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Build an AR app


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Presentation on designing and building an AR app.

Published in: Design
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Build an AR app

  1. 1. Design for AR & Build an AR app Kumar Ahir - Jul 18
  2. 2. About myself @kernel_kumar Interaction Design, IDC MahaWar - strategy board game OoBI alpha - first multitouch CISCO, Microsoft, Symantec OoBI - Out of Box Interactions - Exit to PropTiger 6 month startup Now…
  3. 3. Interior Designer
  4. 4. Questions AR for disabled AR/VR without devices AR for wearables Handy AR hardware for explorations Building AR mockup
  5. 5. Content Difference between AR and VR and XR Devices - Hardware Applications - Consumer and Business Technology standards Design fundamentals Let’s do it !!!
  6. 6. VR | AR | MR | XR Understand the difference Virtual Augmented Mixed Extended
  7. 7. Virtual Immersive Block the real world Teleport to a new world and time Part of simulation Augmented Overlay information View the real world Present in time and space Part of real world
  8. 8. Design Fundamentals Mobile AR Single Hand use Still a WINDOW - you can move around 3d in Flat screen Interactions attached to world UI and not flat screen Prompt to move around Visual affordances to interactive elements
  9. 9. Design Fundamentals Mobile AR Interactions and information based on Proximity Portals - door to VR Minimal animation which are grounded to plane Add Text with background - solid or translucent Feedback - sound, haptics Embed a story, not just 3d popup
  10. 10. Everything is placed on a reference Plane User onboarding every time for first 10 times
  11. 11. Tap Swipe Pinch Voice Facial expressions (ARKit) Phone Gestures - Shake/Tilt Air Gesture - Hand Interactions
  12. 12. Technology Unity ARCore ARKit Vuforia Marker based Markerless 2D Image Tracking Environment scanning 3d Object perception Face AR Body AR
  13. 13. Let’s Create ! Vuforia Unity Photoshop
  14. 14. Let’s Design
  15. 15. Let’s create
  16. 16. We are hiring Front End Developer Virtual Reality Programmers 3d Artist UI Designer UX Researcher Flexible work hours Equity options Monthly Team activity Lucrative package
  17. 17. Resources AR in Action - Youtube channel
  18. 18. references Finding FOV the easy way - es-mobile-ar-design/ aabd