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DPR (Detailed Project Report) & EPC (Engineering Procurement Construction)


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The module contains introduction to preparation of detailed project report of solar power plant and integrity of EPC contract

DPR (Detailed Project Report) & EPC (Engineering Procurement Construction)

  1. 1. DPR (Detailed Project Report) & EPC (Engineering Procurement Construction)
  2. 2. Module 1 : Solar Technology Basics Module 2: Solar Photo Voltaic Module Technologies Module 3: Designing Solar PV Systems ( Rooftops) Module 4: Designing Solar PV Systems ( Utility Scale) Module 5: Financial Analysis Module 6: DPR (Detailed Project Report) & EPC Module 7: The present Solar industry scenario and the future
  3. 3. What is a Detailed Project Report?  A through report or document used for planning and executing a particular project.  The primary contents:  Site survey  Availability of resources  Technology selection  Technical design  Construction & Implementation  Financial Analysis
  4. 4. DPR Requirement  Thorough feasibility study and analysis of the given site.  A proper guide for successful project completion.  Risk assessment  Financial closure
  5. 5. Data inputs for a DPR 1. Project location and geographical co-ordinates. 2. Tariff 3. Site aspects like connectivity, accessibility etc. 4. Power purchase agreement. 5. Status of permit, licenses and clearances. 6. Land availability. 7. Nearest IMD weather station for solar radiation. 8. Technologies to be used. 9. Proposed voltage level for power evacuation . 10. Position of meter (at power plant or at nearest substation). 11. Details of nearby substation. 12. Plot plan for preparing project layout.
  6. 6. Engineering Procurement Construction (EPC) Definition: Detailed engineering design (civil, electrical, mechanical) of a given project, procurement of all the necessary materials and equipments and construction to deliver a complete functioning system.
  7. 7. Engineering Procurement Construction Process: Design criteria, project description, equipments, data sheets etc. for the process and environment systems. Civil : Design criteria, roads, railroads, underground cables, pipings, drain layouts etc. Mechanical : Design criteria, area layouts, material and equipment handling, maintenance manuals etc. Electrical : Power requirements, electrical layouts, line diagrams, electrical equipments specifications etc. Architectural/Structural : Buildings, concrete foundations etc.
  8. 8. Engineering Procurement Construction  Equipments and materials purchase.  Expediting, Inspection and Transportation.
  9. 9. Engineering Procurement Construction  Provide value added engineering.  QA/QC checks.  Daily construction work management.  Control estimates.  System validation, testing and start-up.
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