Total Vapor Starter Kit ( Vapor is the new brand of electronic cigarette. It includes all the latestup...
your liquid. You may have some complain about those leakage in early CE modelsbut here you guaranteed to have a trouble- f...
more environment friendly and more publicly approved.Why choose ecig69 for your e-cig liquid?Here you can find a perfect c...
total vapor battery takes about 5 hours to get recharged. The total vapor has amicrochip to prevent over charging.We can t...
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Electronic Cigarette Starter Kit


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Be an e-cigarette ambassador.Our top class e cigarette models are here to satisfy all your vaping needs. It is vital that you find economical eCigarette Starter Kit so that you can begin experiencing this incredibly helpful thing well within your budget.

Our starter Kits contain all the necessary items you will need to enjoy an uninterrupted experience of Electronic Cigarette.

You get various types of starter kits, the Total Vapor EGO starter kit, Duo starter kit, the Trio starter kit. They are available in very cheap prices and in more than one variety. You can choose according to your pocket's permission.You also get the USB charger and adapter with your starter kit.

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Electronic Cigarette Starter Kit

  1. 1. Total Vapor Starter Kit ( Vapor is the new brand of electronic cigarette. It includes all the latestupdated features of e-cigarette technology and enhances the smoker on smoking.When you purchase the Total Vapor starter kit the following accessorizes arepresent:CE4 atomizers: It consists of a simple filament and a twisted metal thatgenerally squeeze inside the e-cigarette cartridge.Due to the presence offilament in atomizers it acts as an heating agent. It means while smoking e-cigarette the flavor of e-liquid gets heated by the filament of the atomizer andresults in the form of nicotine vapor which is totally harmless. Since thenicotine present in the liquid is generally water vapor it is commonly known asnicotine vapor. The composition of nicotine vapor is -90% simple water vapor(h20) .So, the water vapor is completely free from all harmful chemicals andtoxins.Total Vapor EGO batteries: It is one of the core part of an e-cigarette. Oncethe battery is charged if functions for several hours.Total Vapor EGOrechargeable battery is generally of two types Total Vapor EGO 1100 mah batterywhich is known as the long battery.It works for almost 3 days when fullycharged,Total Vapor EGO 650 mah battery which is known as the short batterywhich works for almost 8 hours when charged. With the presence of battery smokerneed not burn down the cigarette anymore.For these reasons there is norequirement of matches or lighter in your pocket all time anymore.E-liquid: There are various types of attractive e-juice or e-liquid. You can nowchoose from a wide range of different flavors like cherry, chocolate, mango, USAmix and various other attractive flavors that we offer.Adapter: It is a normal way to charge your Total Vapor e-cigarette.Just you haveto attach the pin to the end of the socket and your e-cigarette is ready to becharged . Normally it takes 5 hours to be fully charged. The ecig69 Wall Adapteris an advanced and easy way to charge your ecig batteries in a wall outlet.Usb charger: It is very needful when you are traveling in train or buses or youare in lawn, garden, bar, offices etc and wanted to charge your battery forsmoking. Then you can use usb charger by putting the battery in the usb chargerand then attaching it to the usb port of any electrical appliances such aslaptop.Zipper case: It is used to keep the Total Vapor accessorizes safely when not inuse and is also used to carry the Total Vapor accessorizes safely from one placeto another.User manual: It is the perfect guide as to how to use your Total Vapor e-cigarette for smoking.CE4 cartomizerNow you can see when your cartomizer needs a refill. CE4 cartomizer widelycalled clearomizer for this advanced feature. No more worry about the quantityof eliquid in your favorite eGO electronic cigarette. Get hassle-free qualityvapor anywhere you want.This 4th generation cartomizer are compatible with all EGO model but due to itssize not recommended for smaller models.Made with a thick durable plastic, CE4 cartomizer is exactly what you havewanted for long. This transparent device lets you know when you need to refill
  2. 2. your liquid. You may have some complain about those leakage in early CE modelsbut here you guaranteed to have a trouble- free handling. Since it has a screwin mouthpiece, put tank leakage at fill your favorite eliquid, you simplyunscrew the mouthpiece from the clearomizer and slowly drip eliquid into theunit. Just make sure it does not tamper with the central piece. It isrecommended to never fill the cartomizer more than 90% of its capacity.The heating coil contains a short wick such an advanced way that prevents usualwicking issues common in other models. Through a sealed center tube vapor passessmoothly.Take A Glance of Some of The Unique Features of CE4 Cartomizer: Crystal clear tank Can hold more eliquid No crappy burning smell No leakage Easy to refill Compatible with all eGO models Produce more vapor with a clean taste UnbreakableRefilling Tips For CE4 Cartomizer: Unscrew the mouthpiece from the cartomizer Slowly drip eliquid inside Screw the mouthpiece back with cartomizer Before start vaping,let the eliquid get into the coil. It usually takes 1-2minutes after refilling.Now you are free to join it with your favorite EGO model and have an amazingvape.Please note, do not pour eliquid into the middle central piece. It is meant forair-flow.E-liquidThe e-liquid which is responsible for producing the vapor in electroniccigarette is generally a solution of propylene glycol and glycerin coupled withdifferent flavors and different nicotine concentrations. The electroniccigarette is made up of the battery, the atomizer and the mouthpiece thatcontain the e-liquid.There are various type of e cigarette liquid flavors. The taste of the e-liquidand the throat hit are overwhelming and you will feel as if you are having areal cigarette. The throat hit is quiet strong enough,even at mild nicotinelabel. The mist which comes out is dense and intense just like ordinary smoke.The various flavors that we have are huge in number and proficient in quality.You can just go on with our exciting flavors to feel the real world ofcigarette.There is no tinge of tar, carbon monoxide, ash or stub in electronic cigarette.E liquid replicates the regular taste of tobacco cigarettes mixed with othervarious flavors. When the glycol based e-liquid heats up, the user inhales andexhales dense mist of smoke. E-cig liquid have different concentration ofnicotine in them. In greater part of US e-liquid is becoming a trend rather amost wanted alternative to the traditional tobacco cigarette.Choose the perfect e-liquid which is most suitable for you, whether you want tochoose a light brand cigarettes or trendy and high nicotine one; it totallydepends on the individual. It is the e-liquid vapor that makes the vaping worthremembering. After much thinking we deliver to you a product that is more clean,
  3. 3. more environment friendly and more publicly approved.Why choose ecig69 for your e-cig liquid?Here you can find a perfect choice for your e–liquid. You can find e-liquid atother places also, but with a small range of choices in front of you. Here youare open to choose your e-liquid flavor from a large variety of flavors.Our branded best e-liquid provide you the exact label of nicotine that your bodyis accustomed to.E-liquid made is USA based. So the liquid is 100% pure and naturally made andthere is no doubt about its quality.Our e-liquid are made from the purest natural ingredients, and are made withapproved flavorings.After getting the order our e-liquid is specially chosen and bottled, within avery short time span, the e-liquid reaches out to you with the most costeffective shipment charges.24x7 hours of customer services are available, you can order anytime anywhere.How it WorksWhat actually is electronic cigarette?An electronic cigarette also known as ecigarette or ecig is an electronicinhaler that vaporizes propylene glycol based solution into an aerosol mist. Anelectronic cigarette stimulates the smoking of a traditional cigarette omittingthe health hazards caused by tobacco smoking.An electronic cigarette consists of three essential components:The –cartridge– which serves the dual purpose of a liquid reservoir andmouthpiece, has openings at both the ends. It allows the liquid to pass to theatomizer and the vapor back to the smokers– mouth from the atomizer.The –atomizer– is a device that vaporizes the liquid, it is the center and toits one end is the cartridge and to its other end is the battery. In some thecartridge and atomizer are integrated together to form the customizer.And the third component is the battery which contains an electronic airflowsensor so that the electronic cigarette sensor is triggered simply by drawingbreadth through the device. The battery turns on and supplies power to theheating element inside the cartomizer.Products:Each of our finest starter kit comes out with the following variations.– 2 rechargeable EGO lithium ion batteries (4.2V, 650mAH) in the color of yourchoice!– 1 USB charger– 1 wall adapter– 2 CE4 clear atomizer tank– 1 zipper case– 1 user manual (which you must go through thoroughly)What type of battery is used?The EGO cigarettes use a 3.7 volt 650/1100mAh rechargeable battery with a powersaving which allows you to turn on and off the battery whenever you want. The
  4. 4. total vapor battery takes about 5 hours to get recharged. The total vapor has amicrochip to prevent over charging.We can turn on the battery by pressing the atomizer button 3 times within 2seconds similarly to turn off the battery press the atomizer button 3 timeswithin 2 seconds. It is recommended to fully charge the battery before using it,similarly discharge the whole battery before charging it.How to use the USB?To charge the battery we must put the battery into the USB charger. Plug USBcable into a USB charger of a computer. The battery must flash to show that itis charging. The light on the USB charger is red when charging and it becomesgreen when the charging is finished.How the adapter works?The ecig69 Wall Adapter is an advanced though easy way to charge your ecigbatteries in a wall outlet. It requires the USB Charger to charge electroniccigarette batteries.What works in case of 51 duo starter kit?In 51 DUO starter kit there is a cartomizer which is a combination of catridgeand atomizer. It gives a complete freshness each time you smoke. It acts thedual purpose liquid reservoir and vaporizes the liquid. It is only applicable inthe case of 51 Duo starter kit.What works in case of Total Vapor EGO series?In Total Vapor EGO series CE4 cartomizer tank is used. Here the liquid isdropped into the tank cartridge without using tissues, serves the same purposeof cartomizer. Moreover the CE4 atomizer is easy to refill and clean.Which of the cartridge is just right for you in case of 51 duo starter kit?There are three types of cartridges. They come in one piece, two piece and threepiece variations. Which one of you wants to use depends on the type of machineyou are using, how many times you are smoking a day and how much you can afford.The one piece cartridge is usually disposable, the two piece cartridge can becompletely refilled when required and three pieces contains the cartridge withthe liquid, atomizer and the battery.What types of e-liquid is used for Total Vapor EGO cigarettes and 51 Duo Starterkit?Liquid used for producing vapor is a solution of propylene glycol, glycerin andpolyethylene glycol. In addition to there are a no of flavors like Marlboro,tobacco, camel, strawberry, Newport, Winston, vanilla, grape, pineapple, cherry,chocolate, menthol, coffee, apple, cherry and many other attractive flavors.What will you do to have a first start?Upon receiving your starter kit you will first of all charge your battery byattaching the charger to your battery. To turn the Total Vapor EGO cigarette or51 DUO starter kit on or off press the LED button 3x times rapidly and thebattery will flash 3x times to indicate the on or off of the battery. Aftercharging remove battery from the charger and insert the cartomizer for a puffright away.Now all those new branded Electronic Cigarette products are availabe