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Blue sapphire-rings-vs-diamond-rings

  1. 1. Blue Sapphire Rings vs. Blue Diamond Rings Blue is not only a beautiful color but also an intriguing one and when presented in a crystallized version, the beauty of this color multiplies significantly. It is true that blue colored stones are not only beautiful but also enigmatic and these are the qualities that make them so very desirable. So whether it is a blue sapphire or a blue diamond, each of these stones stands apart for the sheer magnificence that embodies them.
  2. 2. They are desirable in every form of jewelry but their loveliness increases manifold when set in a ring, the very reason why both blue sapphire rings and blue diamond rings are so very popular and sought after across the globe. Let’s start with blue sapphires which are one of the most popular stones today and have always been so. Their rich color and excellent hardness lends them both beauty and durability, qualities that are coveted especially in a ring. Blue sapphire rings are available in a wide range of designs and styles to suit every preference and personal taste. So from blue sapphire solitaire rings, to more elaborate blue sapphire cluster rings, the contemporary blue sapphire band ring or the classic blue sapphire three stone ring and the much popular blue sapphire cocktail ring, one is sure to find all this and more out of the exclusive range of blue sapphire rings.
  3. 3. Whether blue sapphires alone or teamed with the brilliance of diamonds these rings are ultimately stunning. Coming to blue diamond rings, well, not only are these highly sought after but also belong to the exclusive variety of diamonds that are not only impossibly beautiful but also extremely rare and expensive. The hint of blue in diamonds happens due to a natural process and due to the presence of
  4. 4. boron in the chemical composition of the stone. Blue diamonds that bear a rich blue ring are the most coveted. Needless to say when these rare beauties are transformed into rings they lead to some exquisite blue diamond rings that are sure to be a pride to anybody’s jewelry collection.
  5. 5. It is both easy and difficult to distinguish between blue sapphire rings and blue diamond rings. The foremost being the quality of the stones, their appearance, color and composition. But the major discerning factor between blue sapphire rings and blue diamond rings is the price. It would not be incorrect to say that a blue diamond ring is sure to be astronomically priced whereas a blue sapphire ring, that too the best quality stone is sure to cost a lot less. Choosing between the two is not only a personal preference but also a matter of affordability.