management information system


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MIS in a Pan asia bank

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management information system

  1. 1. Management Information System Made by j’pura mkt team
  2. 2. At Your Service
  3. 3. Company ProfilePan Asia BankingCorporation PLC is a publiclimited liability companyincorporated in Sri Lankaon 6th March 1995 underthe company’s act of No.17of 1982 and reregisteredunder the companies actNo.07 of 2007. A licensedcommercial bank and listedin the Colombo stockexchange.
  4. 4. “To become the most customer preferred commercial bank in Sri Lanka.” “We will create the largest satisfied customer base by providingprofessional, personalized, secure, quality banking and financialservices, using modern technology & innovate products. We will delight our customer, create a better future for employees and enhance stake holder value.”
  5. 5. Scope of the businessPan Asia bank has offered essential service to theircustomers which demonstrate their strategicenvironment clearly. Financial services Educational services Security services
  6. 6. Financial services provided by PAN Asia Bank*Personal Accounts *Pawning and Ran loans*Minor Accounts *PABC leasing*Foreign Currency Accounts *Exchange Services*Special Accounts *”Money to your home facility”*Deposit and Investment *prime banking*Credit card systems
  7. 7. ACTIVITY 1• Identifying and defining PAN Asia Bank’s Business Strategy
  8. 8. Business StrategyIn a strategic perspective, companies use genericstrategies at a business level. As we have identified thebusiness strategy of the PABC is focus differentiationwhich illustrates on following figure. Business can create new market niches by identifying a specific target for product or service through Differentiation focused differentiation. The firm can develop new market niches for specialized products or services where a business can compete in the target area better than competitors.
  9. 9. Specialized products offered in accordance with its business strategy Personal Accounts Minor Account Personal saving Account (LKR) Siyadaru Personal Current Account (LKR) Mithuru Ranaviru Harasara LahiruSpecial AccountsSecurity Investment Account (SIA)Rupee Account For non residence Sri Lankan investment (RANSI)Special foreign investment deposit Account (SFIDA)Senior foreign national’s fixed deposit
  10. 10. “Money to your home service” (Gedarta Mudal) “ Gedarata mudal’’ is an extra special scheme introduced by PABC to bring a smile to consumer back at home. They undertake money to the hands of the consumer. This service provides ay any branch of UAE exchange centers.The above explained services are the current services provided by PABC.
  11. 11. Future needs of the consumers and potential consumers1.Mobile Commerce2.Online bankingPay their bills onlineAllow to access their account history and transaction from anywhere.Allow transfer money between Accounts Quickly
  12. 12. Distinctive capabilities or unique competences of PAN ASIAPAN ASIA Banks unique competencies that differs them from others: How good is their system is? How their ATM’s are? Are they working for 24 hours? How far do they provide personalize services?Current unique competencies of PAN Asia Bank…Focus on specified market segments to satisfy the specific segments needsEstablished 300 to 400 ATM’s and by connecting those very effectively theyhave able to provide unique services than their competitors.Good internal self performance evaluation procedure by using graphs, piecharts and so on.New technology like thumb print system to collect their employee attendance
  13. 13. PABC’s plans to secure the future of the businessShort term planFully completed HRM systemFully completed DSS systemLong term plan“5 year strategy plan”Improve their e -channelsMobile commerce and SMS bankingMobile chip facilityOnline updating machine system - ”Bank at your door step”
  14. 14. ACTIVITY 2 Identification of the InformationTechnology (IT) Infrastructures of the organization
  15. 15. IT InfrastructureIT infrastructureconsists of theequipment, systems,software, and servicesused in common acrossan organization
  16. 16. Categories of IT infrastructure in PAN ASIA Bank Hardware Software Telecommunication Database
  17. 17. Hardware• Data processing equipment• Pick modules• Displays-CRT & Flat panel• Keyboards• Power supplies• Card readers• Control units and pc cores• Passbook printers
  18. 18. Software• Core banking system - T24• Supporting system • HRM Information system • Customer Relationship Management system • Business Intelligence system
  19. 19. Other Application Software used in the PAN Asia Bank• Microsoft Office• Remote admin• Asset register• Business intelligence• Signature Scanning• Ultra edit• Image clearing• In-house developed software’s for specified activities
  20. 20. TelecommunicationPABC uses telecommunication when providing the banking facilities like ATM service, internet banking, and mobile banking.• All the branches are networked into a Wide Area Network. They use data transmitters, receivers and optical fiber cables to transit data.
  21. 21. Database• PABC has a file based data base system• J base system software used to handle the data bases in the bank are: – Oracle, – My SQL – Infomix
  22. 22. IT Standards• Information security means protecting information and information systems from unauthorized access, use, disclosure, disruption, modification, perusal, inspection, recording or destruction.Eg: - to check the mail - they use firewalls - every employee in the company has separate logging and a pass ward - They restrict to use pen drives as a standard
  23. 23. IT Education• In PAN ASIA BANK they give a good train to their people.• HRM department gives the broader training about the IT• By annually they evaluate the performance of the employees.
  24. 24. IT Research and Development Services• They have develop their services in short term as well as long term.• In short term -They main target is to improve the quality of the HRM applications -to increase the quality of pawning applications.• In long term -Improve their e-channels -Internet Banking -Improve and give more facilities from m-commerce
  25. 25. ACTIVITY 3Identification of Customer services, supplier services, and enterprise services provided by the organization
  26. 26. Customer Services Provided by PABC• PABC strongly believes that excellent customer service combined with efficiency is the best tool to differentiate their service.• Provides automated services to its customers.
  27. 27. Customer touch points• In-person branch visits• Use of ATM• Use of website• Use of mobile
  28. 28. Customer Services1. Customer information system - Creating and managing an operational customer2. Internet banking - Customers can view their accounts; get e-statements, transfer funds, loan calculator,explor einvestment opportunities and purchase drafts by just clicking on few keys.3. E-money services - personalized debit and credit cards within 12 hours
  29. 29. Customer Services conti… 4. Mobile Banking - Ability to conduct basic transactions such as balance inquiry with the bank using a mobile device 5. ATM - 45 ATM centers and its ATM range is linked up to 300-400 ATM’s by connecting to other banks.
  30. 30. Customer Services conti… 6. SMS Banking - Request for cheque book, account balance inquiry, transfer funds, credit card settlement, exchange rates inquiry, PIN change and daily account balance alerts etc. 7. Pawning service - to meet urgent cash requirements by using gold or gold jewellery. 8. Safety locker facilities - a fee based service provided to customers to keep their valuables safe and secure.
  31. 31. Supplier services provided by PABC• Main vendors – IBM and MIT (Millennium IT)• PABC does not provide any special supplier service; instead the bank obtains services from its suppliers• maintains a network system with its suppliers in order to facilitate the smooth functioning of all its supplier dealings.
  32. 32. Enterprise services providedto the employees in managing internal bank business processes.
  33. 33. Enterprise services provided to the employees• IT related service provided to the employees to manage internal bank business processes are as follows: – Core Banking System – HR Management Information System (HRMIS) – Business Intelligence (BI) – Transaction Processing System (TPS) – Official email for the employees – E-learning – Intranet
  34. 34. Enterprise services provided to the employees conti…. • Core Banking System CBS executes the main business process that is been handled by the employees CORE - "centralized online real-time exchange“ Rathnapura N’Eliya Kurunagala Colombo Mathara All the banks branches access Negambo CORE Hambanthota applications from the Pan Asia Banks Jayala centralized datacenter Puthalama Anuradhapura Ampara Galle Kandy Jaffna
  35. 35. Core Banking System conti… • Deposits made are reflected immediately on the banks servers • Customer can withdraw the deposited money from any of the banks branches throughout the world
  36. 36. Core Banking System conti…Operations performed by the CORE BS-• Processing of cash deposits and withdrawals• Processing of incoming and outgoing remittances, cheques, etc.• Customer account management• Mobile banking• Internet banking• ATM’s• Recording of transactions• Passbook maintenance• Interest calculations on loans and deposits• Customer records• Interest rates• Customer’s standing instructions• Maintaining records of all financial transactions
  37. 37. HR Management Information System (HRMIS)• PANB’s HR System is an in-house built MIS• HRMIS is a application system• Current status of the HRMIS at the PANB-  NOT fully functional  DOES NOT perform all the HR functions
  38. 38. Functions and operations that are beenperformed by the HR system currently • Employee Attendance System • Payroll • Mandate Maintenance – Recruiting – Promotion and Benefit Administration – Training and Development – Performance Evaluation – E-Learning
  39. 39. Business Intelligence (BI)• Business Intelligence known as Decision Support System at PANB• Different sub product of the core banking system• used by top level managers TOP Middle Bottom
  40. 40. Business Intelligence Process Dashboards Drafts ChartsCore Banking System Data Analytical Processing Warehouse Other Support tools Systems and Applications
  41. 41. Transaction Processing System (TPS)• All income base systems of PANB are referred as TPS• Core banking system• Pawning systems Main TPS’s
  42. 42. TPS service to the employees in performing the internal business processors• Processing of cash deposits and withdrawals of- Savings Account Current Account Loans & Advances Account Term Deposit Account General Ledger Accounts• Report generation• Customer details management• Periodical Operations like interest calculations
  43. 43. Official email for the employees• Purpose of…. – Performing bank related work – Mailing official and confidential bank documents Could log from any remote location
  44. 44. E-learning• Employees get new learning knowledge through presentation slides, articles and notes added on the e-learning system.
  45. 45. Intranet• Limited company information• Also includes learning materials, newsletters, policies etc• Employees are been restricted to the amount of information they could brows through the intranet on the company depending on their positions and responsibilities.
  46. 46. ACTIVITY 4Assessment of the impact of business strategy, use of IT infrastructure to serve customers, suppliers and employees of the organization.
  47. 47. Alignment of information systemapplications and IT infrastructures to achieve business strategies
  48. 48. Alignment of information system applications and IT infrastructures to achieve business strategies Banking Pan Asia Bank Mismatch Industry Strategy Current •Converting into •To improve the •No concern Virtual Banking core banking about the system current market •To maximize shift the utilization of the Decision Support System and HR system Future •Highly dynamic •Turning into a •PABC will not and will use virtual bank in 5 be able to utilize high technology years time the future beyond virtual potential as well banking as the current potential
  49. 49. Suggested IT strategies for PAN ASIA Bank
  50. 50. Virtual Company StrategyVirtual banking-“A bank that offers services predominately orexclusively over the Internet. A virtual bank offersnormal banking services, including access to oneschecking and savings accounts and personal andbusiness loans.”
  51. 51. Virtual banking conti…. • Pan Asia Bank should identify the future potential of virtual banking and should implement a virtual company strategy.
  52. 52. Thank You…! By Group F