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Manners good


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Published in: Education
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Manners good

  1. 1. “Manners make the man.” The way you speak and the way you behave lead people to believe that you have a good
  2. 2. Picking up flowers is not .
  3. 3. Knocking at the door before entering a room is good manners.
  4. 4. Answering questions actively in class is good manner.
  5. 5. Always help each other
  6. 6. Picture 1: A teacher is speaking to her students when another student enter the classroom. --- ____________. Can I come in? --- ____________. We’ve already started though. --- ____________. I missed the bus. --- ____________. We’re on page 47. Excuse me Sure I’m sorry That’s OK
  7. 7. Picture2: Two teachers are talking together about sth. A student comes to talk with them. --- __________. May I interrupt you for a moment? --- __________, Jordan? --- __________, Mr Baker. I put my homework on your desk. Excuse me What is it I’m sorry
  8. 8. Picture 4: There are too many people in the airport and somebody seems to be getting pushed from behind. ---Hey! _____________________?! --- ____________________. What are you doing I’m terribly sorry
  9. 9. How to say sorry : --- Forgive me. I’m sorry. --- I apologize to you for…… --- I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to …..--- Oops. So sorry about that. --- I’m terribly sorry. --- I really have to apologize to you. --- I’m really sorry about your bike/pen/book/DVD player…
  10. 10. How to response to somebody’s apology--- Oh, that’s all right. --- Oh, well, that’s life. --- It’s OK. --- No problem. --- Oh, that’s OK. --- That’s OK. Forget it. --- Never mind. --- It doesn’t matter.
  11. 11. Situation 1: You are at a school party. Your friend tells you that a boy from your school will also be coming to the party. You have never met the boy before, but your friend does not know that. You ask him to introduce you to the boy. --- Can you ______________ to him, please? --- ___________, I didn’t know that you hadn’t _____ before. David,____________. --- __________,John. Nice ___________. introduce me I’m sorry met this is John Hi to meet you
  12. 12. Situation 2: Many students and teachers attend a get-to-grther. You are looking for two seats for you and your friend, but there are no empty chairs. You notice two chairs , but, bags are kept on them. You then go over to ask the girl sitting beside the bags whether the seats are free. --- _______________. Are these seats ______? --- ___________________. My friend is sitting here. --- _________________. Excuse me free I’m really sorry That’s all right
  13. 13. --- Hi, Cliff, I’m here about ________ your bike. --- So, it was you ____ ______it. --- Yeah, we’re _______, so I thought it would be OK. --- Well, ______ here. I want you to ___________. --- Oh, ________. I only _____ it to get to school because I was late. --- That’s OK. Just ask me ________,OK? --- Yes, well, there is ______________. --- What is it? --- I _____________________.It’s about your bike. --- What is it about my bike? Where is it? returning who took friends listen ask me first I’m sorry used next time a bit of problem really have to apologise
  14. 14. — That’s the problem. I’m ________________,but ___________ while I was at school. — ______? Didn’t you ______ it? — Of course I _________. Here’s the key. But when I came back it was gone. I’m _______________. I suppose I should __________. — Oh, ______________. I ______ it wasn’t really _________, was it? — ___________, Bill. I’m _______________________. — _________. ________. It was an old bike ________. really very sorry it was stolen Stolen lock locked it really very sorry pay for it that’s all right guess your fault Thanks a lot really sorry about the bike That’s OK Forget it anyway
  15. 15. 1. What are the problems that Bill and Cliff talk about ? 1. ____________________________. 2. _____________ 2.What does Bill say to apologize for taking the bike without telling Cliff ? oh, _________. I only used it to get to school because I was late. 3. What does Cliff say ? _________. Just ask me next time , will you ? 4. What does Bill say to apologize for losing the bike ? I really __________________. It’s about your bike . 5. What does Cliff say ? Oh, _____________. I guess it wasn’t really your fault, was it ? That’s _____. ________. It was an old bike anyway . 6. Bill took Cliff’s bike without asking him. He also lost Cliff’s bike. He apologize for losing it by saying ___________________________. Taking the bike without asking Losing the bike I’m sorry That’s OK have to apologize That’s all right OK Forget it I am really sorry about the bike Listen to the tape and answer the questions.