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Joshi Inc was the Social Media and Mobile App Provider for the Canadian International AutoShow, this year. Our engagement at the AutoShow included Social Media Strategy, Training & Execution, as well as development of mobile apps at the event, including the most successful data collection app at the show, Social Media Camera App and the official Mobile Site for the show.

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Canadian auto show_social_media_report

  2. 2. INDEX1. Objectives2. Fan page Culture Change3. Gamification4. Rewarding Loyalty5. Crowd sourcing, Recruitment and Market Research6. Cross-promotion and Branding opportunities7. Social Media Monitoring and Quality Control8. Twitter Campaign9. Foursquare and Offline Campaign10.Facebook Advertising11.‘Earned’ Value / Achievements12.Mobile Apps
  3. 3. OBJECTIVES• To make sure there is an organic increase in number of ‘Like’s and ‘People Talking About’ AutoShow on Facebook• To reach target people in the selected demographic• Need to change the culture of the page. Make it engaging and interactive• To increase participation from the users and engage them in meaningful dialogue.• To optimally use Facebook advertisements, in a cost effective manner, to create a buzz within relevant demographics.
  4. 4. FANPAGE CULTURE CHANGE• Changing the culture of the page from inactive to very active through aggressive page content posting schedule & fan engagement.• Making existing fan base more active on the page.• Initiating prompted engagement by running a series of contests like Active Hours, Simple Quizzes, Photo Upload Contests, etc.• Making sure each comment is acknowledged and replied back to.• Making sure we minimize the time taken to respond through training and assignment of more community managers.
  5. 5. IDENTIFYING & RECOGNIZINGCOMMUNITY EVANGELISTS• Encouraging loyal fans by recognising and engaging with them.• Engaging with them multiple times over multiple days.• Crowd sourcing for Ideas about page strategy.• Appointed and Trained Sam McWhirter on board as the face of the fan community - Official Social Media Ambassador.• Inculcated a feeling of community ownership of the page instead of it being owned by the AutoShow.• Having fans eager to answer queries and welcoming milestone fans even before the admin responds
  6. 6. GAMIFICATION• Assign and award points for any interaction on the page.• Maintain a transparent and public leaderboard with rankings and points.• Highlight and recognise the top most fans twice a day to recognise and motivate them and to seed competitiveness in the existing fan base.
  7. 7. REWARDING LOYALTY• Identifying and publically recognising loyal patrons who have been visiting the AutoShow since decades.• Establishing the CIAS, Canadian International AutoShow as a part of the Canadian culture. If you are Canadian, then its a ritual/tradition to visit the AutoShow each year.
  8. 8. CROWDSOURCING, RECRUITMENT, MARKET RESEARCH - I• Getting peoples opinion on cars, brands, type of cars, dream cars, fuel people use through advertisement supported polls.• Asking peoples opinion on what their best memories were & what they liked most, & promising to try to exceed and surpass their expectations this year.• Asking people their opinion on what they would like to see at current & future AutoShows.
  9. 9. CROWDSOURCING, RECRUITMENT, MARKET RESEARCH - II• Getting peoples opinion on our offline / nonline advertising & positioning as feedback for future• Getting peoples opinion on our plans for the AutoShow and use it to change things that can still be changed.• Tapping into the community to recruit Beta testers for AutoShows official Mobile App and Data Capture App• Discovering and Recruiting volunteers and entertainers for the official Social Media Booth.
  10. 10. CROSS PROMOTION & BRANDING OPPORTUNITIES - I• Posting as the AutoShow page onto official pages, both Canada specific & world wide, of major auto manufacturers & their dealers to engage them.• Sharing posts related to the AutoShow from these pages onto the AutoShow page to provide them better, more relevant & larger exposure.• Inviting them over for cross promotional activities & letting them tag the AutoShow page for posts on their own pages & then liking & commenting on them as the AutoShow, to acknowledge & add credibility & provide EdgeRank weight.• Encouraging them to post directly on our page & run their contests on our page.
  11. 11. CROSS PROMOTION & BRANDING OPPORTUNITIES - II• Acknowledging self promoting irrelevant posts on the wall, instead of hiding/deleting them & asking for a feature on the posters own page.• Approaching them with multiple branding opportunities, e.g. at upper thumbnail gallery, featured likes column (now defunct due to timeline being released for Pages) to sponsored posts & sponsored contests.• Approaching these brands with an opportunity to feature their products/ cars/offerings on the default Landing Tab/Welcome Tab/ Fangate Tab for the new fans.
  12. 12. SOCIAL MEDIA MONITORING & QUALITY CONTROL• Setting up a third party facebook dashboard tool for real-time social media & online monitoring.• Setting up HyperAlerts for AutoShows facebook page to monitor & supervise all community managers• Setting up Google Alerts to discover who, what, where, said something about the AutoShow & doing a sentiment analysis• Searching on Facebook for AutoShow related groups, accounts, duplicate pages, unofficial event pages, logo being used without permission, community pages with Wikipedia snippets & following up with owners/ reporting to Facebook to accentuate the official fan page and official event page.• Monitor twitter chatter about the AutoShow using Tweetdeck & Hashtracking and making sure we raise enough awareness about the official hashtag #CIAS12
  13. 13. TWITTER CAMPAIGN - I• Created a proper schedule to tweet in accordance with the content strategy• Content strategy was to share and schedule tweets related to cars, articles from auto blogs, interesting news related to cars• Created the official hashtag - #CIAS12, instead of or #CIAS to ensure it is unique, meaningful, easily adoptable, using minimum number of characters, but does not have alternate context or meaning, so that the conversation is never diluted by irrelevant tweets• Conducted ‘RT & Win’ contests to spread more awareness about the official hashtag
  14. 14. TWITTER CAMPAIGN - II• Used twtpoll as a tool to conduct polls on twitter and as a part of our ‘RT & Follow’, ‘RT & Tweet’ initiatives every other day.• Acknowledging each and every mention and interaction (follow, favorite) and replying back with thank you.• Follow back new followers & send welcome DMs to apprise them of our Facebook presence• Join Facebook & Twitter accounts to share information about contests & activities on facebook page to twitter followers as well.• Keep track of conversations for #CIAS, Autoshow, Canadian Autoshow, autoshow 2012 & listen and engage people while raising awareness about the official hashtag #CIAS12• Follow, Engage and retweet AutoShow related tweets from twitter accounts of major auto manufacturers and dealers• Live Tweeting at the event
  15. 15. FOURSQUARE• Setting up AutoShow & various exhibits (e.g. Mazda Exhibit, Ford Exhibit, BMW Exhibit etc.) on foursquare• Engagement via foursquare through tips, promotions, shares, comments & check-ins.• Highlight, feature and incentivize check-ins
  16. 16. OFFLINE CAMPAIGN• Bringing “Like” signs to the offline world, by encouraging guests to ‘like’ exhibits.• Engaged ‘social media’ photographers to capture pictures of guests and upload onto facebook regularly. Encourage guests to visit the fanpage and tag themselves. Created ipad app to share pictures on guests’ social media real-time• Setting up and activation of “Social Media Booth”, to engage guests with AutoShow’s social media, collect data and give away prizes• Created mobile apps to collect guest data via Ipads at the social media booth
  17. 17. FACEBOOK ADVERTISINGAD CAMPAIGN• Reached 99.9% of all targeted people in our demographic who were on Facebook.• Achieved an average CPC (Cost per Click) of $0.606 for our CPC ads and CPM (Cost per 1000 impressions) as low as $0.05.• We have been able to reach all of these people socially through social impressions i.e. ad impressions where you see at least one of your friends name in the ad, which are 10 times as effective than normal impressions we see in Reach.
  18. 18. ‘EARNED’ VALUE / ACHIEVEMENTSINCREASE IN OUTREACH• The first phase saw an increase of 1297.1 % in number of people talking about the AutoShow, as well as increase of 20495.1% in Weekly Total Reach.• The page reached out to more than half a million people.• The strategy was to create awareness about the page and get more people talking about it.
  19. 19. ‘EARNED’ VALUE / ACHIEVEMENTSINCREASE IN LIKES• Organic growth in number of likes.• Steady increase in statistics• The focus was to maintain a steady growth in reach of the page, keeping the contents meaningful and relevant.
  20. 20. ‘EARNED’ VALUE / ACHIEVEMENTSINCREASE IN ENGAGEMENT• There was a shift in the culture of page, people started posting actively as the page became more interactive.• The strategy was to engage people in meaningful dialog and making them talk about their likes and dislikes, so that we have a database that can be used by the automotive industry to figure out sales patterns & demographics.
  21. 21. ‘EARNED’ VALUE / ACHIEVEMENTSINCREASE IN PAGE VISITS• The majority of the likes came from the page itself & Ads & Sponsored Stories.• The idea was to get larger footprint for the page.
  22. 22. ‘EARNED’ VALUE / ACHIEVEMENTSINCREASE IN OUTREACH• During the second phase, we managed to reach almost a million relevant people in the target demographic.• Statistics for the final phase are still awaited due to delay in Facebook insights
  23. 23. ‘EARNED’ VALUE / ACHIEVEMENTSVITAL STATS SINCE JOSHI INC. TOOK OVER THE FACEBOOK PAGE• No. of Fans since Joshi Inc.’s involvement: 7,165• No. of Comments: 4,993• Percentage of Engagement: 144.79%• ‘Earned Media’ Value: $23,131• Detailed report:
  25. 25. ‘EARNED’ VALUE / ACHIEVEMENTSTWITTER STATS• Followers: 4,054• Tweets: 4,414• Listed: 64• Klout Score: 56• References: • • ount=Canadian-International- AutoShow
  26. 26. ‘EARNED’ VALUE / ACHIEVEMENTS TWITTER STATSReferences:• mixed•
  27. 27. ‘EARNED’ VALUE / ACHIEVEMENTSTWITTER STATSReferences:• canada•
  28. 28. MOBILE APP DEVELOPMENT (IPAD) Event Contest App • Created an iPad app that allowed people to enter contests & collect data at the Canadian International AutoShow. • Social Media Integration •TECHNOLOGIES: XCODE IOS Development, IOS 4.2
  29. 29. MOBILE APP DEVELOPMENT (IPAD) Event Picture Collaboration App • Created an iPad app to take pictures & share them real-time via email & social media at the Canadian International AutoShow. •TECHNOLOGIES : XCODE IOS Development, IOS 4.2
  30. 30. MOBILE APP DEVELOPMENT Mobile Site Created the official Mobile site for the AutoShow
  31. 31. THANK YOU!