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Branded3 internet-world-2010

  1. 1. Stand E5050OFF-SITE SEO STRATEGIESFOR ECOMMERCE WEBSITESPatrick AltoftDirector of Search, Branded3
  2. 2. Stand E5050Search Engine Optimisation• Most people think SEO is about o Keywords o Page titles o Meta tags o Site structure• On-site optimisation is enough to rank for uncompetitive keywords• When all your competitors sites are well optimised who gets to be number 1?
  3. 3. Stand E5050Links are the most important ranking factor• Links are what Google uses to differentiate between similar websites
  4. 4. Stand E5050Links and PageRank• Since 1998 links have formed the basis of the Google algorithm• PageRank is a probability distribution used to represent the likelihood that a person randomly clicking on links will arrive at any particular page.• The pages that have the most incoming links will have been visited more times and are deemed more important.
  5. 5. Stand E5050PageRank ≠ rankings• PageRank is quite inaccurate – a higher PR does not necessarily mean higher rankings
  6. 6. Stand E5050Links & Ecommerce• Millions of links are created every day• Linkable content is o News o Funny pictures o Videos o Interesting blog posts• Ecommerce sites don’t have the same linkability as other websites
  7. 7. Stand E5050Competitor analysis• Identify 20 target keywords• Record domains ranking in top 20 search results for each keyword• Remove duplicate sites
  8. 8. Stand E5050Competitor analysis• Export all links to Excel
  9. 9. Stand E5050Competitor analysis• Repeat for all competitors to create one giant Excel document• Remove duplicate linking domains• Sort by Domain Authority or Page Authority
  10. 10. Stand E5050Competitor analysis• Use filters to find valuable links o URL contains , .edu , .gov , .nhs o Anchor text contains target keyword
  11. 11. Stand E5050Visualising your link profile
  12. 12. Stand E5050Replicating competitor links• Think about why each link was given• Is it a paid link?• Did the company attend a trade show or event?• Is it from one of their business partners?• What are your chances of getting the link?
  13. 13. Stand E5050Link QA process• Some links are better than others• If we’re paying for a link is it worth the money?
  14. 14. Stand E5050Link QA
  15. 15. Stand E5050Making contact• Speak to people over the phone• Send personal emails, one by one, to people who run relevant websites• Make sure it doesn’t start with “Dear Webmaster”• Ask about advertising• Ask bloggers if they accept guest posts
  16. 16. Stand E5050Using business relationships for links• Talk to your suppliers & offer reviews• Do interviews for industry news sites• Give discounts to customers in return for links• Offer to write news articles or guides for websites in your industry• Make friends with people who control websites
  17. 17. Stand E5050Design• Invest in stunning design• Design makes a site more linkable• Improving linkability dramatically increases the efficiency of your campaign• Allows the site to be featured in CSS galleries
  18. 18. Stand E5050Content• People don’t generally link to commercial content• Informational content attracts lots of free links• Think about added value o Guides o Reviews o Blog o News o Photos• Good content improves linkability
  19. 19. Stand E5050Paying for links• Google is against buying & selling links• Any links that appear to be paid are likely to be devalued• This is risky & delivers low ROI• If you choose to buy links sure they appear 100% natural• Be wary about using high profile link sellers......
  20. 20. Stand E5050Don’t become a headline• Buying links is a risk, do it right or don’t do it at all
  21. 21. Stand E5050
  22. 22. Stand E5050Learning more• Read - UK’s largest blog about SEO with over 10,000 daily readers• Call in at stand E5050 and ask for some free SEO advice• Visit our site at• A copy of the presentation will be posted on next week