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Annadan: Food Logistic for Food Donation by MIT Kumbhathon Team


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You want to perform Annadan? Feed the hungry? Leave the food logistics to us! We are Ansh Foundation, part of MIT Kumbhathon. Pay online at Our partners prepare high quality food, partners deliver and Ansh monitors the process, including a photo back to your phone/email. First Parvani we delivered 7000 food packets. Let's get 1lakh for second Parvani. and call us.'

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Annadan: Food Logistic for Food Donation by MIT Kumbhathon Team

  1. 1. Ankit Panchal Anuja Sonawane Nayan Waghmare Akshay Nara Shubhankar Joshi Logistics for Food Donation
  2. 2. Problem: Punya-dan is Inconvenient • Culture of donating food on many festivals, family events • Donating money is easy, donating food is challenging • Ad-hoc donations to dharma shala or temples • But many desire to donate to hospitals, homeless shelters etc • Logistics is a big challenge • Finding Cooks • Arranging delivery method and Finding bonafide recepients • No confirmation or validation • Unsatisfied donars and missed recepients • Wasted money, unfulfilled mission and lack of engagement
  3. 3. Donor Beneficiaries Problem: Confusion for Donors in Logistics No Validation? How ?
  4. 4. Donor Meals by Self Employed Group BeneficiariesDelivery by Foundations Photo Validation Food Logistics Software Solution: We are Redbus for Food Donation
  5. 5. Why Annadan is better ? •Provide hygienic food to needy •Eco-friendly food distribution •Employment for women
  6. 6. Working for Annadan portal
  7. 7. Pitching for Donation
  8. 8. Work done during one week of Kumbh Mela • 7000 packets distributed • 4 distribution centers • Employed 2 groups of women (Mahila Udyog) for cooking • Collaborated with 2 NGOs : • Udhaan foundation • Jeevdaan foundation
  9. 9. Field work
  10. 10. Future scope • Work continues after kumbha mela • Distribution in civil hospitals