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  1. 1. R&D Plan (2015-2025) for Indian Power Sector
  2. 2. CONTENTS  Objective  Research Methodology  Project Road map  R&D Scenario in India  Need for R&D  India  Power sector in India  Challenges and Barriers  Missed opportunities  Current R&D scenario in Power sector  The Next Gen Disruptive Technologies  Road Map  Future Work
  3. 3. OBJECTIVE Strategic plan to GoI to invest in R&D towards power sector, so that India becomes net exporter of technology A leader in emerging new technologies in power sector Increases the number of patents to more than 100 per year by 2020 Atleast one noble prize per year after 2025
  4. 4. RESEARCH METHODOLOGY • We have talked to experts in power industry to finalize our thrust R&D areas • Report by Central Power Research Institute (CPRI) entitled "National Perspective Plan (NPP) for R&D in Power Sector" - CPRI, NTPC,CERC, CEA,PGCIL,NEEPCO, BBMB, DVC, NHPC, NPTI, THDC, SJVNL, BHEL, IIT's and NIT’s • Various R&D projects going on in various countries like China, Germany, Japan, and USA • Research docs published by independent researchers, academicians and consulting firms • Information from various leading organizations working in Power sector like ABB, Siemens, Ariva, Alstom, BHEL, Schneider, GE, Toshiba etc. Secondary Research Primary Research
  6. 6. Phase-I Phase-IV Phase-III Phase-II • Skilling centers • Cost Estimation & ROI in R&D investments • R&D Road map for 10 years in India  Defining the scope of the project  Setting up the objective • Understanding the various problems in different sectors • Identifying the technologies • Mapping them with the technologies • Shifting the focus to Smart Grids and Renewable technologies • Identifying Indian investment scenario • Identifying the KPA’s • Next wave technologies • What India should do differently to harness talent for R&D • Framework for collaborative research Phase-I Phase-II Phase-III Phase-IV Under ISGF PROJECT ROAD MAP
  7. 7. R&D SCENARIO… Global Scenario in R&D Expenditure:  Of the total USD 1143 billion investments in R&D, the shares of major players in comparison to India is shown:  Overall expenditure of India doubled from 2007 to US $40 million in 2012 and is expected to stay at US $44 million in 2015  Government GERD: 75%, Private: 25%- India  Developed countries Public: Private 1:2 Forecasted Expenditure:
  8. 8. ISSUE IN INDIAN POWER SECTOR GENERATION TRANSMISSION DISTRIBUTION ENERGY EFFICIENCY & ENVIRONMENT Low PLF & Heat rate Aging Transmission network High AT&C losses High use of Tungsten lamps and CFL Seasonal dependency of generation Congestion Issue Inadequate & aging infrastructure Fly ash emissions BTG equipment shortage Issue of right of way Issue of right of way Low efficient equipments Underutilization of renewable resources Shortage of transmission capacity Wide and fluctuating gap between min & max demand EV and charging mechanisms 1/3rd of population still deprived of electricity Time lag in data collection(like frequency) by more than 30milli seconds Lack of Quality Power
  9. 9. NEED FOR R&D IN POWER SECTOR….  To take the advantage of advancements in other sectors like IT, power electronics , material/nanotechnology etc.  More than half of the population within the age group of 15-54 years  More than 5 lakhs students graduate every year from various engineering streams  Environmental problems due to higher dependency on Coal  Still dependent on foreign R&D for crucial parts  Integration of renewables  Highly technology intensive, R&D plays a major role in development and strengthing of the sector  To reduce brain drain and retain the talent within India
  10. 10. Lack of Government Support (27%) Improper Internal Management(17%) Difficulty to raise funds (26%) Motivational Factors (5%) R&D in Silos (5%) Complex Institutional frame work (5%) Skewed Policies (5%) Commercialization- A big task (5%) Lack of Infrastructure –an Age old problem (5%) BARRIERS FOR R&D IN INDIA
  11. 11. MISSED OPPORTUNITIES • Still in pilot project stageSmart Grid • Micro power generates around 17 percent of the world’s total powerMicrogrids • More than 270 MW of stored energy have been installed in JapanEnergy Storage • China has about 65% of the world's manufacturing capacitySolar • The six largest Chinese together have exceeded 20% of market share in recent yearsWind • Technology in nascent stageGeothermal • High initial cost, commercially not viable presently in IndiaElectrical Vehicles
  12. 12. CURRENT POWER SECTOR R&D … Indian Power sector scenario:  India is unable to meet its low planned expenditure targets by huge margins consistently  Rs 996 Crs released for the R&D of Power sector this year.  No nodal agency in place for R&D in power sector  Research carried by Public, Private and academia in silos Organizations in Place: Private players Academia NETRA NISE CPRIEEC SSS- NIRE NIWE
  13. 13. CURRENT POWER SECTOR R&D … Programs Going on in different sectors:  Generation  R&M activities : improves generation 30%, environmental impact 47% & efficiency 23%.  CFD testing for steam and hydro turbines, ducts etc.  Non destructive testing of Boiler- using robotics  Microbial carbon capturing  GIS and GPS implementation for Hydro- reducing the pre project time  Material research –for wear & tear due to silt  Transmission Distribution S.No Technologies and Projects 1 HVDC, EHV, UHV AC & DC Transmission network 2 Material research related to Tower to address the issue of RoW (Compact Transmission Towers) 3  Material research related to conductors to improve the current carrying capacity  Gas insulated Transmission Lines  Submarine cables 4 High temperature super conducting technology –to develop transformers 5  GIS, which require less space. Mainly for high population density areas.  Development of Seismic resistant substations 6  Substation automation and remote operating systems for fault detection, Emergency restoration systems for substations (ERS).  Use of Data Analytics in Transmission Domain 7 WAMS by implementation of PMU’s (improved observability of system dynamics) Technologies and Projects Customer level intelligent automation units CAM & Automation of Distribution Transformer Substation and feeder level automation Analytics and Data communication automation Distribution Control Center Green transformer oils
  14. 14. Smart Grids Storage Technologies Electric Vehicles Robotics Biomimicry Renewable Energy Nano technology and 3D printing Carbon capturing Technologies EE technologies like LED, compressor less AC, Electrochromic windows etc. NEXT GEN DISRUPTIVE TECHNOLOGIES
  15. 15. March 2015 March 2016 March 2017 March 2018 March 2019 March 2020 March 2021 March 2022 Mar2 023 March 2024 March 2025 StagesMilestones Smart Grids RE Material &CCT Integration, Development and Testing Commercialization Advanced R&D Starting State  Identify problems  Prioritize  Disruptive Technologies- new/ existing  Road Map for R&D Finalize Road Map-Tech & Institutional Integration of different R&D Units Check on Various Pilot Projects  Commercialization  Increase no. of Patents to > 100/year Implementation in Large scale with increased avenues to export technology R&D - Low cost efficient batteries R&D- EV & Charging Units,V2G & G2V Collaborative R&D - HEMS, Cyber Security & Analytics, robotics Commercialize & paten filings in smart grids , ES & EV Advanced R&D & export Large scale roll outs & implementation R&D – improve the efficiency of PV and wind turbines Integration of bio- tech and RE R&D units R&D - Bio-fuels R&D- New RE avenues like OTE RE & Smart Grid integration Patents Biomimicry Advanced R&D & export Integrated R&D platform for nano- Technology, CCT pilots for GENCOS CCT Application in large scale industries Material R&D coatings for blades and boiler testing Commercialize & Patent filings Advanced R&D & export
  16. 16. FUTURE WORK  Cost estimates and ROI in R&D being carried out  Identifying the skilling centers for collaborative R&D  Defining an organizational structure for the R&D activities in India to encourage the Private participation  Condense the report for Ministry of Power
  17. 17. References • • 06/news/42745677_1_coal-stocks-imported-coal-coal-supply • • factbox-idINDEE87106H20120802 • 013_1383225183_b0fa7_16.pdf • scenario-in-indian-power.html • mining/energing_opportunities_and_challenges.pdf • r.pdf •