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Converged Digital Ecosystem


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My keynote speech at Conmedia 2013 (Conference on New Media Studies), organised by University of Multimedia Nusantara, with technical support by IEEE Indonesia Section

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Converged Digital Ecosystem

  1. 1. QoS-Guaranteed Composite Services … Monolithic service Monolithic service Computin g Resource s Computin g Resource s Node A Service path calculation Node C Node D Node B Service Component Overlay Networks QoS Provisioning Communications Infrastructure Scalable & reliable communication and computing infrastructure (a) (b) Resource provision
  2. 2. Platform • Abundant Service Creation and Control Capabilities easily and quickly • Virtualization • Self Organization Service • Context Sensitive Applications (XAwareness) • Personalization of Services based on User Data User • Participation and profit sharing • Quality of Experience • Privacy Telco • Application Acceleration System • Heterogenous Application and Services Controller • Co-ordinate QoS, Security, Bandwidth and Latency • Smart Cache.
  3. 3. Next Generation Service Overlay Network An IEEE sponsored effort to standardise a framework of IPbased service overlay networks A set of context-aware, dynamically adaptive, and selforganising networking capabilities, including advanced routing and forwarding schemes Independent of underlying transport networks.
  4. 4. Application and Contents Service Addressing, Discovery Context Aware Routing Service interaction facilitation functions Security/Trust Dynamic policy enforcement capabilities (eg. QoS, registration derived, etc) Transport Networks
  5. 5. Applications Application Support Layer Service Layer Transport Layer Business Layer NGSON OSE (ITU-T) NGN (ITU-T) SDP IMS (3GPP) P2P, Web, Cloud SDF (TMF) EPC (3GPP) IP
  6. 6. IEEE P1903-1: IEEE P1903-2: Service Composition Content Delivery •Technical Standard for Service Composition Protocols of NGSON •Technical Standard for Content Delivery Protocols of NGSON IEEE P1903-3: Self-Organising Management •Technical Standard for Self-Organising Management Protocols of NGSON
  7. 7. • Service-support oriented purpose • Distributed overlay network architecture • Dynamically exposure of enabler Service Manageme nt • Service-delivery oriented purpose • Centralised platform architecture • Statically exposure of enabler B/OSS Collaborati on Network Position Shield Carrier
  8. 8. Intelligent Service Routing Context Awareness Dynamic Service Adaptation Dynamic Service Composition Self‐Organizing Management Both Service and Content Delivery
  9. 9. Service discovery & Service register negotiation Service Management Plane Service routing Service composition Service Control Plane Service policy decision Service Delivery Plane Content delivery IMS IP Networks Network Layer P2P Overlay Context info managemen managemen t t O&M Plane Identity Service managemen portal t Application Interaction Plane Application Layer End-user function Component Composite services services Service Layer
  10. 10. Internet & Media Broadcas t Social Planning Weather Metering Learning Advertisin g Entertainm ent Smart Grid Research Library Environm ent Vouching Human Care Dispatch Government & Education E-Health Message Tourism Presence Location Talk Emergen cy Respons e M2M Telco Services Telemetry Sensor Etc IMS SR <-> CSCF IDM <-> GUP SPD <-> PDF CD <-> MRF Enhancing Service Interaction SDP EPC (LTE) SPD <-> PCRF CD <-> P-GW Constructing MBB App Layer Cloud & SDN Providing PAAS layer, building the SAAS, using IAAS Media <-> CD Orchestration <> SC, SR, SDN Orchestrating multi-provider value chain P2P, Web
  11. 11. Directory Server App Service Register Server Resource NGSON Node Management NGSON Node NGSON Node Network Service NGSON Node Access & Core Network App Service End Users Service Creation Resource NGSON Service Functions: • Automatic networking features • Dynamic policy enforcement capabilities • Service interaction facilitation functions • Service addressing • Service discovery • Context-aware Routing • etc
  12. 12. Cloud user portal ⑴ Cloud Application Dev Register and get accesskey And secretkey pair Huawei Cloud Storage PORTAL (2) Develop and deploy app (4) Send API request ⑹ cloud request Operator’s Private Cloud Cloud Agent Application (3) Using accesskey pair sign request (5) Auth request Amazon AWS
  13. 13. Mobile Wirele ss TV PC
  14. 14. User Network Operator Third Party Context Enabler User Context Computing Context User Context Physical Context Profile, Preferences, Interests, Mood, Activities, Agenda Connectivity, Device, Device capability, Bandwidth Location information Weather, Traffic, Illumination
  15. 15. Context Capturing Location Context Modelling Ontology Service Integration Searching User Preferenc e Advicing Reasoning Usage Advertisin g Sensor Group Awarenes s
  16. 16. Platform Provider Context Platform Device Seller 3rd Party Context Enabler Context Data Context Provider Service Platform Provider Context Context Data Context Data User Network Provider Context-Aware Services Service Provider Content Provider
  17. 17. In technical and business context, it is not recommended to isolate the development of networks, services, applications, and contents The IEEE has been designing and stardardising an IP-based next-generation service overlay network (NGSON) as a framework for converged digital ecosystem. The implementation of context awareness has been expanded to applications, services, network configuration. It should be integrated into the ecosystem planning.
  18. 18. Kuncoro Wastuwibowo is an IEEE Senior Member, and the Chair of the IEEE Indonesia Section. He was also the Chair of the IEEE Communications Society Indonesia Chapter. He works with Telkom Indonesia, to develop technical and business aspects of education and government products with ecosystem approaches at Division of Solution Convergence (DSC). He is one of the co-editors of Internetworking Indonesia: a journal focused on technical and social aspects of ICT development in Indonesia. He is also a Member of the IET, ACM, and IABA. Web Tweet : : @ieeeindonesia
  19. 19. Application & Service Composite Service Service Service Composition FE Service & Transport Related Functions Service Register FE Service Discovery & Negotiation FE End User Function s Overlay Manag ement FE Service Routing FE Service Portal FE O&M Context Information Management FE Identity Management FE Content Delivery FE Service Policy Decision FE Underlying Networks NGSO N