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170824 access to_iot_kume


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170824 Presentation for Access to IoT in Cebu @iioffice Cebu
I held this event as a main organizer.

Published in: Technology
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170824 access to_iot_kume

  1. 1. LED flashing with Siri 1st step to “Smart Home” Wataru Kume
  2. 2. Apple - Home App - Welcome Home
  3. 3. Status A student studying IT & English in Cebu @ Acthouse Hello! I Am Wataru Kume I’m a “Beginner in IoT” Background Master of physics science @Tohoku Univ. in Japan Engineer of semiconductor process @Tokyo Electron Inc.
  4. 4. WHY DID I TRY THIS? I want to control everything with one device.
  5. 5. —> LED flashing with Siri 1st step
  6. 6. Configuration Siri Home iPhone Raspberry Pi Homebridge (NodeJS server) LED Hey Siri, LED ON! on
  7. 7. Installation & Buildup on Raspberry Pi (There were some struggles…)
  8. 8. Demo
  9. 9. Next step & Conclusion Apply 433 MHz RF Transmitter and Receiver Kit and control home electronics with Siri I could control LED with Siri
  10. 10. Next configuration Siri Home iPhone Raspberry Pi Homebridge (NodeJS server) Hey Siri, ###! on Home control!!
  11. 11. Salamat!!