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Investor Presentation

  1. 1. Nundydroog Mine (NM)  The Kolar Schist Belt (2700Ga) hosting the well known Gold mine is one of the richest gold mineralised areas amongst the Archaean greenstone belts of the world.  These can broadly be classified into three distint lithounits, i.e (i) Mafic schist (ii) felsic schist (iii) BIF and graphite-sulphide schist in order of abundance. The mafic schist is the dominant rock type occupying the western portion of the schist belt and hosts most of the auriferous lodes. It comprises metamorphosed basalts (pillowed), gabbro and pyroxenite, now represented by hornblende schist, amphibolites, and ultramafic schist. These groups of mafic rocks represent composite flows and intrusive sheets.  K.G.F has produced among the richest gold deposits in the craton from one of the deepest underground mines of the world. The mines reached a depth of about 3211mts. (113th level) from surface.
  2. 2. List of Shafts in Nundydroog mine Sn Shafts A Shafts used for mine production 1 New Golgond shaft 2 Henry’s Shaft 3 New Trail shaft 4 Northern Project B Shaft used for other purposes like pumping, etc 5 Balaghat Tailor’s shaft 6 Richard shaft 7 Walker shaft 8 New Trail shaft 9 Henry shaft 10 South shaft
  3. 3. List of Shafts in MCA Mine Sn Shafts A Shafts used for mine production 1 Hancock’s shaft 2 Gifford’d shaft 3 Edgar’s shaft 4 Tennant shaft (2 nos) 5 Glen’s shaft B Shaft used for other purpose like pumping etc. 6 Edgar’s shaft 7 Mct Incline shaft 8 Main Shaft 9 Oakley Shaft
  4. 4. Mine Related Activities  In the field of plant constructions, it undertook designing, manufacturing, installing, and commissioning of headgears and winders, creation of ore handling, cursing, and stowing plants (manufactured by its signaling division according to customer needs), locos, signaling equipment and the hoist equipment.  The division comprised of four (4) workshops which were known as champion Reef workshop, Nundydroog workshop, central workshop-mechanical and central workshop electrical. The main function of these workshops were to maintain mine and mills in KGF area, and to design, manufacture, and provide sale and after sale service of engineering products.
  5. 5. Production Performance of the Mines in Last Five Years (Ore Milled in Tonnes) Mine 1996-97 1997-98 1998-99 1999-00 2000-01 Nundydroog Mine(ND) 104765 70524 74007 79453 12004 Mysore Champion Amalgamated Mine (MCA) 27619 19173 14595 804 NA Yeppamana Mine (YP) 25475 14700 14135 1845 NA Chigargunta Mine (CG) 52629 39543 42128 46146 7836 Old Bisanatham Mine (OB) 10858 7371 10670 10677 1560
  6. 6. Manpower  Employed 13000 people at one point of time during the peak of its operations. During the year 1990-91, there were over 10000 employees which reduced to about 3500 at the time of the closure of the operations. Services of all the employees of the company had been terminated and all their liabilities have been settled under Special Benefit package.
  7. 7. Financial Performance Particulars Unit Sale of gold 1997-98 1998-99 1999-00 2000-01 INR mil 224.71 236.089 192.45 31.703 Sale of silver INR mil 0.602 0.386 0.731 0.047 Sale of scheelite INR mil --- ---- --- --- Sale of T.C.T drill rods INR mil 5.304 5.273 4.119 1.717 Sale of other workshop products INR mil 13.983 11.504 22.448 10.034 Stock adjustment (includes work-in-progress) INR mil 0.852 -4.304 -0.376 -18.296 Income from engineering contracts INR mil 4.352 9.936 1.347 4.722 Income from projects & contracts INR mil 76.494 50.758 22.292 20.072 Income from spl. Service & scrap INR mil 169.592 30.724 33.765 345.012 Nrf/grant received from VRS/STBP payments INR mil 306.872 12.95 8.701 209.476 Total INR mil 802.731 353.343 285.477 604.487
  8. 8. Power  This plant had an installed capacity of 42MW at 25 cycles per second (cps) and it generated nearly 21 MW. BGML also had diesel generator (DG) sets which were used during emergencies. Land  BGML has a freehold right on its mine land of over 12000acres at KGF. The company has leasehold land of 551 acres at Chigargunta Mine (Andra Pradesh), 105.23 acres of land at Yeppamana Mine (Andra Pradesh) and 416.18 acres of land at Old Bisanatham Mine (Andra Pradesh), with varying dates of expiry of leases.
  9. 9. Tailing  Mining and subsequent milling operations for productions of gold have contributed to over 30 millions tones of tailing dumps in the KGF region. Most of the dumps contain tailings of treated free milling ores and Kennedy’s dump consists of tailing of both refractory and free milling operations. Davy John Brown (DJB) had carried out a study on techno-economic feasibility for extraction of gold from the tailings. Mining Reserves Broad level estimation of gold reserves was carried out by BGML during the year 1997 for all the operational mines. Details of the mine reserves are provided.
  10. 10. Land Parcel of BGML Mines Location Area (Acres) Nature of possession Nundydroog Mine (NM) Kolar Gold Field, Kolar District, Karnataka 12109.20 Freehold Mysore Champion Amalgamated (MCA) Kolar Gold Field, Kolar District, Karnataka 12109.20 Freehold Yeppamana Mine (YM) Anantpur District, Andhra Pradesh 105.23 Leasehold Chigargunta Mine (CM) Chitoor District, Andhra Pradesh 551 Leasehold Old Bisanatham Chitoor District, Andhra Pradesh 416.18 Leasehold
  11. 11. BGML Mines Mines Lease Expiry Date Lease Documents Kolar Gold Field Mines 08 August 2013 Enclosure 1 Chigargunta Mine 29 August 2008 Enclosure 2 Old Bisanatham Mine 11 March 2013 Enclosure 3 Yeppamana Mine 04 November, 2002 Enclosure 4 Land use of Kolar Gold Fields Land Use Area(acres) Residential (Including road, drainages, parks, etc) 3753.77 Vacant Land 6204.47 Tailing dumps 177.27 Land used for mining purpose 579.00 Land leased to private agencies 285.75 Vacant land with two workshops leased to BEML 1109.00 Total 12109.26
  12. 12. Tailing Dumps Dumps Location of Dumps 1 MCA mine (south) 2 MCA mine (north) 3 East of Railway Station, Champion Reef 4 Near Old Carpentry Shop, Champion Reef 5 North of Giffords Shafts, Champion Reef 6 Near Firing Range, Champion Reef 7 North East of Rowe’s Shaft Oorgaum 8 East of Oakley’s shaft, Oorgaum 9 North East of Oakley’s Shaft, Oorgaum 10 East of Main Shaft, Oorgaum 11 Opposite S.T. Block, Oorgaum 12 Near Kennedy’s Line ND Mine 13 Near Balaghat, ND Mine
  13. 13. Plant & Equipments  The Company has 3(three) metallurgical plant of which 2 (two) are located in KGF and the third in Ramgiri, near YP mine for treating the ores. The mills were operational till 1st March 2001. In addition to the mills, BGML also had equipments and machines at its shafts/mines at the time of closure. Plant & Equipment at BGML Book Value As on 31st March 2006 As on 31st March 2007 Shaft Sinking & Other Mining Works U/G 16.885 16.885 Water Supply 14.836 14.372 Railway Siding 0.21 0.184 Power Line 2.516 2.516 Plant & Machinery 465.449 457.117 Furniture 1.669 1.653 Office Equipment 8.046 7.964 Vehicle 16.327 16.327 Grand Total 525.938 517.018
  14. 14. Major Equipment and Capacity of the ND mill Equipment Nos Crushing & Screening Capacity (TPD) 650 Jaw Crusher 2 Vibrating Screen 3 Vibrating Screen (Final) 1 Cone Crusher (short head) 3 Grinding Ball Mill 1200 1 Floatation, Leaching, & CIP 650* Knelson Concentrator 2 Hydrocyclone 3 Slurry Pump 2 Floatation Cells 24 Concentration Thickness 2 Leaching Tanks 8 CIP Contactor 3 Final Disposal Dumps 4
  15. 15. The Five Year Projection of a Gold Mine The Projected Revenue 150 million tonnes of ore x 5 gm/ tonne = 750,000,000 GM 1 kg is 1000 GM = 750,000,000/1000gm= 750,000 kg 750,000 kg x 3300000 lacs = 2,475,000,000,000/ 247,500 cr
  16. 16. Cost of Sales Total cost of equipment = 8000 cr Cost of human resource= nil on equity Overhead cost, Cost of energy Cost of community development= 76,625 cr Gross profit= 170,875 cr Total ecb required = US $ 300 million Gross profit in 5 years= US $ 28 billion Tax free returns controlled from a Vanuatu company.
  17. 17.  Mysore Mill  The Mysore Mill is located in KGF adjacent to the MCA Mine. The mill was not operational at the time of closure as the total ore production from the ND, CG, OB, and MCA mines was less than 700 TPD and the entire ore was being processed at the ND mill.  Ramgiri Mill  Ramgiri Mill is located in Anantapur District of Andra Pradesh near the YP mine and processes the ore mined from RM mine. The production capacity of the mill was 250 TPD. The mill was commissioned in 1984, as part of the integrated mine-mill complex of the YP mine.  Heap Leaching Plant (HLP)  BGML operated a HCP in KGF located at a distance of 4km from the Kennedy’s (tailing) dump. The plant installed capacity was 500 TPD. It was in operation from 1986-87; hence presently stands closed. Until closure he plant had treated 0.38 Million tones and produced 303.67kg gold.