LightSwitch for Business Application Development


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It was an awesome moment to speak at “Microsoft Monday” today. I delivered one hour session on “LightSwitch for Business Application Development” in front of a great people of Mahindra Satyam.

In this blog post, I am going to share the slides that I used in the presentation. Those who participated and/or didn’t get chance to attend it, can go through the slides from here for reference.

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LightSwitch for Business Application Development

  1. 1. - Kunal ChowdhuryBlog : http://www.kunal-chowdhury.comTwitter : :
  2. 2. - Kunal ChowdhuryBlog : http://www.kunal-chowdhury.comTwitter : :
  3. 3. Agenda Business Application What is LightSwitch? Why LightSwitch? DevelopmentLightSwitch Architecture Development Process Demo Extension DevelopmentLightSwitch Extensibility LightSwitch Extensions ToolsLightSwitch Deployment Authentication Type Application Type
  4. 4. What is LightSwitch? Visual Studio LightSwitch is a new tool for building data- driven Silverlight Apps. It uses Visual Studio IDE to create Rapid Applications as per your business requirement. It automatically generates the User Interface for a DataSource without writing any code.
  5. 5. Why LightSwitch? LightSwitch implements proper MVVM pattern and thus separates the Presentation and Business logic. Simple validations such as required fields and minimum numeric values can be handled by a designer. It provides the ability to write more complex business logic for various scenarios. You can use new or existing data source without the need to write any code to connect. Flexible enough for extendibility.
  6. 6. LightSwitch ArchitectureClient Tier Middle Tier Data Access Screens Methods Control Pipeline Queries Data Workspace Data Workspace Browser Desktop Host Host IIS 7.0
  7. 7. Development Experience Start Refine ExtendDescribe your data Author business Define custom logic queriesCreate screens for Customize screen Create custom common tasks layouts Silverlight controls Define custom Integrate with queries custom data sources
  8. 8.  Project Creation  Learn about ScreensStart with Data  Validations  Queries Blog : Twitter : Facebook :
  9. 9. LightSwitch Extendibility Silverlight custom control integration Screen Template creation Combination of data and visualizations Theming support  Common look and feel  Color palette Skinning with Shell Custom data source
  10. 10. LightSwitch Extensions LightSwitch developers can install extensions via Extension Manager or just click on the VSIX package to install
  11. 11. Extension Development Tools Visual Studio Professional (or higher) + SP1 Visual Studio LightSwitch Visual Studio SDK LightSwitch Extension Development Kit
  12. 12. Themes
  13. 13. Authentication Type
  14. 14. Application Type
  15. 15. Resources MSDN : Forum: Samples: LightSwitch: Tutorials:
  16. 16. Connect with Me… Follow Twitter : Follow Facebook : Technology Blog : Silverlight-Zone :