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DePaul HCI 580- Digital Tip Jar Final Presentation


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This is the final presentation for the Winter 2013 HCI 580 class at DePaul University. The team explored possibilities for the concept of a digital tip jar for musicians.

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DePaul HCI 580- Digital Tip Jar Final Presentation

  1. 1. HCI580 PracticumTip the Band: Increasing tippingbehavior through better engagementbetween fans and musiciansTeam Band TogetherLinda Brammer, Liz Dykes, Kate Fitzgibbon, Rafael Flores, Jon Hensley, Emily Ryou,Alexa Smith, Nathan Varjavand, Michael Wesolowski, Matthew Womack
  2. 2. The Problem Space • Music scene is popular but isnt highlighted as a tourist activity • Musicians often reluctant to ask for help, or dont know how to reach out • It is difficult for musicians to get discovered by fans and build a lasting relationship • Disconnect between how people believe artists get paid and how they actually get compensated
  3. 3. Stakeholder Interviews "Its up to you as an artist to engage your fan base - and make them your Street Team." - Reid Wick “If you only look at next-gen musicians, who will embrace technology?" - Mark Samuels "Stay engaged and in touch. Move beyond useless websites... offer social rewards, music rewards, and custom incentives." - Evan Christopher
  4. 4. Stakeholder Themes
  5. 5. Analysis of Interviews Collectively brainstormed potential solutions, tasks, and requirements
  6. 6. Refined Problem Space Make recommendations to enhance Digital Tip Jar with the goal of creating a community that sustains musicians respectfully and helps them connect with music lovers to create fans for life...
  7. 7. User Research Interviews Fan Interviews "If people know that the band was playing for tips, it would definitely change behavior." - Brad 4 Locals that have visited NOLA 2 West Coasters who go every year 1 Burqueño who used to live in Baton Rouge
  8. 8. Fan Team Affinity Diagram Fans fall into clusters based on their behavior: •Tipping •Following •Music discovery
  9. 9. Themes: Fan Team
  10. 10. User Research Interviews Musician Interviews "Word-of-mouth is king." - Woody "Theres probably a more savvy way to do promotion, but I just use what I know." - Dan 3 Chicago Locals 2 NOLA Residents 1 West Coast Resident
  11. 11. Musician Team Affinity Diagram • General Engagement • Band Management • Promotion • Discovery
  12. 12. Themes: Musician Team
  13. 13. Heuristic Analysis of Digital Tip Jar
  14. 14. Goals for Digital Tip Jar Increase tipping behavior among fans by: • Engagement. Create lasting relationships by engaging with fans. • Discovery. Allow fans to easily discover new artists • Community. Crowdsource help and promotion so cultural workers dont have to do the lions share • Street teams • Encourage behaviors through popular, existing outlets
  15. 15. Competitive Analysis
  16. 16. Meet Felicity
  17. 17. Felicitys Story
  18. 18. Meet Peter
  19. 19. Peters Story
  20. 20. UI Sketches
  21. 21. Site Map
  22. 22. Wireframes and Prototyping Process: 1. Defined global elements: (i.e. header, footer, tipping module...) 2. Beanstalk svn repository for Axure -Visual, responsive, action-oriented 3. Responsive Framework, Twitter Bootstrap
  23. 23. Tasks in Prototypes:Fan Prototypes Search for a genre and find a band Give a band a tip Upload a band photo
  24. 24. Tasks in Prototypes:Musician Prototypes Staggered Profile creation for convenience and gamification Street Team and Point System
  25. 25. Usability Testing- General Site Feedback Security Keep Homepage Simple "Make sure the bank stuff is "If you didn’t know what DTJ secure and has a reputable was, I’d be confused with array verification agency. Mint of options. Which features am I explained how it works and has supposed to use as a musician or fancy icons that said who as a fan?” evaluated the site." Explain Business Process Location & Recordings "How much of the tip money does "Would like to see recent the band keep?" recordings. I might decide to buy one of their recent albums." "Will there be a charge or will it "Would like to know where the be free for musicians?" performer will be, through social media feeds."
  26. 26. Key Discoveries from Testing Tested 3 Users for Fan Use Cases: 1. Searching for a band 2. Tipping 3. Adding a photo Positive Feedback • Easy to use and intuitive • Liked the social aspects and street team gamefication Key Issues • Too many clicks to get to a bands page- wanted shortcuts • Redundant options distracted from correct path • Unclear terminology, such as media instead of photo • Security concern with providing Paypal login to another site
  27. 27. Key Discoveries from Testing Tested 2 Users for Musician Use Cases: 1. Create account 2. Set up Street Team 3. Contact a tipper Positive Feedback • Useful and engaging way to connect with fans • Liked ease of use and pre-set messages Key Issues • Sign up was not a focal point and got lost on home page • Separate calls to action from imagery • Clarify generic terminology, i.e. messages become fan mail • Allow profile creation at own pace and simplify profile bar
  28. 28. Future Possibilities Recommendations and possible features for future state: Fans: Musicians: • Show information • User Studies to Study • Recordings Tipping Behavior • Tip-caching • Data Analysis • Immersion • Connections • Personalization • Percentage • "Tip-starter" • Venues
  29. 29. Questions?