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Pollution of Ganga


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ppt on pollution of river ganga..
pls comment if u like it.!!

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Pollution of Ganga

  1. 1. GANGA
  2. 2. King Bhagiratha through his penance was responsible for the descent of Ganga from Heaven to Earth As the might of the river was too much for Earth to withstand, he prayed to Lord Shiva who caught the river in his matted hair
  3. 3. •Ganga in olden times •Present stage •Main culprits •Drastic Impacts •What our government has done?.. •Public efforts
  4. 4. Ganges In Olden Times • Much cleaner before the era of industrialization . • In Rome there is a fountain of four Rivers– The Ganges, The Nile, The Danube and The Rio De La Plata.
  5. 5. • Full of ashes. • Site of bathing and laundry. • Harshly affected by Toxic and nonbiodegradable waste. • Coliform counts 10000% more than govt. standards.
  6. 6. Human waste
  7. 7.  Marine life  Wildlife  Human beings
  8. 8. What our government has done..?? • Ganga Action Plan • National River Ganga Basin Authority (NRGBA) • Steps taken by Supreme Court of India
  9. 9. The Ganga Action Plan – India attempts to clean up
  10. 10. GAP • Launched by Rajeev Gandhi in April 1985 Crore , withdrawn on 31 March 2000 • Relaunched in year 2006 • Million liters of sewage is targeted to be intercepted, diverted and treated Sewage Treatment Plant. by •
  11. 11. Includes physical, chemical, and biological processes to remove physical, chemical and biological contaminants.
  12. 12. Process • A decentralised system (in septic Primary treatment consists of temporarily holding the sewage in a tanks,basin where heavyaerobic treatment systems) biofilters or solids can settle to the bottom while quiescent oil, grease and lighter solids float to thevia a network of • Collected and transported surface. pipes and pump stations to a municipal Secondary treatment removes dissolved and suspended biological treatment treatment is typically performed by matter. Secondary indigenous, water-borne micro-organisms in a managed habitat. • Involves three stages  Primary treatment Tertiary treatment is sometimes defined as anything more than Secondary treatment in order to allow rejection into a primary and secondary treatment Tertiary treatment highly sensitive or fragile ecosystem (estuaries, low-flow rivers, coral reefs,...).
  13. 13. Public Efforts • Nigamanad • Prof. G. D. Aggrawal