to do and rarely stop to think aboutwhy they are doing what they’re doing. Slaves to automation. In order to live yourlife to it’s fullest potential and to live out your full purpose here we must learnhow to gain control of the way we think.The easiest way for us to gain complete control over our thoughts is throughmeditation.Here’s a little exercise for you to do just to see how little control you have overyour thoughts. It only takes 1 minute:Look around the room and pick out a single object. It could be anything you want. Apicture, a sculpture, glass cup, a book, even your computer. Doesn’t matter. Now for thenext 60 seconds try and focus as hard as you can on that object and nothing else. Don’tobserve the object, ponder things about it, think about past memories associated with thatobject – just focus on nothing but the object itself. No other thought. Go ahead and try itnow………..What happen?When practicing meditation and gaining control over your thoughts this is theeasiest exercise to perform. It can’t get any simpler than this. Yet, almost all of ushave such little control over the way we think that even this simple task can seemchallenging. Our thoughts run wild if we let them and sometimes we’ve lost somuch control that we don’t even realize it. According to various studies, theaverage person has between 2500 to 3500 thoughts every single day. Two thirdsof these thoughts are negative. These thoughts become so habitual that we don’teven notice them.The Brain Evolution System at its very core is designed so that after successfullyfinishing the program you will have complete and total control over your thoughts.
  3. 3. This control allows us to guide our lives where we choose and allows us todiscover what we are truly capable of achieving.Benefits of Using This SystemHere is just a few of the benefits of using this program: Because you will have a purpose each day you wake up, you will naturally have muchmore energy to accomplish things. The creative process will flow much more easily allowing you to create your ownopportunities that were never possible before. You will become a sharper and much quicker thinker. You will need less sleep each night allowing you to get more things done each day. Have complete control over your emotions allowing you to experience profoundhappiness. Gain access to your subconscious allowing you to no longer be influenced by deeppsychological issues. You will no longer be a slave to stress and frustration. You will learn how to be muchmore patient, peaceful, and calm. Improve your relationships. You will learn how to be more understanding andcompassionate to those you love. Overcome bad habits. Habits are just repetitive thoughts that we can’t break. This is notan issue for someone in control of their thoughts. Connect to the divine. Spending 30 minutes each day in these deep states will bring youmuch closer to God.I’m sure that you can see many other ways that this program would benefit yourlife in some way or another. But as I said earlier and I want to keep emphasizingthis as it’s very important – it’s not for the lazy. It will take a lot of self-disciplineto complete this course. But as you can see, the benefits far outweigh the workthat is required.The 3-Point Dynamic Entrainment Audio ProcessOne of the reasons that I recommend using the Brain Evolution System is becausethey have created a unique brainwave entrainment system they call 3P D.E.A.P(3-Point Dynamic Entrainment Audio Process). This new technology combinesbinaural beats, isochronic tones, and temporal entrainment ensuring that you willhave the most effective brainwave entrainment experience. By combining these 3
  4. 4. forms of entertainment they have successfully created one of the most powerfulentraining audios that exist today.If you have been using binaural beats or isochronic tones for awhile then you willnotice that when listening to Brain-Ev’s recordings, the first few minutes willseem to just flow naturally guiding you into the lower states. This isn’t normallythe case with other forms of entertainment such as binaurals or isochronics bythemselves. These force your brainwaves into the lower state instead of guidingthem. By combining the benefits of all three forms of entertainment they havesuccessfully created a program that guides your brainwaves quicker and morenaturally than any other technology.Support and GuaranteeThe Brain-EV System isn’t like some of those other companies that sell you aproduct and then seem to completely disappear from the face of the planetleaving you on your own. They have an active forum to ask any questions you mayhave, support videos that teach you how to go through each level, a downloadableuser guide to teach you everything you need to know, a full 7 month money backguarantee so you can go through the whole system and decide if it’s right for youor not, and a 30 day free trial before you even decide to buy anything. They backup their product because they believe in it. You will have peace of mind knowingthat they are there to help you on your journey.Final ThoughtsAs I said before this is an amazing program that can completely transform yourlife but it is definitely not for everybody. If you believe that you have enoughdedication and are willing to make sacrifices in order to improve your life, then Iwould recommend that you go full force with it. You have nothing to lose. Ifyou’re second guessing yourself and your not sure if you will stick to it then thechances are that you probably won’t. Spend some more time thinking about it andwhen the time is right you will know. But if you are ready then this is one of thegreatest places to start.
  5. 5. Visit the Brain Evolution SystemI recommend that you start off listening to other forms of brainwave entrainmentsuch as binaural beats before deciding to join this program. This will give you asense of what you will experience. Those who have been using binaural beats orisochronic tones for some time now and are looking for a way to take yourmeditation sessions to a whole new level, this program is for you.