Store launch kit 19th march 2013


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Store launch kit 19th march 2013

  1. 1. Store Launch Kit
  2. 2. Contents Section 1: In-mall branding Section 2: In-store collaterals Section 3: ATL BTL campaign Section 4: PR and Social Media
  3. 3. SECTION 1: IN-MALL
  4. 4. In-mall Advertising Glass Window Banner
  5. 5. Directional Signage Balloon & Banner
  6. 6. Backlights Generic Posters
  7. 7. Wall Hoardings
  9. 9.  Powercard Packages > Disclaimer Letter Material: 5mm MDF Board, Pouch Lamination Material: Fun City Letterhead Size: A1, A3 Size: A4 Printing: Digital Glossy sticker pasted on Mdf Printing: Regular office printer Usage: To be place at the Cash Counters Usage: To be place at the cash counter in a acrylic stand Date: November 1, 2012 Bonus Credit on Fun City Powercards Dear Guest, May we bring to your attention that the bonus credit provided on the purchase of a powercard, will be valid for a period of 60 days from the date of purchase. If you are unable to consume the bonus within 60 days from the date of purchase, the bonus credit will be removed from your powercard. In an effort to streamline our company policy with the industry standards, Bonus Credit can be used on all rides and machines with a blue coloured swiper. The powercard can be used to pay for all games except for Sand Art, Animal rides, Kidzmania and Studio Karate. The Fun City staff will assist you for any clarifications or queries about the policy; as we endeavor to make your visit enjoyable. It is a pleasure to serve you at Fun City. Your support is appreciated. Fun City Tim Kane Head of Operations Current Package across UAE
  10. 10.  Feedback Forms > Suggestion Box Material: Flyer with Die Cut Material: 5mm Acrylic box + Vinyl sticker Size: DL Size: 40x30cm Material: 135 gsm matt with die cut Material: Vinyl sticker Usage: Customers can write their feedback Usage: Filled out feedback forms drop box
  11. 11.  Flyers Acrylic Holder Material: 3mm clear acrylic Size: 24x15cm Printing: Sticker pasting, die cutting on logo Usage: Flyer Holder ideally for A5 size
  12. 12. > Height Chart Board > Rules and Reg. Board Material: 5mm MDF with die cut Material: 5mm MDF Size: 230cmx40cm Size: A0 Printing: 4/0, glossy lamination & red sticker Printing: 4/0,glossy &red sticker at the back at the back Usage: Big ride, Playzone & Fun N’ Learn Usage: Big ride, Playzone & Fun N’ Learn Correct Placement
  13. 13.  Kiddie Ride Rules and Regulation Material: Pouch lamination, 80 gsm Size: A4 Printing: 4/0
  14. 14.  Kiddy Kutz Rules and Reg > Kiddy Kutz Poster Material: 5mm Mdf board Material: 5mm foam board Size: A1 Size: a1 Printing: 4/0, glossy sticker pasted on mdf Printing: 4/0, sticker glossy lamination Usage: To show diff. hairstyle
  15. 15. > School Trip Flyers > Birthday Party Flyer Material: 150 gsm art glossy Material: 150 gsm art glossy Size: a5 Size: a5 Printing: 4/4, glossy Printing: 4/4, glossy Usage:For Distribution
  16. 16. Birthday Invitation CardMaterial: 350art matt +OPVSize: 21x15cmsPrinting: 4/4, with creasingUsage: For Birthday Celebrant
  17. 17. > Shukran Forms and POS communications Note: Will be requested directly to the Shukran Department Forms Forms Holder POS Materials
  18. 18. > Utility Signage Material: 5mm MDF Size: A4 Printing : 4/0 , Glossy sticker on Mdf Usage: Different areas inside the store Price Sign Reminder Sign General Information Sign
  19. 19. Utility SignagesRedemption C. Load your powercard here Credit cards accepted hereInfo counter Load your powercard here Please proceed to Redemption counter Credit card accepted hereFood Counter Please do not bring food from outsidePlay Zone Shoes not allowed Price signage Shoekeeper Food and drinks not allowed No diaper changing inside Closed for cleaning Please take care of your belongings
  20. 20. Fun NLearn Toddlers Area (for below 2 Years only) Art Zone Price signage Pretend Kitchen Dress up Area Music Arena Food and drinks NOT allowed Shoes not allowed inside Shoekeeper Take care of your belongings No diaper changing inside Closed for cleaningKiddy Kutz Pay Cash not AcceptedBig Rides Price signage Safety First Entry ExitParty Room Take care of your belongings Happy BirthdayStaff Room FUN STAFF only Please observe cleanliness
  21. 21. Office Office - Authorized personnel onlyStock Room Stock room - Authorized personnel onlyToilet Boys Toilet with Drawing Girls Toilet with DrawingTechnical Room Technical room- Authorized personnel only food and drinks not allowedGeneral No Smoking Check your Balance Here First Aid Box/ Under Maintenance. Sorry for the inconvinience Private Entrance - No Entry Control room -Authorized personnel only Cleaners room- Authorized personnel only Electrical Room -Authorized personnel only Temporarily Closed Authorized personnel only Please observe cleanliness
  22. 22. > Ticket Station Posters Material: Durotrans /Backlit Posters Size: 60cmx47cm, 57cmx33cm Printing: Digital with Lamination Usage: Posters for Ticket Station Machine 57x33cm Front View Left and Right side view 60x47cm
  23. 23. > New Attraction Signage Material: 5mm Die cut Foam Board Size: 50cmx 50cm ( Fun City Icon Shape) Printing: glossy sticker on foam board with double sided tape at the back Usage: To highlight new machines, video games, novelty & redemption machines
  24. 24. > Play till you win signage Material: 80 gsm, Pouch lamination Printing: 4/0 with lamination Usage: For novelty machines
  25. 25. > Event Backdrop Material : Tarpouline banner Size: 4mx3m Printing: 4/0 , glossy lamination with eyelit > Promotional Table Usage: Store’s event Material: Forex Board Size: Standard Printing: 4/0, glossy lamination Usage: Store’s event & promotion
  26. 26.  Generic Fun City Folder > Fun City CD Case Material: 350 gsm Material: 300-400gsm Size: a4 (closed) Size: refer to artwork Printing: 4/4, glossy lamination, die cutting Printing: 4/4, glossy lamination Usage: For meetings and exhibitions Usage: CD Case for the CD
  27. 27.  Fun City Vision/Mission Boards > Fun City Strategic Obj. Material: A3 5mm MDF Material: A1 5mm MDF Size: A3 Size: A1 Printing: 4/0 , glossy sticker on mdf Printing: 4/0, glossy sticker on Mdf Usage: Display at the Fun City Staff room Usage: Display at the Fun City Staff room
  28. 28. > Fun City Letterhead > Fun City Envelope Material: 120 gsm CX 22 Material: 120 gsm woodfree, white Size: A4 Size: A4 and DL Printing: 4/0 , Die cut (corner round) Printing: 4/0, fabricated with sealer inside
  29. 29. > Business Cards Material: 350 gsm art matt Size: Standard Printing: 4/4, Lamination + Die cutting Usage: For meetings, exhibitions & events
  30. 30.  Marketing Stamp > Fun City Logo Sticker Material: Self Ink Stamp Material: Sticker Size: 1.5cmx1.5cm Size: 20cmx10cm Printing: Customize Printing: 4/0. glossy lamination Usage: For Fun Rewards card at Playzone & FNL Usage: For Kiddie rides and relevant purposes
  31. 31. > Display Stand Material: 5mm mdf board Size: 80cmx200cm (base 120cm oval) Printing: glossy sticker on mdf w/ die cut Usage: Birthday Package, Generic AD
  32. 32. > Fun Rewards Cards Material: 300gsm art mat Size: 9cmx5.5cm Printing: 4/4 with serial number Usage: Playzone & Fun N’ Learn Loyalty Cards
  33. 33. Mechanics – Fun Rewards CardsBrief: The Fun Rewards Card acts as a simple loyalty card. These loyalty cards are to be distributed to Play Area Customers. The customers is rewarded with one free visit to the play area when he/she made 5 paid visits.Terms and Conditions:• 5 paid entries are required to redeem on free pass into the play area for one child• Each block must be stamped, signed and dated at entry.• Free Pass for Fun N Learn is valid at a Fun N Learn in any Fun City.• Free Pass for playzone is only valid at the playzone in any Fun City, this includes Marina Ball shooting area• Free Pass for Lamcy Area is only valid at Lamcy• The card is the responsibility of the customer
  34. 34. Steps to Redemption• Customer receives a card for one child at the play area e.g. Fun n learn• Customer pays for one entry to Fun N learn• Fun N Learn staff stamps, dates and signs the 1st available block for the paid visit• After 5 paid visits the customer is entitled to a free visit Fun N learn• The customer has to take a valid loyalty card to the cashier to redeem his/her free visit• The cashier loads the free play onto the customers card and retains the used loyalty card• The used loyalty card must be attached to the DSR at closing.• The customer returns to the Fun N learn and his/her powercard is swiped. The free entry is removed from the powercard.• The Fun N learn CSR issues a fresh loyalty card to the customer.Redeeming the Free play:• In promotions, select loyalty card• Use coupon on Sale• Select the relevant coupon e.g. Loyalty card Fun N learn• Enter the Loyalty Card serial number in the comments section• Complete the transaction• The free play on the powercard is valid indefinitely i.e it does not have an expiry period.
  35. 35.  Birthday Club Registration Forms > Birthday Club Flyers Material: 135 gsm art glossy Material: 135 gsm art glossy Size: a5 Size: a5 Printing: 4/4, Glossy Printing: 4/4, Glossy Usage: Customer Database and awareness for Children Birthdays
  36. 36. > Birthday Club Greeting Card > Crown and Tiara Material: 350art matt +OPV Material: 350gsm foot board Size: 21x15cms Size: 60x17.5 & 60x13cm Printing: 4/4, with creasing Printing: 4/0, die cutting Usage: Greeting Card for members of the Usage: Give way for the members of the cub the Birthday club
  37. 37. Birthday Club boxMaterial: 5mm clear acrylic box and standSize: 30cmx30cmx67cm (Acrylic Box) oval)15cmx15cmx84cm (H) PostPrinting: Digital print on vinyl sticker with gloss lamination and pasting. Laser cutting , lock at the back and side flyer holder
  38. 38. Mechanics – Birthday ClubBrief: Every child who comes to Fun City is encouraged to sign up for the Birthday Club. There is no fee to join, only a simple form to be filled out. Every child under the age of 13 years is eligible to apply, only condition is that the child or the parent, must have an email address As a member every child will receive a birthday gift just before their birthday This will continue until their 13th birthday Completed form must be dropped in the collection box atleast 45 days before the child’s birthdayMechanics: A mail as to which outlet they have to claim their personalized birthday card and special gift will be sent 10 days prior to their birthday Every child would get the following as a birthday present: A greeting card (Via email) 1 Play Area entry vouchers (to be collected from the store where the child filled out the form) The above would be enclosed in a Birthday Card A Birthday Club Crown and balloon Along with the Greeting card in the email, a birthday party packages brochure would be attached for the parents.
  39. 39. > Vouchers Material: 135gsm art glossy Size: 7.5cmx15cm Printing: 4/4, 50 pcs per booklet, binding, perforation and serial number Usage: For School trips, Birthday party, Events and Promotions
  40. 40. > Fun City Plastic Bags Material : LDPE Transparent and white poly color Printing: 4+4 both sides Type of Bag: D’CutSmall Size: 26+6+6x30cm (W- 38xH-30cm) (One piece wt- 12.8gram)Thickness: 60 micronsUsage: For Birthday Party Goody Bags and small redemption itemsMeduim Size : 40+7+7x55cm (W- 54cmx H-50cm) 9One piece wt- 40.60 gramsThickness: 80 micronsUsage: For medium redemption itemsLarge Size: 45+10+10x60cm (W-65cmxH- 60cm)Thickness : 90 microns
  41. 41.  Fun City Wristband > Fun City Tickets Material & Printing: Refer to Retail Dept. Material & Printing: Refer to Retail Dept. Size: W- 25.5cmxH- 2cm Usage: For Redemption machines Usage: For Birthday party & Play Area
  42. 42. > Event Income Form and Transmittal Form Material: 80 gsm woodfree Size: a4 Printing : NCR 1+2 , 1/0 , perforation, serial number , 50 pages per booklet Usage: For Birthday Party( Event Income Form) and Receiving copy of papers to diff. dept (Transmittal form)
  43. 43. > Party Registration Form & Party Final Bill Material: 80 gsm woodfree Size: a4 Printing: NCR 1+2 , 1/1 , perforation, serial number , 50 pages per booklet
  44. 44. > Customer Entry Form > Petty Cash FormMaterial: 80 gsm woodfree Material: 80 gsm woodfreeSize: A4 Size: A5Printing: 4/0, Pad, serial number , 50 pages per booklet Printing: 1/0, Pad, serial number,50 pages bookletUsage: For Playzone and Fun N’ Learn Customer details Usage: For Store’s Reimbursments
  45. 45. > Ticket Stickers > Ticket Value/Price Tag Holder Material: Sticker (not so sticky) Material: 3mm clear acrylic Size: 2.5cmx5cms Size: 12cm x9cm Printing: 2/0, sticker with die cutting Usage: Ticket Value Holder Usage: For Tickety Boo
  46. 46. Logbooks> Cash Transmittal and Master Transmittal Logbook Material: Cover 800gsm kappa Size: Trim Size: 71.5cmx22cm, One side: W= 34.5cmx H=22cm , Spine: W= 2.5cmx H= 22cm Printing: Cover: 4/0, Inside: 1/0 , 170gsm woodfree, 200 pages each+ perfect binding+ hardcase binding Usage: For Petty cash/ vacation leave/medical Usage: For documents records given from/to reimbursements record the store and head office
  47. 47. > Big Ride Checklist and Logbook Material: Cover 600 gsm kappa Size: Trim Size: 55.2cmx31.5cm, One side: W= 25.5cmx H=31.5cm, Spine: 4.5cm Printing: Cover 4/0, Inside: 1/0, 150 artmatt + lamination, Inside pages: 100gsm woodfree (100+1 sheets each+ perfect binding+ hardcase binding Usage: Daily Maintenance checklist for Big Rides
  48. 48. > Fun N’ Learn Checklist and Logbook Material: Cover 800gsm kappa Size: Trim size: 55.2cmx31.5cm, One side: W= 25.5cmx H=31.5cm, Spine: 4.5cm (size may vary on the no. of pages ) Printing: Cover: 4/0, Inside: 1/0, 150 artmatt + lamination, Inside pages: 100gsm woodfree (365+1 sheets each+ perfect binding+ hardcase binding Usage: Daily Maintenance checklist for Fun N’ Learn
  49. 49. > Kiddy Kutz Checklist and Logbook Material: Cover 800gsm kappa Size: Trim size: 55.2cmx31.5cm, One side: W= 25.5cmx H=31.5cm, Spine: 4.5cm (size may vary on the no. of pages ) Printing: Cover: 4/0, Inside: 1/0, 150 artmatt + lamination, Inside pages: 100gsm woodfree (365+1 sheets each+ perfect binding+ hardcase binding Usage: Daily Maintenance checklist for Kiddy Kutz
  50. 50. > Playzone Checklist and Logbook Material: Cover 800gsm kappa Size: Trim size: 55.2cmx31.5cm, One side: W= 25.5cmx H=31.5cm, Spine: 4.5cm(size may vary on the no. of pages) Printing: Cover: 4/0, Inside: 1/0, 150 artmatt + lamination, Inside pages: 100gsm woodfree (365+1 sheets each+ perfect binding+ hardcase binding Usage: Daily Maintenance checklist for Playzone
  51. 51. > Master Checklist and Logbook Material: Cover: 800 gsm kappa board Size: Trim size: 55.2cmx31.5cm, One side: W= 25.5cmx H=31.5cm, Spine: 4.5cm (size may vary on the no. of pages ) Printing: Cover: 4/0, Inside: 1/0, 150 artmatt + lamination, Inside pages: 100gsm woodfree (365+1 sheets each+ perfect binding+ hardcase binding Usage: Over-all daily maintenance checklist for the store
  52. 52. > Party Checklist Material: 80 gsm woodfree Size: A4 Printing: Color: 1/0 , NCR 1+1 , perforation, 50 pages per booklet Usage: Checklist for Birthday Party
  53. 53. > Birthday Calendar Material: Cover: 800 gsm kappa board Size: Trim size: 55.2cmx31.5cm, One side: W= 25.5cmx H=31.5cm, Spine: 4.5cm (size may vary on the no. of pages) Printing: Cover: 4/0, Inside: 1/0, 150 artmatt + lamination, Inside pages: 100gsm woodfree (365+1 sheets each+ perfect binding+ hardcase binding Usage: Birthday Party Booking Logbook
  54. 54. > Standard Operating Procedure (SOP)Material: 100 gsm , Ring Binder folder- Small Spine (recommended folder as per image below)Size: A4Printing: Digital Print, 4/0,Usage: SOP for Big Rides and the different area’s of the store
  56. 56. General Store Marketing Plan Public Relation/Events - Host a grand opening event to get people in your area talking about your new store Local Advertising- Implement a wide-reaching advertising campaign at least one week before the store open Promotions - Pack the grand opening with promotions and giveaways On-Premises Advertising - Advertise on the store premises weeks before opening the door which includes in- mall and in- store. Social Media - Using social media to build hype around a store that has not yet opened can be tricky, but pulling it off can yield significant rewards.
  57. 57. Local Advertising Traditional Advertising• Newspaper Ads• Radio Ads• Magazine Ads• Mailing Lists• Billboards• Location-based Media• Freebies• Flyers Distribution
  58. 58. Advertising Advertising Pre-launch Launch Post Launch Comments (A week before ) (Same Day) (A week after) Newspaper Ads X Gulf News, Khaleej Times Radio Ads X X X A week from opening date Magazine Ads X Time out, Friday Magazine - launch week Mailing Lists X X E-blast Billboards X A week after opening date Location - based Media X eg. Whats-on Abu Dhabi Freebies X X Vouchers give aways Flyers Distribution X Flyers with offers SMS X Same day
  59. 59. More fun and excitement is here! Nowopen a brighter, better FUN CITY at SafeerMall Ajman Come Play!
  60. 60. Sample Media PlanClient: Fun CityCampaign: Fun City OutletPeriod : April 2013Media Size / Duration Position Net Rate Total Total Cost AED Ins. AEDPrint EnglishGulf News Half Page Vertical Main Section Glossy 21,387 2 42,774Khaleej Times Half Page Vertical Main Section Glossy 13,804 2 27,6097 days Half Page Vertical Main Section 5,049 1 5,049Print ArabicAl Ittihad Quarter Page Main Section Inside Page GNP 12,164 1 12,164Emarat Al Youm Quarter Page Main Section Page 7 SNP 8,748 1 8,748Total AED 96,344Agency Fee -2% 1,927Net Total AED 98,271Note: All Positions are subject to availability at the time of bookingAbove rates are 2012 rates and are subject to change in 2013
  61. 61. Online Advertising• Search Advertising (aka Pay-Per-Click Advertising)• Group Buying: Sites like LivingSocial and Groupon• Mobile Marketing• Social Networking: Facebook and Twitter• LinkedIn Ads• Classified Ads & Newsletter Advertising
  62. 62. Promotion Flyers thru Distribution
  63. 63. Social Media Social Networking: Facebook, Twitter, Google + and Fun City website- “Behind the scenes” - posting online photos from the construction of the new FC outlets to make people interested in what’s going on (FB, Twitter, Google +)- Creating a buzz in FB, Twitter and Google + about the upcoming opening events and all the activities and prizes they could win if attending the official opening- Informing in all social media about offers, events and promotions taking place in the newly opened Fun City outlets- Status updates in FB, Tweeter and Google + every week about the new store openings – about the attractions and zones the FC outlet will have- Every day change of FB and Google + cover photos, counting down the last 5 or 6 days left until each store opening- Activities related to winning vouchers for these particular outlets only (FB, Twitter, Google+)- Uploading an interactive map highlighting the new locations (FB, Twitter, Google+)- Create a hashtag Twitter competition, make the people tweet with it- Regular posting on Fun City website news about the upcoming
  65. 65. Bubble ShowGames with the parents Human Statue placed at the entrance to
  66. 66. Draft Store Launch Press Release Fun City opens doors to its little visitors from Sohar Sohar 17th October 2012: Fun City, the region’s foremost entertainment center that is committed to provide children withwholesome fun opens its doors to even more children with the opening of its brand new centre at Safeer Mall in Sohar today amidstgreat fanfare. The formal inauguration of the centre was done by Mr. xxxx in the presence of government officials and dignitaries viz.,__________The centre is spread across 20,905 sq.feet of space and comprises of all the major attractions offered by Fun City to itslittle visitors.The Fun City attractions at Safeer Mall includes all the specially designed zones which are unique to Fun City like Play Zone, latest andadvanced video games and redemption games, Novelty games for younger children and its most popular Kiddie rides that enjoyshuge fan following and long queues at its various other centres. All the rides and games at this new centre are custom-made for FunCity in association with leading ride manufacturers that are specifically created to heighten thrill levels, offer unique excitement andmaintain product branding.The centre at Safeer Mall also boasts of a vibrant and happy look and feel of the centre and reflects its strong brand identity throughusage of bright colors which are unique to the Fun City environment and atmosphere. It also follows all the stringent store guidelinesto make it convenient for children to enjoy the rides coupled with safety. The friendly staff supervises the children closely but givesthem room to play at their own pace.Speaking on the occasion, Mr. Silvio Liedtke, Chief Operating Officer, Landmark Leisure said, “Fun City is a social playground of kidsfrom different walks of life. At Fun City, we provide these kids with a social platform for interaction in addition to the numerousexperiences of Play.
  67. 67. We had many visitors from Sohar who loved to spend time at Fun City. Sohar, Oman has always been on priority since then andwith the opening of our new centre at Safeer Mall, we are bringing this social platform to the children in Sohar too. Safeer Mallwas the obvious choice of location because……(pls add something information on this aspect) Mr. xxxxx from Safeer Mall added, “At Safeer Mall, we are committed to offer the best experiences to all our visitors. Ouroffer mix comprises of unique and unbeatable experiences which are the best in the category ranging from shopping,entertainment and F&B. Therefore we joined hands with Fun City to provide this entertainment experience which is second to noneto all the little visitors at our mall.” (check with Vijay on this)Fun City –Safeer Mall is open all days of the week to its visitors from 10am- 10pm on weekdays and 10am-12am on weekends.About Fun City: Fun City is part of the Landmark Group and was founded in 1999. As one of the best recognized family entertainmentbrands across the UAE, Oman, Qatar, Egypt and India, Its wholesome family values cater for children age 1-12 years old, andencouraging them to learn whilst they play, with a variety of activities dedicated to growth and development. Children learn tosmile at just six weeks old and it the Fun City ethos to ensure that everyone leaves with a smile on their face.
  68. 68. Generic ArticlesTop Tips for Perfect Parties from Fun City Venue is everything Much of the stress in organising the party is preparing your home for the proceedings. Not only does the décor, food, and entertainment and seating for all those children have to be planned, there will be all the parents to entertain too! Fun City offer complete party packages in dedicated party rooms where kids are catered for from the moment they arrive until the final guest departs, freeing up parents to really enjoy the party with their child. The Fun City team takes care of the party games, whether it be some time in the play area, or a face painting session. There are also the traditional party games, with pass the parcel , pop the balloon, maria went to town, with lots of Fun City goodies to win. Invitations Send them out early - at least three weeks ahead of time. Many children have a busy social and activity calendar so give their parents plenty of notice. Fun City can provide party invitations for parents to complete and send out to guests, one less thing to think about in the lead up to the event! Extra tip: Ensure your child’s special friend can come on the date you are planning for the party before you confirm the bookings and invitations. The absence of a best friend can take the shine off even the brightest birthday party. Get the Timing Right Dont make the party too long. Most children can handle two to two and a half hours of birthday party excitement with ease. After that, you may find smaller guests are starting to fray around the edges. Major tantrums do not make for magic party moments! Fun City parties can be held any day of the week and last no more that two and a half hours. Parties are packed full of imaginative play in the Play Zone or Fun ’N’ Learn areas; favourite games like pass the parcel and musical chairs; entertainment such as clowns, magicians, puppet shows and balloon modeling and of course, yummy food and cake.
  69. 69. Theme It If the child’s favourite TV character or super hero means everything to them, why not theme the party? Fun Citycan offer a range of themes including Hannah Montana, Cars, Ben 10, Barbie, High school musical and Winnie thePooh, including arranging matching plates, napkins and cake. A fun way to add more to the theme idea would be to ask guests to dress up for the party. Don’t forget to notethis when sending out the invitations!Yummy food for allAfter a couple of hours of exertion and the highs and lows of musical chairs, children are going to be hungry. FunCity gets it just right in this area, serving up delicious food and fruit juices that all kids will love. Top it all off withbirthday cake followed by a box of popcorn or cotton candy as a treat for guests’ car journey home.Avoid party bag problemsWhat to put in the party bags can be one of the biggest headaches. What will the children like, how much do youspend on the items. Fun City will help by providing a special party bag for every guest, which contains a range ofgoodies to keep everyone happy and entertained once the party ends.Locations & contact details for Birthday PartyThe outlets can take approximately 40 guest including children & adults.For reservation you can directly visit the outlets, call them or email us at
  70. 70. Light up your children’s Diwali at Fun City UAE has a huge number of Indian expats. Many of them also celebrate Diwali with the same rituals and celebrations as they would back home. During Diwali, families worship together, exchange gifts and gather for dinners. It’s the time when families invite and entertain their near and dear ones for a celebratory meal and collective fun. Diwali which is also known as the festival of lights comprises of a weeklong celebration period and each day holds a special significance. The preparation to Diwali also brings in a lot of excitement for the children as on the days before Diwali, the women of the house clean their homes spic and span, hang lights and lanterns in their balconies or courtyard and children go shopping with their parents for new clothes to ring in Diwali which marks the beginning of the Hindu Calendar. On the day of Diwali, the family prays together and then enjoys a festive meal together. Post this; the children are given their much awaited gifts, in the form of money or presents by their elders. The children then spend the money to either buy toys or towards a fun filled evening at their favorite entertainment centre. However, parents are reluctant to give large amounts of hard cash to their children, should they lose it or spend it wrongly. Fun City provides a great solution to these worries as parents can purchase Fun City pre-loaded cards of the desired amount and present it to their children as Diwali presents. Children will not only be delighted to receive their favorite Fun City Card as their Diwali gift but parents will also be assured of making it a memorable Diwali for their little ones as they indulge in meaningful play. Fun City is a great place for kids to have loads of Fun and also learn many things under one roof. Fun City caters to children in the age of 1 to 12 with adequate choice of games, starting with the toddlers who can enjoy the soft play area in the Fun & Learn Zone, the 3 to 6 years ones who enjoy the kiddie rides and games and the more mature ones who dare the trilling rides. The redemption games and electronics machines are the catch of all including the fathers. While you are taking advantage of the shopping deals in the mall or having a gathering with your friends you can rest assured that your kids are having the best time and in a very safe environment as Fun City applies the most sophisticated safety measure throughout its premises and have a well trained staff that come from an education background and has a long experience dealing with kids. So don’t forget to include Fun City in for your children’s activities for the upcoming Diwali festivities for some meaningful play and wish you a very Happy Diwali! Here are some of Fun City Locations and for further information, visit
  71. 71. Back To School is FUNBack to school is the talk of the town! After almost three months of rest, not only kids have to be preparedbut parents too. Parents need to work towards a smooth transition to ease the change in their kids’ dailyroutines and get them set to the busy school calendar. A family day out would be a good idea to celebratethe end of summer holidays and welcome the new school year in a fun way.Kids are always excited by buying their new school items, their uniforms but still have a hesitation towardsthe first school day. Their questions will vary between “Who’s going to be my teacher”, “Will my teacher likeme”, “Will my friends still be there”…etc. Parents should take time in talking to their kids and answering theirquestions. For young aged ones, parents should reassure them that they will accompany them, do a schooltour with them and speak to their teachers.“Yes, yours and your kids’ calendar is going to be busy but don’t forget to reward them from time to time.The best reward to school children is play time! Firstly, it breaks the routine set by the school hours andhence gives them a feel of relief and secondly allows them to use their creativity while developing theirimagination, dexterity, and physical, cognitive, and emotional strength”: said Mr. Silvio Liedtke, COO, FunCity.“Play is important to healthy brain development. It is through play that children at a very early age engageand interact in the world around them. It allows children to create and explore a world they can master,conquering their fears. As they master their world, play helps children develop new competencies that leadto enhanced confidence and the resiliency they will need to face future challenges” he added.At Fun City, the region’s foremost entertainment center you will find play zones and games to cater childrenfrom 1 to 12 years old. At the play zone, you will have the “Fun N Learn” activities where your child isentertained yet learns corporeal and fine motor skills through arts and crafts, a soft contained play area iswhere the child can use his or her energy. The Thrill Rides is a big world of rides, where children and parentscan have fun together and dare the heights. Last but not least is the Party zone where you can plan yourkids’ birthdays, gatherings and have memorable moments.The pleasant atmosphere at Fun City encourages kids to be just kids and transports them to a magical andfun-filled world, making their time spent at Fun City, worthwhile and meaningful.
  72. 72. Fun City promises a Merry Time to its little visitors this festive season Dubai, UAE- November 13, 2012 - Celebrations do not necessarily require spending a lot of money in organizing elaborate parties. Our most cherished celebrations are the ones spent in the company of the people whom we love the most. Fun City is dear and special to many of our little visitors and once again we fulfill our promiseof facilitating happy times for our visitors during the upcoming festive season. With the beginning of December, when temperatures drop, this melting pot of cultures called Dubai starts gearing up for the advent of Christmas and the New Year. Of course Dubai has its own local festivals which are celebrated with great fanfare; however Christmas is also celebrated with immense joy and excitement by Christians and non-Christians alike who have made this multi-cultural city their home. The entire city is transformed into a playground of festivities and celebrations. Different people celebrate this festive period in different ways. Christmas has surpassed religious boundaries and is considered a period of happy times with family and loved ones. Decorating the house with lit up Christmas trees, streamers and lighting is common to bring in the festivitiesby people of all religions.Santa Claus is also an integral part of the celebrations with kids hanging stockingson theirChristmas tree for Santa to leave a gift for them on Christmas Eve. Malls in Dubai also have special events during Christmas with large sized Christmas trees that are decorated innovatively; and the entire mall is transformed into Santa Land. Fun City, which is present in many malls,will also relive their promise to bring in the festive spirit this year. All leading Fun City centres in Dubai will be equipped with a special Santa’sMail Boxfor Fun City’s little visitors to be able to post a letter to their dear Santa with their wishes for Christmas. On Christmas Eve, the mail box will be opened and Santa will read all the letters following which he will choose one lucky child who will be given a gift by Fun City for Christmas.All the letters from kids will be given to their parents so that they can fulfill their child’s secret wish. In addition to this, Santa Grottoswill be created and decorated at leading Fun City centres in Dubai throughout December for kids to take pictures that can be saved as their Christmas memories for 2012. Santa will visit some Fun City centres and distribute sweets to children,celebrate the festivities with our little visitorsand give them a merry time. With this exciting line- up, one simply can’t miss enjoying the festive spirit at Fun City this Christmas season. So don’t forget to bring your children to Fun City,for a merry time during the upcoming Christmas holidays.Merry Christmas to all our little visitors from Fun City’s Santa! Ho! Ho! Ho! For information on the Fun City locations where Christmas celebrations will take place, visit:
  73. 73. Fun City adds new attractions at Arabian Center Fun City, the region’s foremost entertainment center has recently renovated its kids play zone at the Arabian Center located on Al Khawaneej Road, Dubai, UAE. With this renovation, Fun City brought louder laughs and drew thousands of smiles on kids’ faces by introducing its Bumper Cars game in addition to the Play&Learn corner, Magic Mirror, Mini carousal, Rocking boat, Wacky Tacky, Piano, Waterbed, Soft deck, Ball pool, padded timber flooring mats and many more that the kids love... Needless to say that most of these games are loved by parents too. The exciting bright new colors synonymous to the Fun City environment, enthralls the kids with endless hours of playtime, surrounding them with fun, laughter and joy. The pleasant atmosphere encourages kids to be just kids and transports them to a magical and fun-filled world, making their time spent at Fun City, worthwhile and meaningful. In addition to this renovation, Fun City offers kids aged between 1 to 12 years a wide variety of activities dedicated to growth and development through imaginative play, social interaction, motor-skill development and open-ended games. As much as Fun City looks after kids’ happy time, it also makes sure that it is the safest place to be. All the equipments at Fun City are Technical Inspection Association (TÜV) certified and CE certified. All the play structures are independently inspected prior to any opening to ensure that all play equipments are safe and comply with all the latest play norms. Fun City also has its own highly trained team in all its outlets, with many of Fun City’s staff having qualifications in safety, education and experience of working with children of all age groups.
  74. 74. Public Relation/ Events The grand opening of the store must be special. It also need to give them a reason to visit. Free food is a good way to get people to come to the store. Serve ice cream bars or cans of soda for a summer grand opening. If the opening the store in colder months, serve cups of hot cocoa. Give out balloons with FC Logo or business logo on them. Give away something for free with every purchase over a certain dirhams amount. Hire entertainers like bubble show, magician, jugglers, tanoora etc..with games and prizes for the kids and parents.
  75. 75. THE END