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Wedding fashion & tips ebook

  1. 1. © 2013 Easy Tips For Wedding, Beauty, Makeup & Fashion Tips Informal, relaxed, or casual: whatever you call it, fun andCreative weddings are very popular these days. Everything is unique about informal weddings,including the food, attire, and decorations. Get inspired by great ideas for themes, decorations,venues, and more with this book about casual weddings.Table of Contents:Chapter 1: Go Lace for a Royal Wedding!Chapter 2: Make Up At Its Best for a WeddingChapter 3: Satin Strapless for a Wedding Party?Chapter 4: An Ever Trendy Choice of Perfect Wear for anyChapter 5: It Is the Hair Style That Makes a Woman Look YoungChapter 6: Lipsticks on the Great DayChapter 7: Hairdressing tips for your Big Day!Chapter 8: Pearls Necklace for All Occasions!Chapter 9: Pearl Earrings for an Unforgettable Wedding
  2. 2. © 2013 www.indiarush.comGo Lace for a Royal Wedding! Royal… any woman’s idea dreams of her big day. The fabric is legend-ary for the regal style it withholds, the ideal choice for beauty and romance, once was only aprivilege celebrated by the royal line, but now, any fine lady can experience the richness on herfabulous day. Indeed, this is Lace we are raving about that brings the breath takinggorgeousness and the old beauty and romance in the form of fabrics. Lace comes in a range ofstyle for the wedding occasions. From Coy to Classic, a sensual wear intriguing romance of themodern day… there are a number of elegant gown laces can offer the bride on this big event. Lace fabrics come in many particular varieties. Famous is the light-weight and the fluid like Chantilly, the formal and firm Alencon, the exotic Venise laces. Amuch sensual and body consciousness gown can be attained with the blend of lightweight laceand the silk Carmeuse. Lace brings the desired accent for curves, and by picking the beaded lace,you will be able to draw the fabric low making it closer to your torso. With a Veil or without it,
  3. 3. © 2013 www.indiarush.comLace achieves the right blend of the traditional bridal clothing and the contemporary sophisticat-ed clothing. Lace is certainly more than what it is. While the fabric sounds allbusy and a heavy piece of cloth, it adds immense richness to the grand piece. When you pick theright material of a wonderful quality, Lace clothing is not going to be any piece of cloth but asheer luxurious wedding gown and Alanson is celebrated for the luxury wear. If you are lookingfor the typical romantic style, stiff lined Lace Gowns would do the job and gives the exact formaltouch when you wear the right pearl jeweler and the right trimmed lace border. Similarly, when aweighing lace is clocked over a light lined fabric, the result can only be awe-struck. The Gownwill sure be heavy, yet with fine rooms for great movements. Apparently, 1950’s is again in the air, the era in which LaceGowns where at its peak. Spread the touch of the ‘50s with the classical Strapless Lace Gownwith its rigid taffeta draped with Lace on the torso and at the hem, adding a Satin Bow to thewaist at the end would make the absolute effect. Back like the 50’s wear a something over yourStrapless Gown if your church is traditionally conservative.
  4. 4. © 2013 Lace is traditionally recognized for its contrast opposite liningclothing. If you wish your wedding gowns to be colorful, you might as well try Ivory Lace overmild pink lining for a natural wedding. While you prefer sophistication, cream colored lace ontop of a champagne color or rich sand would indeed be stunning. Another cherry pick would bechoosing a Lace, dark colored than the lining. This is quite simple, yet the result would certainlybe breath taking. Some of the other best Lace material and Lining material combination are thelight weight Chantilly with Pale Gold Lace on top of a Cream Lining would definitely be majes-tic, choosing a Lace fabric of a dash color is quite spectacular bringing the classic style with theunique personality.
  5. 5. © 2013 www.indiarush.comMake Up At Its Best for a Wedding When we take so much care in bringing the perfect WeddingGown, Hair Style and other accessories, make up is one of the main elements to make your faceglow. A perfect make up starts only with a perfect foundation, in turn, a perfect foundation givesthe radiating effect. Make up enhances your skin on your big day, helps you look more gor-geous and gives an utter lively effect to your skin that will stay put throughout your wedding.Like Hair Dressing, even make up needs the enough space and time before you walk the aisle.
  6. 6. © 2013 A make up foundation makes your skin even and it helps adding colorfulcosmetics. The Foundation acts as a veil between the natural skin oil and the added cosmeticsbecause the natural oil of the skin has the tendency to dissolve the further make up. Yet, makesure, the foundation you bring in flawlessly blends with your skin tone as they take up the majorpart of makeup. Remember, a bad blending of skin and foundation has the potential to ruin theentire makeup irrespective of how hard you try it. From oily to dry skin type, makeup foundations are available ina variety and all you have to do is, pick the foundation that will certainly enhance your skin vari-ety. If you are a person with oily skin, your face tends to shine more. Foundations that isbest suitable for oily skin helps controlling the excess oil and keeps your skin relatively dry. Normal skin does not need so much of a head break as any for-mula would quite suit them, nevertheless, a liquid foundation will save you from looking heavilypainted or blotchy. Foundations that come with extra moisturizing elements will help the dry
  7. 7. © 2013 www.indiarush.comskin to be lively and stops the makeup taking in all the moisture. Make up formulation thatcome in cream will last long and hydrates the skin. Makeup Foundations are available in plenty of colours and thebride must pick the one that rightly suits her. It is prudent to pick the shade when your skin is atits best natural tone and a foundation must be tried on the jaw-line to determine its shadeagainst your skin. Make up Foundation is of two types: The Yellow Tone Foundation and thePink Tone Foundation. While the yellow foundation is best suitable for Black Skin, SwallowSkin and Asian Skin, Pink Foundation blends well with the other skin types.How to apply makeup?
  8. 8. © 2013 www.indiarush.comTo apply make up for an oily skin, the application of foundation must be at a good pace as theyabsorb the foundation very quickly. Applying makeup with one clean finger in the needed area togive a complete coverage for the skin would be a good idea, giving the complete effect.If you are a person with normal skin tone, powder foundation or powder liquid can save a lot oftime in applying the makeup. Powder liquid can be easily applied starting from the face’s cen-tre towards working out outwards and the process will hardly take a couple of minutes. Liquidfoundation can be worked out foundation brush, gently working outwards and using a minimalamount around eyes. Mineral or Powder makeup foundation is the best one for makeup that willwant to last long. This makeup should be applied with the help of a large brush as they may notprovide the same makeup coverage of liquid.A foundation that is meant for Dry Skin blends well with the skin and only rarely they becomeblotchy. Concentrate on areas where it needs more coverage as Dry Skins tend to have few flaws.
  9. 9. © 2013 www.indiarush.comSatin Strapless for a Wedding Party? Trace of elegance, a variety of clothes to be tried on, finalizing the onethat would grab hundreds of eyeballs while walking the aisle o’ course, a big day that naturallyneeds so much attention and picking up the smoothness of Satin indeed will unleashthe princess within you!Satin material, one of the kind that will stand out in any amount of crowd and a feel achievedonly by exploring its softness and a Strapless Satin Gowns for the unforgettable Occasion? Unavoidably, certain clothes are a challenge to choose from a lady’swardrobe, and so are Satin. Strapless Satin Gowns are very much suitable for any occasion ratherthan just wedding. Every Satin Gowns with simple make come in different style, length and sure-ly makes you look gorgeous, impertinent to whatever size you are. Satin Gown instantly casts thegrace you long for, and a strapless one will indeed make you look more sensual with the perfectneck cut and serenity when you are into the Gown.
  10. 10. © 2013 Naturally, Satin is quite suitable for all almost all the weathers. To enjoya summer afternoon’s Engagement or an evening garden party, go all brilliant with your newStrapless Satin Dress and for an evening ball or for an official dinner party, a long Strapless SatinDress would be the cherry pick. Satins are friends with anyone, no matter what their age is. Any personcan go for a Satin Gown or Dress without the slightest worry. Many ladies who pick the bonedbodice out there, Satin wears stick with them in such a manner that the elegance takes furtherfame and takes the comfort level to much ease. If you are woman with good physic and reasona-bly proportioned, all you have to do is get the Satin Gown that is woven for a bigger frame.’ Strapless Satin Gowns are dresses that come in various shades, varieties,for all occasions and events, of course everything in the price you could afford. Get your princi-pal Bridal Party Wear with utter gorgeousness, a sophisticated bridesmaid wear for any age,Strapless Satin will do it all.
  11. 11. © 2013 From Pink to Green, Black, Red, White and Lilac, Satin Strapless isavailable in any number of colours and the early 1950’s choice would be perfect for any formalevent. A traditional Satin will look good and sophisticated for any kind of person disregardingtheir appearances. Some of the Satin Strapless Dresses offer Satin Shawls and extra ShoulderStrap which you can attach on any occasion ever you need one for a further support. A wide range of Strapless Satins Gowns is available in a varietyof online stores. Grab now the various gowns that are displayed in many prices and some mightas well suggest you the right wear for the appropriate climate, provides a Satin Scarf that is theperfect choice for a cooler climate. For every woman who is keen on cutting edge fashion, a Sat-in Strapless Gown, no doubt, makes your wardrobe more special to peek at.
  12. 12. © 2013 www.indiarush.comAn Ever Trendy Choice of Perfect Wear for any OccasionThe traditional wear always has its prime place for any special occasion though there are manyfashionable and trendy wears being introduced often. The Indian ethnic wear for women featuresdhotis, saris, sherwanis, lehengas and more. These wear suits both old and young women. Thiswear is pleasing, warm and charming that perfectly suits for any special celebrations like wed-ding, parties, festival and many other occasions. There is also casual ethnic wear for a womanthat gives great comfort for any seasons. You would never miss to rejoice the richness of yourtradition and culture with these ethnic dresses.Ethnic wear for women gives the ultimate pride and they are available in all types in stores. Sal-war kameez, garara, lehenga-choli-odhni, lancha, kurti are some of the popular choices of ethnicwear that women love to wear. Ethnic wear is made using excellent quality materials like cotton,crepe, jamawarm, net, pure silk, shimmer and more. They are also available in different colorchoices, designs and styles. Online shopping can bring many biggest collections of your favour-ite ethnic wear at affordable prices. You can find absolutely handcrafted ethnic wear for younggirls and women that creates the traditional attire. They are elegant and impressive too and be-come the top choice for any special occasions. Though the modern styles, and designs take themajor place in latest trend and fashion, the traditional wear still holds a special place. The mosthighlighting feature of ethnic wear for women is that they suit anyone regardless of body
  13. 13. © 2013 Kurtas for men are the stylish Indianwear that comes in attractive designs and color to suit any occasions. Be it a wedding or partythey would be the special choice for men to look perfect. You can find kurtas for men from sim-ple designs to the richer ones that are designed with embroidery, fancy threads and other mindglowing designs. Kurtas are always the fashionable wear for men bringing a very manly appear-ance to them.Perfumes for women are available in various types and fragrances. They are available in differ-ent price range. There are innumerable choices of perfumes available online for women thatwould of course make you to confuse which one choose. To say, all perfumes have its own high-lighting speciality in pleasing you. Some of the choices of perfumes you can find online include:citrus, floral, green, fruity, oriental, oceanic, woody and spicy. Different types of perfumes fur-ther come in different flavours thereby creating a wide range of choices for you to pick.
  14. 14. © 2013 www.indiarush.comIt Is the Hair Style That Makes a Woman Look Young Keeping pace with the fashion does not only mean to dress up inclothes that are stylish and modern. A good makeup and a chic dress are not sufficient to makeyou look absolute beautiful. You need something more and that is your hair style. It’s the hairstyle of a woman that allows her to carry her head and her dress with pride.Hair styling is an art. There are professionals who use their techniques in creating new hair stylesthat will look well on a woman depending upon her face and the attire she wears. Women withlong and strong hair have various options in styling their hair with curls. Shoulder length hairwith a frizzy look will look fantastic on a lady who is slim, tall and dressed in an evening gown.Born to Flaunt with CurlsAll women are not born with natural curly hair. There are those who have the same and wouldlike to have a change of style. You would love to have long strands of hair that you could curlround your fingers or at times try to make them straight. If you visit a coiffeur for a hair stylingyou may have to pay through your nose to have something special done to your hair. The hair dresser’s setting will last you for just an evening or for aday or two. You can log on to various hairs styling websites that will teach you and provide youwith authentic tips on how to have curly hair styles. One of the simple ways is when you havewashed your hair; don’t rub your head with a towel. You may just blot the wet hair with the tow-el and then use a comb gently to straighten them.
  15. 15. © 2013 www.indiarush.comIf you have short curly hair you will find it difficult to straighten them. You should grow them toa certain length that can be brought down a little with a comb. If you have natural curls on yourhair then they would look much better if they were brought down just little below your shoulder.Be careful of the shampoo and conditioner that you use. The best way to keep your frizzy hair incontrol is to tie a ponytail.Tips to Follow  There are women who use head bands to straighten their hair up to a certain length. You can style your hair according to the shape of your face. It depends whether you have an oval or a round face. The form and size of your forehead also plays a significant part in deciding your style of hair.  There are women on whom short hair look cute, thus they should stick to that type of a hair cut rather than grow them long. There may be times when you may feel that having wavy and curly hair is a blessing, but at times you may feel uncomfortable with the same.
  16. 16. © 2013 If you are a person who is fond of changing the hair style quite often then you should at first maintain your hair in good health. This can be done by following a healthy diet and regular exercise.
  17. 17. © 2013 www.indiarush.comLipsticks on the Great Day This is would probably be the last act you perform in perfectingyourself before walking as the lady of the day. Throwing smiles all over the crowd, a beamingface and bright lipstick would tactically capture the perfect grin in your wedding eve. Lipsticks come last, but not the least. It is essential to choosethe colour of the lipstick you would go for on your wedding day. You must as well determine theway your lipstick stays on throughout the day, the shape it is going to take and how you are go-ing to draw the outline. The idea of applying a lipstick might sound very simple, but as a mat-ter of fact, there aren’t many who know the right way to apply a lipstick. Before getting into thebusiness, it’s very important to learn a few things to get the flawless lips and the enchant-ing color on it.
  18. 18. © 2013 www.indiarush.comGetting your lips ready Train your lips to be soft and healthy several weeks before yourwedding day. Cracked lips are the huge foes of pretty lips. If you smoke or drink quit it for good,drink lots of water and hydrate your body regularly. If you fail to hydrate your body, your lipstend to get dry and are easily prone to cracks. Scrub your lips lightly with a toothbrush and ifpossible, avoid licking your lips. Make it a habit to apply lip balms regularly and apply one withSPF protection during summer to protect your lips from sun damage. Use sun balms regularlyand keep your lips hydrated.Attain the long lasting lips When you attain the desired smooth and soft lips, it is time youapply the lipstick of your choice. For a glamorous look, it is very essential to maintain smoothand healthy lips. You can softly scrub your lips after teeth cleansing giving it a gentle brush,yet make sure you do not cause any damage to your lips. Go for a foundation that makes yourlips nude rather than using a pencil. Soft and perfectly based lips can enjoy most of the glamor-ous look. Darken or lighten your lips by using a variety of pencil shades.
  19. 19. © 2013 www.indiarush.comPicking the right shade Picking the lipstick shade is totally your choice. You can opt forsheer shades, plum, crimson red, chocolate she or even black that will seize all the attention dur-ing autumn. It all depends on how choosy and uptight you get. Yet, going for a hot or crimsonred would give you the feminine look which is very much important on your Wedding Day.They are highly appealing and come in very attractive shades. Instead of being hesitant, you cansimply pick the perfect shade. If you are dark skinned, a chocolate shade or matte shade wouldbe ideal. Every lipstick comes in a variety of shades. Pick the one that goes well with your skintone and your entire make up.Get the perfect lips on your big day that will look best on your flowing gown and perfectmakeup.
  20. 20. © 2013 www.indiarush.comHairdressing tips for your Big Day! From pins to the entrance you make, perfection is what the bridelooks for. She spends days in getting her Wedding Gown fixed, hours in selecting her accesso-ries, and would have gone to a number of shops to get the right shoes because that is her day, andindeed a memorable one for a life time. With so much, sorting out her hairstyle for the very dayis definitely not her last resort. At times planning out a hairstyle should be drawn at the earliestas some might need to grow for allowing a better and wider choice. It is proved that hair usuallygrows half an inch a month and there are ample of ways make up your hair on the wedding day.Three of the most famous, traditional and striking styles are the hairstyles in medium length, hairstyles in long length and the updo. Each hairstyle can be flaunted by using accessories as flow-ers, rhinestones and tiaras. Picking the updo hairstyle involves a lot of pins and an updo canbe easily conjured on both medium nd long lengthen hair. The privilege of wearing an updo isthat you can pull off the pin and give a new look for your hair during the reception. When itcomes to the Long hairstyles, make sure your hair touches the shoulders at the least. It is certain-ly brings most of the versatile hairstyles as there are a number of ways it can be done including aPonytail and Curls. Hairs of medium length can be dressed just little below the scruff and slight-ly above the shoulders making the hair better flowing while the ends curled lightly. For a muchsmarter look, the bride can go for a short hairstyle along with accessories like coronet to makeyou look more elegant.
  21. 21. © 2013 It is quite essential to choose your wedding hairstyle that exactlygoes with your gown, shows and other supplements. For instance, a perfect wedding appearancerequires an excellent hairstyle that blends with the wedding outfit as well it should appeal theentire atmosphere if it’s going to be a traditional and formal ceremony. A couple of things shouldbe borne in mind when it comes hairdressing to make your wedding customarily the best one.· It is indeed prudent to carry a picture of the hairdo you wish to have for the wedding and handit to the hair stylist. These pictures can be collected form websites, magazines, newspapers andmany more. This is will help your hairstylist to get the clear picture of what hairstyle you wishfor. · It is very important to provide a healthy and flexible hair be-fore you sit for your hair dressing. To ensure this, take excellent care of your hair several monthsahead of your wedding by conditioning it and giving it a natural touch.
  22. 22. © 2013· Planning is very important in a wedding and deciding a hairstyle is no exception to it. Fix anappointment with your hairstylist in advance and discuss about various hairstyles. If you are con-sidering hair colouring and wish to dye your hair, plan it well in advance. The most important ofall, grant enough time for your hairstyle as you don’t do anything in a rush.Pearls Necklace for All Occasions! A celebrated piece of jewellery in the fashion hub is an all time women’saccessories. Surely, how many decades we may pass, love for necklace never fades, instead ithas the knack to strengthen desire over time and pearls are one among those rare drops thatmakes the wedding much prettier with swelling joy.
  23. 23. © 2013 Apparently, pearls come in endless shades and some of the leg-endary colours are light pink pearls and pearly white. Some of the other rare shades that alwaysbring in a variety of audiences are Dark Green, Gold, Silver, Black and Blue. One can wonderwhat sort of Pearl Necklace that are available and has the potential to stand out. Now, it is veryimportant for a lady to look unique in her special day and a bunch of combinations can make ithappen. The commonly known combinations are Pearls with Gemstones.Gemstones are available in a variety, from shapes to different size and offer a ray of shades.When you wisely blend Pearls and Gemstones, the result will be spectacular. Well, for pearls,one need not have to break their heads over a choice because there is always a pearl necklace outthere waiting to suit your outfit and please your personal flavour.
  24. 24. © 2013 Pearl Necklace of unique makes has the tendency to team with any col-our or any Wedding Gown Material or even casual outfit. And this says, Pearl Necklace are notonly meant for weddings and grand occasions but is suitable for casual and daily wear as well. Some of the perfect blends of pearl necklace are natural mouldedaqua tacked with wonderful beads and pearly white pearls. The other perfect blends and shadesare Amethyst, Rose Quartz, Baroque Pearl and Aquamarine. Baroque Pearl Black is one of thechoices that will go with any kind of Necklace. Nevertheless, one has to be quite cautious inpicking their Pearl Necklace according to their skin tone and the wedding gown you are going toflaunt in. By choosing the right colour according to your flavour, you enhance your appearanceand beauty with the aid of a unique necklace.
  25. 25. © 2013 Pearl necklace indeed adds more charm and elegance to thewoman who is wearing it, yet, not everyone seems to capture the charm by wearing a simple pal-let necklace. Cutting edge fashion can bring a wave of trend while you pick a pearl necklace. Forinstance, a pearl necklace of shorter size would be ideal and blends well with this Big Occasionduring summer or autumn. Having a pearl necklace around your neck, you can sense the cool-ness during the hot summer and this is one way you can determine if the necklace is a fake or areal one. It is wise to wear a long necklace during spring and winter that can easily blend withGown during that wedding day. For a lady with short face, a long and thin necklace would suitbetter and the lady with a long face, the vice-versa would do a perfect job.Pearl Earrings For An Unforgettable Wedding A gleaming pearl while walking the aisle along with your flow-ing long gown — You might miss out a chain or bracelet on your wedding day but surely a ladycannot miss her precious earring on the big day and letting on down till her shoulders will cer-tainly be breathtakingly gorgeous. A collection of earrings is what making her jewellery boxstand out offering her variety of choices and simply casting a spell on her onlookers.
  26. 26. © 2013 Pearls are a unique collection that could be any sort you want.From classy to vibrant, intrepid to distinct, sensual, chick like or sweet, whatever might be yourattitude and anything maybe your appearance, any Pearl Earring will best suit you on your Wed-ding Day and they add so much appeal for the occasion. Pearl earrings are of plenty of varietyand a handful are pearl hangings that swing gracefully down your ear, pearl studs that will looksimple and elegant, pearl tops and pearl earrings. Pearls indeed come with exotic designs, andquite a few are Metallic Pearls, South Sea Pearls, Akoya Pearls and Tahitian Pearls that wouldprobably be the ideal choice for a Wedding blast.Picking the desired Pearl Earring that suits your features would add charm to your already gor-geous appearance. If you are gifted with an oval appearance, gourd-shaped earrings, ball earringsor drop earrings would be a cherry pick. The famous face appearance is a slight widening at theCheekbones rather than jaw-line or forehead. In such cases, it’s wise to avoid pearls that areflower shaped, stone earrings and heart shaped earrings.
  27. 27. © 2013 Long drop earrings are quite the choice for ladies who are giftedwith a square face. Aside from the long drop earrings, petal earrings, round earrings and beadedearrings will make you look more womanly and romantic on your wedding day. A square facedlady can look very traditional if her face is wide and rectangular if its narrow. As a matter of factpearl earrings that are round shaped, crescent-etched earrings, and pointed ones are extremelyappealing for a triangle face as they have a wide or a prominent jaw line and a narrow forehead. Long faced brides can choose square, sector styled or roundpearl earrings. On the other hand, make sure you don’t pick the long dangling ones or the ovalearrings. If your bestowed with a triangle (inverted) face, go for round shaped or drop earringsrather than heart or diamond shaped earrings. The price of every pearl earring varies and they areembellished within the metal. Some of the famously priced earrings are Ear Screw, the Magneticearrings, Ear Hook and so many. Nevertheless, the size and shape of the pearl does matters a lot.Pearls takes various shapes such as drop, semi-baroque, bottom-round, round, almost round, ba-roque etc. like shapes, color do differs. Some are cream, pink, blue and deep green, though whileand baby pink are celebrated on every wedding occasion. Pick the right earring for your GrandWedding Ceremony and the huge day may bathe itself in the grandeur of magnificent pearls.
  28. 28. © 2013 www.indiarush.comCasual Fashion & Weddings TipsBy Tushar VermaPublished by© 2013