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Having Depth knowledge about Painting/Insulation/Fireproofing application, inspections. Handling critical inspection equipments ( Dry film thickness gauge, Low/High voltage holiday testing equipement/Adhesion testing equipment/PIG/etc).

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Kumar KV

  1. 1. CURRICULUM VITAE Of KUMAR KOLUR VADIVELUNATIONALITY IndianD.O.B 17-05-1974CONTACT # 00971561286413Email kumarvadivelu@rediffmail.comEDUCATIONAL QUALIFICATION:B.Tech –Mechanical Engineering (3rd Semester studying)Bachelor of Science – ChemistryNACE CIP LEVEL-3 Certified Coating Inspector (Certificate No: 15468)Icorr (UK) Level -2 Certified Coating Inspector (Certificate No: C 2870)AGA (USA) Approved Galvanizing Inspector.Qatar Petroleum Approved Coating inspector (T-SPS-QP-TD-0121 Dt. 08-06-2010)TBOSIET –OPTTO (UK) Approved for offshore workingMemberships: • Member of National Association of Corrosion Engineers ( NACE ) Membership# 201214 (NACE Qatar Section) • Member of NACE Specific Technology Group ( STG # 02,03,05,06,37) for coating surface preparation and application and corrosion control related • Member of NACE Technical Committee (TEG # 22X, 092X,128X,351,354,399 ) Corrosion control, material performance and corrosion under insulation issues. (About my Profile Please visit www.nace.org ) • Principles of Paint application and inspection for field painting. • Good working knowledge of MS office(Note: My Application was accepted by NACE-USA to Appear Protective Coating Specialist Exam. Exam due on Jan-2013 – refer NACE Web Site) Page 1 of 10
  2. 2. EXPERIENCE DETAILS:  16 Years professional Experience in Painting/Coating.  Worked as a Coating Inspector for the following projects in India, Saudi Arabia / Qatar and UAE.  Preparation / Review of Inspection test plans (ITP), Inspection reports, Quality control procedures, Method statements etc.  Duties included advising the Project painting supervisors on the coating system and the application of the coatings, advising the client about different types of coating systems for the project plus monitoring the mixing and application of the paint in accordance to the Quality standards.  Experienced in various coating system such as Epoxy, Polyurethane, Coal tar epoxy, FBE coating, Glass flake epoxy, Glass Reinforcement Polyester Coating, Heat shrink sleeve coatings,Phenolic Epoxy internal lining for tank etc.  Carried out general inspection duties for Surface preparation and Coating and performed final inspection prior to handover to clients. Witnessing of surface preparation, DFT checks, adhesion tests, holiday tests etc.  Surface preparation, Paint formulation, curing and drying, Paint/Paint film Testing and Health & Safety requirements.  Application methods for Protective coating / Lining of Storage tanks, Structural steel and Piping Systems.  Various Types of Insulation Works (including Hot, Cryogenic, Acoustic, personnel protection,, Glass Wool, perlite powder used for extreme hot service, ), Fire Proofing and Refractory Lining works.  Witnessing and Inspection of Polyurea in cooling water / Warehouse floors.  Wrapping and Coating of under Ground piping systems, GRP lining of Vessels.  Holiday testing, Impact tests, Hardness testing, Salt and chloride contamination testing, and cross adhesive tests, DFT & WFT checks, Paint curing tests (MEK) as per specification.  Identifying the Benefits/Disadvantages of Paint Systems.  Represent project site meetings, preparation of site require work activity reports, Schedules and project support documentation works.  To liaise with Client representatives, Paint manufacturers, Third party Inspectors, Planning and Estimation department prior to execute Blasting and Painting operations as per Quality standards.  Periodic Calibration check of Inspection and Test Equipments.  Witnessing and inspection of Concrete Surface preparation and application of Protective Coating as per the client requirement  Assist & initiate that the coating/painting personnel are certified & having approval and required job clearance card to perform the required activities Page 2 of 10
  3. 3. Responsible for witnessing, verifying, inspecting the work at various inspection points Such as:  Pre- Surface preparation inspection.  Measurements of Ambient Conditions.  Evaluation of compressor (Air cleanliness) and surface preparation equipments.  Determination of surface preparation cleanliness and profile.  Inspection of Application equipment.  Witnessing coating mixing.  Inspection of coating application.  Determination of Wet Film Thickness.  Determination of Dry Film Thickness.  Evaluating cleanliness between coats.  Pinhole and Holiday Testing.  Adhesion Testing.  Evaluating Cure.  Documentation.Standards, Codes, Methods, Specifications etc Used:Inspection as per SSPC (Steel Structures Painting Council) Standards such as:SSPC – SP – 1 : Solvent Cleaning.SSPC – SP – 2 : Hand Tool Cleaning.SSPC – SP – 3 : Power Tool Cleaning.SSPC – SP – 5 : White Metal Blast Cleaning.SSPC – SP – 6 : Commercial Blast Cleaning.SSPC – SP – 7 : Brush – off Blast Cleaning.SSPC – SP – 10 : Near- White Blast Cleaning.SSPC – SP – 11 : Power Tool Clean to Bare MetalInspection as per B.S. 7079 and S.I.S. 05 – 59 – 00Use of Swedish Pictorial Standards SIS 05 – 59 – 00 in evaluation of,Rust Grades: This depicts the condition of the steel before preparation.Rust Grade A – Covered in Mill scale with little or no rust.Rust Grade B – A mixture of Mill scale and rust.Rust Grade C – No Mill scale, rusted with slight surface pitting.Rust Grade D – Heavily rusted and pitted. Page 3 of 10
  4. 4. Blast Cleaning Grades:This shows the condition of steel after abrasive blast cleaning.Sa 1 Light Blast Cleaning.Sa 2 Thorough Blast Cleaning.Sa 2 ½ Very Thorough Blast Cleaning.Sa 3 Blast Cleaning to Visually Clean Steel.Grades of wire brushing:ST 2 Thorough Hands and Power Tool Cleaning (Manual).ST 3 Very Thorough Hands and Power Tool Cleaning (Mechanical).Inspections as per American Society for Testing and materials (ASTM) such as:ASTM D3359 : Measuring Adhesion by Tape Test.ASTM D4285 : Method for Indicating Oil or Water in compressed Air.ASTM D4417 : Field Measurement of Surface Profile of Blast Cleaned Steel,ASTM D4541 : Pull – Off Strength of Coating Using Portable Adhesion Testers.ASTM G12 : Nondestructive Measurement of Film Thickness of Pipeline Coatings on Steel.Inspections as per National Association of Corrosion Engineers (NACE) such as:NACE RP 0188 Standard Recommended Practice Discontinuity (Holiday) Testing of new Protective Coatings on Conductive Substrates.Inspections as per ISO Standards such as:ISO 8501 – 1 – 1988 : Preparation of Steel Substrates Before Application of Paints and Related Products – Visual Assessments of Surface Cleanliness.ISO 8501 & 8504 –2 : Inspection of abrasive blast cleaning.ISO 8504 – 3 : Inspection of hand & power tool cleaning.ISO 8503 – 2 : Inspection of surface profile of blast cleaning by Comparator procedureISO 2409 : Cross Cut Test.ISO 4624 : Pull off test for adhesion.ISO 2808 : Determination of film thickness.ABRASIVES USEDMineral Abrasives : Garnet, Copper Slag etc.Metallic abrasives : Steel Shots, Steel Grit Page 4 of 10
  5. 5. INSPECTION INSTRUMENTS USEDAt Abrasive Blast Cleaning Level • Kean Tatar Surface Profile Comparator. • Magnifying Lens/Torch – 10 X. • SSPC – VS 1 – Visual Standards for Abrasive Blast Cleaned Steel. • Surface Profile Gauge – Needle Type. • Surface Profile Gauge – Digital Type. • Testex Tapes. • Surface Profile Thickness Gauge. • Salt Test – SCM – 400 • Salt Test – C.S.N. Test Kit. • Salt Test – Titration Tubes. • Shore hardness tester • Barcol hardness testerAt Meteorological Measurements Level • Whirling / Sling Hygrometer. • Dew Point / Humidity Calculating Disc. • Temperature Gauge – Magnetic. • Temperature Gauge – Digital.At Coating & Final Inspection Level • WFT Gauge / Comb Gauge. • DFT Gauge – Electronic – Ferrous, Non – Ferrous and Dual. • Holiday Detector – Wet Sponge Type and Spring Rings and Brush Type. • PIG – Gauge. • Cross – Hatch Cutter – for Cross Hatch Adhesion Test. • Adhesion Tester / Pull – Off Tester – Hydraulic Type and Tripod Spring Type.ADDITIONAL INFORMATIONSHave experience in the preparation of Inspection Test reports, Project Technical Queries, DamageIdentification Reports and other Documentation works for the Dossier completion.Familiar with Isometric Drawings, P&ID, and Piping G.AAware about ISO 9001-2008 Quality Management Systems-Requirements, Page 5 of 10
  6. 6. CAREER HISTORY:In Abu Dhabi ( UAE)Present Company:GASCO (Intertek-Moody International)Ruwais, Abu DhabiCoating/Insulation InspectorDuration: From Feb 2012 to till datePRESENT PROJECT DESCRIPTIONProject : NGL 4 TRAIN / TANKAGESContractors : GS/ Pertofac for NGL -4 Train CBI-Eastern ( USA) – For Butane / Propane TankagesPROJECT DESCRIPTION:My Role and Responsibility: Client ( GASCO ) Representative for Painting/Insulation/Fireproofing(TPI-Inspector)JOB DETAIL  Witnessing and Inspection Surface Preparation and application of Paint system of process condensate tanks as per the GASCO specification. Contractor : GS / Pertrofac, Activity carried out by : Target LLC UAE  Witnessing and inspection of Thermal insulation activity of Power Generation boilers ( MACCHI ) Insulation Contractor : CAPE East  Witnessing and Inspection of Butane / Propane Storage tanks PUF ( Poly Urethane Foam ) Application which is include lab verification of PUF physical properties Contractor: RECINCO – Belgium Page 6 of 10
  7. 7.  Shop and Field verification of Painting Activity in the Spools Weld joint panting and full pipe painting. Contractor : CBI / GS/Pertrofact  Tie in Joints Painting / Insulation Activity Witnessing / Inspection  Walk down inspection with End User  Review and Give comments with respect to Contractor Work Method Statements.  Witnessing Painting operator Qualification test  Review the Contractor inspection reports  On site surveillance inspection with respect to Quality / Safety  Witnessing / Carry out Coating / Insulation related Non-Destructive and Destructive inspection , as guided by the project SpecificationPREVIOUS WORK EXPERIENCEMay- 2009 to Jan-2012 Working As Project Engineer QA / QC – Project Painting / Insulation from M/s HyundaiEngineering and Construction Company Limited, Doha , Qatar.PROJECT DESCRIPTION:Project : EPIC of QAFCO 5 & 6 Development project ( Construction of Ammonia 5,6 , Urea 5,6 , Utility Plant, CCW Plant, Cogen 1,2 Plant and 24” Natural Gas Line (Buried FBE Coated ) line installation Work.Client : Qatar Fertilizer and Qatar Petroleum (Project contract #317300 / 317310)Inspection of blasting and coating application of FBE coating field weld joints of 24” pipeline from station“S” to QAFCO Co-Gen Unit. Inspection activities including Surface preparation, Overlap Preparation,Induction heating , Coating application, DFT, Adhesion test, Cure test, Impact test, Holiday Detectiontest, Repair of destructive tested areas, Holiday Checking of Pipeline section prior to lowering, etc….. ...............JOB DETAIL:  Painting and insulation (hot and cryogenic) of piping spools & structures, storage tanks, pipelines, Fire proofing works.  Abrasive Blasting, painting of external tank and Lining of Internal Tank. Insulation of Tank. Field Weld joint coating. Contractor- Willich / HBK  Abrasive Blasting, painting and repair works of 13 Storage tanks in QAFCO 5 project Page 7 of 10
  8. 8.  Abrasive Blasting, painting and insulation inspection of pipe spools, structures, equipments and repair works after erection as per test pack drawings-Contractor – INECO  24” Natural Gas line FBE Coated from Italy, field weld joint done by PIH, for this weld joint coating inspection , inspection done by Saipem, Behalf of Saipem, I am get approved from QP. (Approval Letter Attached)  Reformer / HRSG Boiler Painting and Coating done by OLMI-Italy. Represent as a field coating inspector behalf of Saipem- Italy  New Ammonia / Urea Export Jetty Line and Expansion of New Jetty , Full execution of jetty piling / Piping and Coating and Insulation ( Cold Insulation of Ammonia Line ) application, Representing Behalf Hyundai / Saipem Coating inspector.  Witnessing and inspection Surface Preparation and Application of Polyurea Paint (Applied by Plural Component spray) in Cooling water tower and Urea Storage Yard. Contractor: Hitech Applicators LLC –Qatar.  Witnessing Surface Preparation and application Internal Special Brick Lining operation ( application / dry out) of Waste Heat Boiler and Cold Collector for Ammonia Cracking tower Contractor : OLMI-Italy.  Witnessing and Inspection Various process equipment field surface preparation and application of paint as per the vendor paint requirement. Contractor: Cape East Qatar LLC.  Witnessing and inspection of Field Weld joint surface preparation and application of paint as per the specific system requirement. Contractor: KAFER Qatar LLC.October - 2007 to DEC-2008 Working As A Senior Engineer QA / QC – Project Painting / Coating(COATING INSPECTOR ) from M/s Al – Suwaidi Industrial Services From Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.PROJECT DETAIL:PC1 / PC 3 – Petro Rabigh Development project.Owner: Petro RabighClient: Sumitomo Chemical Engineering Corporation – Japan Page 8 of 10
  9. 9. Scope of Work: Civil, Mechanical, Insulation, Painting and Fireproofing of PC1 / PC3 Polymer plants and Cross Countrypipeline layup and installation and Field coating.MY RESPONSIBILITY: • Ambient condition monitoring during Blasting and Painting • During Painting Wet Film thickness checking. • During field Paint Application in cross country pipe line the following parameter monitoring 1. Dry Film thickness by Type 1 / Type 2 and or Took Gauge. 2. Holiday Detection ( Low / High Voltage Wet Sponge Method ) • Surface Contamination checking in the cross country pipeline weld joint by “ Bresel Patch Test “ • Surface Contamination Checking by Sleeve Test with CSN Kit • Inspection and monitoring of FRB lining operation in process vessel. • Inspection and monitoring off Water jetting operation. • Adhesion and hardness testing of painted parts. PROJECT ACHEIVEMENTKingdom of Saudi Arabia Largest Polymer plant pp-1 and pp-2. Painting project successfully completedand get appreciation letter from the cleint.Totally 52, 35,648 Square meters Coating done with different coatingthickness (Varies from 265 microns to 188 mil). Inspection conduct by the following agencies (Third party)1. Al – Hoty From Client Side2. SGC from Owner Side.Above all parties inspected and approved with good comments. From the project total cost .this coating alone 77Million USD.May- 2004 to October -2007. Worked As a Assistant Manager – Paint Shop From M/s Wheels IndiaLimited – India. (TVS Group of Company having Collaboration with Titan Wheels – UK)Type of Industry: Construction Equipments Wheel Manufacturer.My Role : Entire Paint Shop Execution and Process and Product - Production and Quality Control---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Sept – 2000 to May – 2004. Worked As a Sub Team Leader – Production (Paint Plant) from M/s JaiParabolic Springs Limited – India (Jai Group of Company having Collaboration with NSK Springs –Japan)Type of Industry: Automotive Vehicles Laminated Leaf Spring Manufacturer.My Role : Paint Shop Process and Product - Production and Quality Control--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Page 9 of 10
  10. 10. October – 1997 to August -2000. Worked As a Senior Chemist – Paint Shop from M/s Jonas Woodhead & Sons (India) Limited. (Modi Group of Company)Type of Industry: Automotive Vehicles Laminated Leaf Spring Manufacturer.My Role : Paint Shop Process and Product Quality Control Additional InformationCommunication Address: No108, 4th Cross Street, Mahaveer Garden Annex-4, Kavanagarai,Puzhal Chennai -600066, Tamil Nadu, India.Home Country Phone No: +919043240976Passport No : G 1232591, Expired on 20-12-2016Marital Status : Married. Professional Reference:Mr. Rehan Ahmed – Corrosion Engineer, Ras Gas, Qatar. Chairman – NACE Qatar SectionContact Phone No:+97455545942E-Mail Address: rxahmed@rasgas.com.qaMr Anand – Lead Inspection Engineer, Velosi Qatar LLC.Contact Phone No: +974 55729008E-Mail Address: anth.vq@velosi.comMr. Fernando Gargano –Project QA/QC Manager – Saipem, ItalyE-Mail Address: fernando.gargano@saipem.eni.itMr K.H.Kim – Lead Mechanical Inspection Engineer – Hyundai Engineering and Construction Co Ltd-KoreaContact Phone No: 66881633E-Mail Address: khkim@hdec.co.krDECLARATION:I Kumar Kolur Vadivelu, hereby declare that all the above mentioned details are true to thebest of my knowledge.Place:Date: Kumar Kolur Vadivelu Page 10 of 10