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Rural Insurance Pwds Training Report With Photos


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Rural Insurance Pwds Training Report With Photos

  1. 1. Micro Insurance - PWDS – Bharti AXA General Insurance Operations & Claims-Training Initiative Process Excellence – Ops & Claims
  2. 2. PWDS Training Initiative AIM: To launch the proposed Health Insurance plan to the members of PWDS, federation of Self Help Groups spread over 9 districts in Tamil Nadu, almost on the southern tip of Indian subcontinent Concept: The growth of Micro Insurance in India is yet to pick up as most of the insurers do not view it as a business opportunity. Out of 121 new insurance products approved by IRDA during 2005-06, only two were Micro Insurance products. The Self Help Group movement has opened up credit access to poor. But still many poor households are vulnerable to a variety of risks. For securing against the most unexpected bigger loss events like accidental injuries, surgery or prolonged hospitalization, Micro Health Insurance (MHI) emerges as the best option for poor households. A health survey (2005) revealed that 40 percent of rural hospitalized members depended on money lenders and 13 percent of members sold their assets to meet the hospitalization expenses. Major challenges noted in the field were such as poor understanding of the concept and product features by the clients, difficulty in establishing the cases of pre-existing diseases, Process delays by the insurers for claims settlement, rejections without valid reasons / without mentioning the reasons / oral rejections, Non receipt of insurance identity cards by clients, Non-receipt of insurance commission from the insurers, Difficulty in getting the bills / reports from the doctors, Doctors not aware of the product features / claim formats, NGO staff turnover, Lack of capacity of NGOs/CBOs (Community Based Organizations – Federation of SHG’s) in claim handling, Some moral hazards and lack of MIS. Micro insurance is an integral part of Sales of any General Insurance Company as laid by the norms of IRDA. Contrary to the sales model in urban and semi urban areas, Rural Sales pose a challenge and a tough task for any insurance organization in India. Outlook of rural populace is much different from that of urban and approach towards Insurance and Sales. A typical Indian state has as many as 5 different slangs and usage of colloquial words. People have a hypocritical outlook towards scientific and modern gadgets and a typical Training venue would typically include a school or a welfare centre without any Public Addressing support and infrastructure. Servicing readiness to Rural Sales and concept of Training to Rural population is an initiative taken by Operations & Claims as a model program to support the Micro Sales of Bharti AXA General Insurance. Foundation of Basic Mechanism of Insurance has to be laid and inbred and a platform has to be created so as to build the higher concepts of Insurance and to explain the working of an Insurance Product. Concept of Health Insurance can only be trained after a basic knowledge of working of Insurance is arrived at. Process Excellence – Ops & Claims
  3. 3. Customer Profile PWDS is a Federation of Self Help Groups with a member base of more than 54000. These members are typically women representing their families and belong to lower income groups of society. Members belonging to lower strata of society and PWDS, founded in 1977, continues its journey of serving all marginalized and disadvantaged. PWDS manages three network programs covering 28 districts of Tamil Nadu. NEERA, a decade old network program of PWDS, promotes mainstreaming to sustain the impacts beyond the project framework and has promoted 3211 SHGs in 1108 villages and 54398 families (221788 members) are under its fold. Approach: With the linguistic support from Trainer Saravana Kumar and Zonal O&C, Mr.Yaseen Shah, this concept is build after dealing explicitly in the following concepts 1. Basics of Insurance – Scope and Working a. Life b. General 2. Health Insurance 3. Working of Insurance 4. Plan a. Details b. Benefits 5. Health Insurance Claim Process a. Claim Process b. TPA Administration and Working c. Hospital Network 6. Service and Support Some Sample Training content prepared for the Training: Process Excellence – Ops & Claims
  4. 4. Implementation Phase 1: TIPS & CARDS SHGs – Kanyakumari, Tamilnadu Discussion started with Basics of Phase 1 of this program started in Insurance and proceeded to Plan The next day started early by 9am Kanyakumari, Southern tip of India Benefits, Claim Process. Day closed with a recap of the previous day’s also called as Cape Comarin, India. with claim process. Mr.Yaseen Shah discussion. The group has discussed 34 members of 2 SHGs, TIPS and was the key speaker and Tamil was and has prepared a report of the CARDS gathering in a Christian the main language of the discussion. previous day’s activity which is read missionary convent. Training started Atmosphere was cool with lively sea by an IC. The report was exhaustive at 11am in an open hall of the breeze and drizzle making the entire and touched upon all the topics. convent with lot of breeze and light day very congenial to learning. Even making the place lively and natural. though the group was a bit reluctant and silent in the beginning but no sooner the discussion on Plan Benefits started, group has become lively and interactive with many clarifications and questions. Typical examples involving Maternity related situations have evolved. Many of Continuing the discussion, such clarifications were referred back Dr.Deveswar from TPA has to Mr.Partha Chakraborty, National addressed the group for the next Resources and infrastructure is basic Head, Health Claims and were hour on enrolment criteria, network but lively and apt for the clarified immediately. All such hospitals and claim process. Also environment and surroundings. questions are listed and are made covered in the discussion are the Training group from Bharti AXA is into a list of FAQs. diseases covered and exclusions. represented by Saravana Kumar, Mr.Yaseen Shah has revised all the Yaseen Shah and LVN Murthy. This topics again. Quiz program was group was introduced by the local conducted on the topics covered and coordinators Mr.Chandra Babu and everyone has participated with lot of Vijil. Audience is a group of women interest. There were prizes for represented from surrounding winners and everyone in the group villages and are members of has won a prize indicating Federation. involvement and interest. Process Excellence – Ops & Claims
  5. 5. Implementation Phase II: The level of understanding and assimilation were slightly SEDCO SHG – Tirunelveli, Tamilnadu lower as compared to those of Kanyakumari. Phase 2 of program continued in Tirunelveli on 22nd May. All the members have congregated and the Even though all the trainees are educated, age discussion started by 10.30 am. Training venue was a disparities among them are very high leading to a Christian social service convent called ‘TSSS’ located complex group dynamic structure. However, with an almost 15 km outside of Tirunelveli. efficient engagement skill and language Mr.Yaseen has made the Concepts and Mechanism of Insurance very lively and all the members could relate to real life scenarios which they have come across. The Flow of training remained the same with Product benefits following with claim Process. By Lunch time, we could complete basics of insurance and post lunch The group of trainees is little less compared to Phase 1. the discussion started with product benefits. Dr. All the trainees belong to Deveswar explained the working of TPA and a Q&A SEDCO self help group. The temperature outside was session followed. Quiz program was the last part of the hot however, due to trees and vegetation, the training Training by the end of the day and every one room was comparatively cooler from outside. participated in Quiz with interest and encouragement. Mr.Yaseen Shah started the discussion about Basics of Insurance and continued in the same flow as that of the Feedback from the participants was very positive and Phase 1 Training. encouraging showing enthusiasm for repeated training and more information. Process Excellence – Ops & Claims
  6. 6. Core Member Group Members of Core group from Bharti AXA General Insurance consisted of Mr.Milind Joshi, Sr.VP, Ops & Claims, Mr.Partha Chakraborty, National Manager, Health Claims, Ms.Hritu Kumar, Manager Process Excellence, Saravana Kumar, Yaseen Shah and LVN Murthy . Ms.Hritu Kumar, Mr.Partha Chakraborty and Mr.Milind Joshi have directed and whetted the entire process. Saravana Kumar is currently Manager Training for Operations and Claims and is the key person in preparation of content for the Training Program. The Training content involved powerpoint presentations which in English as well as Tamil. JPG-ASCII Font conversion method was applied so that Tamil Fonts can be viewed comfortably. Actual formats which are part of the process were shown during the presentation so as to make Trainees aware of the real time processing. Also given leaflets and reminders of Product Benefits, Exclusions under the Policy and sample Proposal Form Yaseen Shah is currently handling the offices Bharti AXA as Zonal Head, Operations and Claims, a strategic responsibility spanning over states of Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu and Kerala. Owing for his extensive experience in Insurance Claims domain, by being based out of Chennai and by being well versed in all slangs of Tamil, Yaseen was a natural choice for imparting such Training program which needed better engagement skills and making easier the concepts of Insurance. Yaseen has created an example for imparting training programs for tough audience of rural origin. Mr.L.V.N.Murthy currently heading the Rural Sales division of Bharti AXA General Insurance and Rural Sales by being tied up with PWDS is his brain child. Right from the inception stage he has been Liasioning with the authorities of PWDS and have brought the project to this stage of implementation. Post Training and the sales kickoff, the project is to start its coverage from 1st July 2009. He has travelled extensively through the districts where PWDS is spread. He is supported by Mr.Hemanathan, Sales Officer in this project who was also present during Training. Looking from the response after Training at both Kanyakumari as well as Tirunelveli, all the trainees have expressed their confidence in making this project a huge success. Process Excellence – Ops & Claims