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Marketing Strategy

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  1. 1. Our vision goes beyond texts, calls, hardware & software. Creating something to help you experience your world better. It starts with a powerful battery, stunning screen & a lot of storage. Because these things we know you need every day. But that’s a starting point. The Galaxy is becoming something bigger a gateway to new realities, freedom from your wallet & access to experiences once reserved for a select few. we’re continuing to innovate. when you’re ready to rethink what’s possible, the Galaxy can bring you even more to explore.
  2. 2. Structure Strategy Samsung Galaxy Marketing Strategy Core Competencies Outline
  3. 3. Samsung Corporate Structure • 1938 founded by Byung-Chull Lee • Started as an OEM • 1997 Asian market recession • CMO Gregory Lee • Samsung • Samsung Electronics • Samsung Mobile
  4. 4. Business Strategy • Cost-effective to high-end producer • Global conglomerate • Integrated marketing • Partnership with Cheil • Partnerships with Sony & Google • B2B market
  5. 5. Samsung Galaxy • Gap in the market • Mirrored parent company • Sophisticated, tech savvy users • Android powered • Skim & drop strategy • Double dipping • Fast follower, legal review budget
  6. 6. Marketing Strategy • Channel marketing • Event & team sponsorship • R&D, market research & promotion • Ethnographic studies & MI personnel
  7. 7. Core Competencies Galaxy rethinking what a phone is… • Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge • Global conglomerate • The fabulous Phablet Click on the globe to start
  8. 8. Any Questions?