Macbeth act 1 3 - presentation


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Macbeth act 1 3 - presentation

  1. 1. Macbeth Act 1-3 - Presentation
  2. 2. Table of Contents1 –Title page 8 –Malcolm2 –Table of Contents 9 –Duncan3 –Macbeth 10 –Description Act 1-34 –Lady Macbeth 11 –Work Cited5 –Banquo6 –Witches7 –Ross and Angus
  3. 3. Macbeth• Known as warrior in play that has won honour from the kingbecause of his fights battlefield• When Macbeth is talking to the witches he asks them questions ofthe titles and how he will become king• Macbeth is frustrated when he finds out that King Duncan wants topass the kingdom to his son Malcolm• In Act 2 Macbeth talks to him self trying to make himself stronger inorder for him to kill• Scene 2 is where he comes to his wife after killing King Duncan• Macbeth has killed Banquo because witches had saidthat when he is crowned they might try to kill himand during Act 3 Macbeth is crowned but during thedinner he questions himself of what he’s doneloosing his mind and then sees his friend Banquoalso when this is happening
  4. 4. Lady Macbeth• In this play Lady Macbeth is the one who encourages Macbeth intokilling King Duncan at their own house• Lady Macbeth goes from being a cold blooded cruel woman tobeing a nervous, scared, sad and suicidal woman because of herhusbands actions which frightens her even after she was the onewho really forced him into it• She wants Macbeth to have more because of Macbeth’s title Thaneof Cawdor shows shes selfish that she wants more
  5. 5. Banquo• In this play when Banquo goes to meet thewitches they talk more about Macbeth butafter start to say that he is about equal• In this play Banquo more of kind person whogets killed by Macbeth who prays to evil spiritsbecause of he has learned from the witches• During the scene of the dinner Banquo isshown to Macbeth as a ghost
  6. 6. Witches• Hecate was the leader of the witches there aremany different possibilities of names fromdifferent versions of the play but these are theother for the other witches: Stadin, Hoppo,Puckle, Hellwain, Ursula, Glenda and Medea• They show in the first act telling Macbeth andBanquo about their future but they toldMacbeth that when he is crowned thatBanquo might try killing him
  7. 7. Ross & Angus• Ross and Angus in this play are Banquo’s sonswho are supposed to be the children who willbe crowned told by the witches• Banquo tells Macbeth that not true whatwitches told him but once finds out talks to hissons about it• Macbeth murders Banquo’s family includinghis sons after he is driven to it
  8. 8. Malcolm• In this play Malcolm is the King Duncan’s sonwho he wants to give his throne to• They get murdered because of Macbeth’s rageto get his spot as the king
  9. 9. Duncan• Duncan is the one who announces what hashappened to Thane of Cawdor and insists ongiving the title to Macbeth• Duncan is murdered by Macbeth in Macbeth’shouse because he was the king
  10. 10. Act 1-3 Description• Starting scenes is when Banquo and Macbeth meet witches learnabout becoming kings• Then after Macbeth fins out about Banquo and talks to him andthen murders his family• Act 2 Macbeth tries to convince himself into killing King Duncan athis home and then after does then goes to his wife• The heirs were worried that theyd either be blamed for theirfathers death or that the murderer would come after them next forbeing the ones next in line for the throne• In act 3 he is crowned then thinks to himself as a king of what hesdone and then after at the dinner he starts to loose his mind, abouthis killings and starts seeing a ghost who was Banquo
  11. 11. Work Cited••••