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The uae economy


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The uae economy

  1. 1. The United Arab Emirates Economy Kundai Nangati
  2. 2. UAE Profile O Federation O S/E Arabian Peninsula O 5,473,972 people July 2013 ( O Dirham (AED)
  3. 3. History O Trucial States O Pearling & fishing nation O Oil discovered in 1950s O 1966 Independence O 1972 UAE formed
  4. 4. Resources O Factor Endowments O Oil & gas O Services O Sand & minerals
  5. 5. Economy O 41/187 HDI O GNI in PPP $42,716 (2005 $) O Gender inequality O Labor participation in 2011 43.5%, 2010 43.7% ( O Income & oil prices 1993, 2008 O Expats
  6. 6. Abu Dhabi O Al Nahyan family O Largest Emirate O Capital O Oil & Gas reserves O Multinational company center
  7. 7. Dubai O Al Maktoum family O Service center O Architecture O Free Trade Zones O Outsourcing
  8. 8. Trade O 2012 surplus of 470,939 million AED O Current Account surplus O Financial & Capital Account deficit O WTO, GCC & OPEC O China, India & USA
  9. 9. Works Cited O O O O O O O O O O ed%20Arab%20Emirates UAE map image UAE flag image Palm Jumariah image Abu Dhabi image Dubai hotel image