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KIAS Information 2012


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Published in: Education
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KIAS Information 2012

  1. 1. KIAS Information Session Spring 2012 Jerry Varsava, Founding Director Gillian Edwards, Executive Manager
  2. 2. Today’s Agenda1. KIAS Vision2. KIAS: A Brief History3. KIAS Governance4. KIAS Themes (2011-2013)5. KIAS Programs advancing humanity, lifting the
  3. 3. KIAS Vision To foster an innovative intellectual environment for the interdisciplinary study of major modern and historical, political, social, economic, and cultural issues and, therein, advance society and global polity in a manner consistent with the high humanitarian ideals of the founding benefactors, Drs. Peter and Doris Kule. advancing humanity, lifting the human spirit
  4. 4. KIAS: A Brief History June 2008: Recommendation of “Arts in the 21st Century” Committee to establish a Centenary Institute for the Arts September 2008: Commitment of President Samarasekera at Arts Faculty Council to support a Research Institute for the SSHRC disciplines in a major donor could be found November 2009: President Samarasekera announces the Kule endowment gift of $4 million advancing humanity, lifting the human
  5. 5. KIAS: A Brief History April 2010: KIAS is approved by Academic Programs Committee July 2010: KIAS formally established Fall 2010: consultation on KIAS’s research themes and programs November 2010: formal launch of KIAS, Faculty Club January 2011: KIAS Administrative Board approves research themes and programs (2011-2013) February-October 2011: roll-out of KIAS’s programs August 2011: first annual “Tomorrow’s Ideas, Now” advancing humanity, lifting the undergraduate student conference
  6. 6. KIAS Governance Administrative Board  chaired by Provost Carl Amrhein Advisory Council  chaired by Provost’s delegate, Ernie Ingles, Head Librarian Research Committee  chaired by KIAS Founding Director, Jerry Varsava advancing humanity, lifting the
  7. 7. Theme Preamble Fall 2010, KIAS engaged in an extensive consultation of undergraduates and graduate students, faculty, and research administrators, in an effort to identify topics of major local, national, and global consequence that, consistent with the Institute’s mandate, could be explored from a socially-engaged, interdisciplinary standpoint by researchers and creative artists in the Humanities, Social Sciences and Fine Arts. advancing humanity, lifting the
  8. 8. KIAS Themes (2011-2013)1. Stewardship of the Planet2. Place, Belonging, and Otherness3. Culture, Media, Technology advancing humanity, lifting the
  9. 9. Stewardship of the Planet Ethically informed stewardship of the planet can be pursued from a number of points of view and in a variety of contexts, but there is an urgency to examine the issue now, and to propose tenable responses to this challenge. Recent months have seen ecological catastrophe in the Gulf of Mexico, food riots in Africa and India, renewed focus on global population growth, and a heightened concern for mitigation of environmental risk. advancing humanity, lifting the
  10. 10. Place, Belonging, & Otherness There is a foundational human concern to understand one’s place in, not only the physical world, but also in the social spaces in which we move, and to which we may feel affinity or distance. The theme of Place, Belonging, and Otherness encourages an examination of a broad range of relationships in order to better understand the human social condition, whether in the early twenty- first century or at antecedent historical points. advancing humanity, lifting the
  11. 11. Culture, Media, Technology In an age saturated with new technologies and a proliferation of representational media, there is a need to reconsider both traditional forms of cultural expression and new ones enabled by technological advancement. This topic encourages an engagement of the imaginative, material, and social conditions of arts’ production and reception. advancing humanity, lifting the
  12. 12. Research Programming All continuing University of SSHRC Faculties Alberta faculty members, full or  Agricultural, Life and part-time, doing research Environmental Sciences and/or creative activity in the Fine Arts, Humanities or Social  Arts Sciences, and resident in a  Augustana SSHRC-discipline Faculty  Business Faculty members are restricted  Campus Saint Jean to one application per competition, and one seminar  Education per application.  Extension One may serve as Principal  Law Investigator on one grant, and  Library and Information Studies also be a member of another  Native Studies grant team as collaborator. N.B. Consistent with SSHRC  Physical Education and policy, KIAS does not provide Recreation support to health-related areas. advancing humanity, lifting the
  13. 13. Research Programming Inrecognition of the intellectual leadership of Arts, its securing of the anchor endowment, and size of researcher cohorts, KIAS’s competitive grants will be distributed notionally according to the following formula, though merit will be the deciding factor:  50% to applicants from Arts;  50% open to applicants from SSHRC Faculties, including Arts. advancing humanity, lifting the
  14. 14. Tomorrow’s Ideas, NowMarch 19, 2012 - Abstract DeadlineInternational Interdisciplinary Undergraduate Student Conference August 16-18, 201240 students at 2011 conference (25 external, 15 U of A) advancing humanity, lifting the
  15. 15. KIAS Research ProgramFaculty Research Cluster Grants  External Collaboration Grants  Kule Dialogues Program Interdisciplinary Course Seminar GrantsPostdoctoral/Doctoral Students KIAS Postdoctoral Fellows KIAS Doctoral Scholars advancing humanity, lifting the
  16. 16. Research Cluster GrantsGoals The KIAS Research Cluster Grants Program seeks to bring together researchers—continuing faculty, undergraduate and graduate students, Postdoctoral Fellows—with a commitment to the interdisciplinary study of major issues of social importance in order to facilitate impactful research. The Program is not meant to replace other sources of research funding such as SSHRC grants, but rather to advance research projects whether at a gestational, developed, or concluding phase of development. Holders of Cluster Grants will be provided support for local dissemination of research and creative activity under the auspices of the Kule Dialogues Program upon separate post-award application.Value Up to 6 @ up to $20,000Duration 12 or 18 monthsDeadline Thursday, April 12, 2012 @ 4:00 p.m. advancing humanity, lifting the
  17. 17. Research Cluster GrantsAdjudication Criteria Alignment with KIAS’s themes Interdisciplinarity Preference given to projects involving interdepartmental and/or inter-Faculty collaboration Preference given to projects with undergraduate and/or graduate student participation and full involvement in project Preference given to projects with clear dissemination plan Research or creative record, with activity contextualized within applicant’s seniority advancing humanity, lifting the
  18. 18. External Research Collaboration Grants of up to $5,000 to holders of Research Cluster Grants, subject to matching by external partner Applicants encouraged to consider collaborators from among preferred partners, such as members of Worldwide Universities Network (WUN) advancing humanity, lifting the
  19. 19. External Research CollaborationMember institutions of the Worldwide Universities Network (WUN): The Chinese U of Hong Kong; Nanjing U; Pennsylvania State U; U of Auckland; U of Bergen; Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität (Munich); U of Bristol; National Autonomous University of Mexico U of Cape Town; (UNAM [Mexico City]); U of Leeds; Center for Research and Teaching in the Social Sciences (CIDE [Mexico City]). U of Rochester; U of Sheffield; U of Southampton; U of Sydney; U of Washington; U of Western Australia; U of Wisconsin (Madison); York U; Zhejiang U. advancing humanity, lifting the
  20. 20. Kule Dialogues Small grants for dissemination locally through lectures, lunch talks, workshops, colloquia, etc. Cluster Grant holders are obliged to participate in this program and have first call. Others may apply for funds, subject to availability. advancing humanity, lifting the
  21. 21. Interdisciplinary SeminarsGoals to integrate the Institute’s research mission with the strategic objective of the University of Alberta to provide structured opportunities to develop undergraduate inquiry and research skills; to enhance the research acumen of graduate students; to bring together instructors and students from diverse disciplinary backgrounds in order to develop novel ways of understanding one or more of KIAS’s focus themes.Value Up to six Seminars to be funded, @ $8,500 per course, buy-out to Department or Faculty; supplementary $1,000 curricular grant to PI.Duration One half-course equivalent course (3 cwts.) to be delivered in Fall 2013.Deadline Fall 2012, to be announced. advancing humanity, lifting the
  22. 22. Interdisciplinary SeminarsAdjudication Criteria Alignment with KIAS’s themes. Interdisciplinarity. Strength of research component. Seminars may be co- or team-taught with advance approval of concerned Chair(s) or Dean(s). Preference given to Seminars likely to attract senior undergraduate and graduate students from diverse disciplines, and likely to have enrolments of 8 or more students.N.B. Seminars may be co- or team-taught with advance approval of concerned Chair(s) or Dean(s). Seminars must be 300-level or higher: they can be cross-listed within departments as, for example, 4XX/5XX; further, they may be cross-listed between departments and/or Faculties, subject to advance approval of concerned Chair(s) or Dean(s). advancing humanity, lifting the
  23. 23. KIAS Postdoctoral FellowsGoals The KIAS Postdoctoral Fellowship Award seeks to support the research of Postdoctoral Fellows working in one or more of KIAS’s three research themes during their tenure at the University of Alberta.Value Up to 4 awards @ up to $4,000 for current Killam, SSHRC, other PDFs.Duration 18 months or expiry of Fellowship.Other designation as KIAS Postdoctoral Fellow; must contribute to the intellectual life of University through lectures, classes, etc. advancing humanity, lifting the
  24. 24. KIAS Doctoral ScholarsGoals The KIAS Doctoral Dissertation Completion Awards program seek to provide doctoral students nearing the end of their program time without employment obligations to complete their dissertation. This program will be taken-up in either the Winter, Spring, or Fall semester, at the discretion of the successful applicant.Value Up to four @ $7,500.Duration 4 months.Other Applicants must have a firm expectation to complete their program within 12 months following tenure. Eligibility requirements include working within the KIAS Research Themes, successful completion of candidacy examination at the time of award take- up, no other duties (teaching or otherwise), and participating full-time in their program. Awardees will be expected to deliver a lecture or workshop or other dissemination as a part of their award terms. advancing humanity, lifting the
  25. 25. Currently Funded KIAS ResearchResearch Cluster Grants Interdisciplinary Seminars Isabel Altamirano-  Wayne DeFehr, English & Film Studies Jimenez, Arts/Political Science  Pat Demers, English & Film Studies  Joan Greer, Art & Design Diane  Jennifer Hsu, Political Science Conrad, Education/Secondary  Natalie Kononenko, MLCS Education  Scott Smallwood, Music Gordon Gow, Extension  Guillaume Tardif, Music David Kahane, Arts/Political  Guy Thompson, History & Classics Science  Maria Whiteman, Art & Design Sheena Wilson, Campus Saint- Jean advancing humanity, lifting the
  26. 26. Currently Funded KIAS ResearchKIAS PostdoctoralFellows KIAS Doctoral Scholars Marcia Ostashewski,  Marianne Clark, Physical Music Education & Recreation Shannon Stunden Bower,  Sandra Joy Friesen, History & Classics Music Victor Taki, History &  Lianne Lefsrud, School of Classics Business Terri Tomsky, English &  Dee Patriquin, Physical Film Studies Education & Recreation advancing humanity, lifting the
  27. 27. More information? Jerry Varsava, jerry.varsava@ualberta.caGillian Edwards, 3-22 Arts Building advancing humanity, lifting the human