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Jump start a new agile project with Eidos


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How to quickly start working on a new Agile project on Eidos at

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Jump start a new agile project with Eidos

  1. 1. Jump Start New Agile Project with Eidos By Kulawat Wongsaroj
  2. 2. Login to
  3. 3. Create a Project
  4. 4. Fill in Project details select Create a blank project so you can create release and iteration by yourself
  5. 5. Got a Project, click project name to go to its Overview
  6. 6. At Project Overview, create a Release under the Project
  7. 7. Fill in Release name
  8. 8. Got a Release, click release name to go to its Overview
  9. 9. At Release Overview, create an Iteration under the Release
  10. 10. Got an Iteration, click on it to go to its Storyboard
  11. 11. At Storyboard, you can manage your team
  12. 12. Add members
  13. 13. Got your team! Now create some user stories
  14. 14. Fill in user story
  15. 15. You may add Story Point estimate
  16. 16. Start working on your project! sum of estimate of all cards in the column is shown at the top
  17. 17. Close iteration when it ends
  18. 18. Sign Up for Beta Now