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Knowledge labs cc1

  1. 1. Knowledge Labs - Learn from Cloud Computing Experts!<br />Final year projects in Cloud Computing IEEE 2011-2012<br />Cloud computing IEEE 2011-2012 final year projects in Chennai<br />Advanced Cloud computing IEEE 2011-2012 final year projects in Chennai for BE/BTech IT & CSE<br />Innovative cloud computing projects in Chennai based on IEEE 2011-2012 paper with advanced technologies<br /><br />Overview of Cloud Computing:<br />Cloud Computing: What It Is - From Collaboration to the Cloud: A Short History of Cloud Computing - The Network Is the Computer: How Cloud Computing Works - Companies in the Cloud: Cloud Computing Today - Why Cloud Computing Matters - Who Benefits from Cloud Computing? - SaaS (Software as a Service) - PaaS (Platform as a Service) - IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service)<br /><ul><li>Virtualization for Enterprise
  2. 2. Elastic Load Balancing Security:1. Data Security2. Network Security3. Host Security
  3. 3. Storage Management:1. Storage Controller2. Interacting with Storage Controller3. WS3 Storage Controller4. SnapshotsNetwork Management - Security - Eucalyptus Log files</li></ul>Call: Bala : 8754415111 / 044-42010999 / 044-42010991 <br />Mail: <br />Address : 1st Floor, FM Tower, #547, Mount Road,(next to Audi Showroon) Nandanam, Chennai-600035, Nandanam. <br /><br />TRAINING & PROJECT METHODOLOGY:  Understanding the objectives of the projectsSRS preparationsFeasibility StudySoftware Design-Actual & interfacePrototype plan-System DevelopmentSample Testing,Debugging,DocumentationER,DFD DesignSuccessful implementation  PROJECT WORK FLOWPROJECT REVIEW SCHEDULE  Level I- Project DiscussionSystem StudyLevel II- Analysis & DesignDetailed DFD,System block diagramLevel III- DevelopmentCode Review of System DevtLevel IV- Testing & DocumentationProject Documentation <br />Cloud Computing 2011-2012 IEEE Papers <br />1 .A Profile-based Approach to Just-in-time Scalability for Cloud Applications<br />2. EnaCloud: An Energy-saving Application Live Placement Approach for Cloud Computing Environments<br />3. From Service Clouds to User-centric Personal Clouds<br />4. Semantic Modeling for Cloud Computing, Part 1<br />5. Deployment of Services in a Cloud Subject to Memory and License Constraints<br />6. Activity-aware chat system based on a study of distributed collaborative learning<br />7. Application Performance Isolation in Virtualization<br />8. Optimistic Synchronization of Parallel Simulations in Cloud Computing Environments<br />9. SOA’s Last Mile Connecting Smartphones to the Service Cloud<br />10. Intelligent Management of Remote Facilities through a Ubiquitous Cloud Middleware<br />11. An Efficient Resource Management System for On-line Virtual Cluster Provision<br />12. The Method and Tool of Cost Analysis for Cloud Computing<br />13. Using Clouds to Elastically Extend Site Resources<br />14. On Technical Security Issues in Cloud Computing<br />15. Cloud Computing for Satellite Data Processing on High End Compute Clusters<br />16. Policy-based Event-driven Services-oriented Architecture for Cloud Services Operation & Management<br />17. A RESTful Approach to the Management of Cloud Infrastructure<br />19. Architecture-Driven Variation Analysis for Designing Cloud Applications<br />20. Service Oriented Architecture for Cloud based Travel Reservation Software as a Service<br />22. Improving Scalability of Software Cloud for Composite Web Services<br />23. Ranking Mortgage Origination Applications using Customer, Product, Environment and Workflow Attributes<br />24. Understand Collaborative Authorization Policies: Models and Specifications<br />25. MONGOOSE: MONitoring Global Online Opinions via Semantic Extraction<br />26. Rule-based Problem Classification in IT Service Management<br />27. Unibus-managed Execution of Scientific Applications on Aggregated Clouds<br />28.Design and Implementation of an efficient Two-level Scheduler for Cloud Computing Environment<br />29. Dynamic Auction Mechanism for Cloud Resource Allocation<br />30. Profit-driven Service Request Scheduling in Clouds<br />31. Expanding the Cloud: A component-based architecture to application deployment on the Internet<br />32. Dynamic Load-Balanced Multicast for Data-Intensive Applications on Clouds<br />33. SLA-Driven Dynamic Resource Management for Multi-tier Web Applications in a Cloud<br />