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Library orientation


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Published in: Education
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Library orientation

  1. 1. Hale Waihona PukeCharles Reed Bishop Learning Center August 2012
  2. 2. Library StaffKumu Kanani De Sa – Elementary LibrarianMrs. Crystella Kauka – Middle School LibrarianAunty Nikki Petner – Library Assistant
  3. 3. Library HoursHele Mai : Monday – Friday 7:15am – 3:30pmKe Kula Ha’aha’a : 3:10pm Note: Launa with Parent(s) or Older Sibling(s)
  4. 4. Visiting The Library• Before School• After School• Recess• With your Class
  5. 5. Behavior & Expectations• Voice Level = 1• Walking. NO Running!• Be Respectful• Be Responsible• NO food or drinks• NO Cellphone use
  6. 6. Borrowing Items• 3 Items• 1 AV (Audio-Visual) item @ at time (DVD/Video) • Remember to rewind video B4 returning to LC
  7. 7. Borrowing Period / FinesBorrowing Period:Books = 2 weeksDVD / Video = 1 weekFines:Books = 5 Cents / dayDVD / Video = 25 Cents / day
  8. 8. Returning ItemsReturn Library Books in the Book Drop• Book Drop I – Inside, next to circulation desk (When Library is Open)• Book Drop II= Outside (When Library is Closed)Return Library DVD/Video to AV Tray (Next toCirculation Desk)
  9. 9. Damaged/Lost Item Books = $20.00 + $5.00 (Processing fee) = $25.00 DVD / Video = $25.00 $5.00 (Processing fee) = $30.00Question: Can I replace the lost/damaged item with a brand new item that I purchased?Answer: Yes. The item that you replace need to be the exact item thatwas damaged/lost. You will then need to only pay $5 for theprocessing fee.
  10. 10. Computer StationThe computer is for school related use ONLY. • To search for resources on OPAC • To conduct research • To blog/Tweet on teacher’s blog • To search safe online websites • To complete class related work • To engage in other school related approved sites. (IXL Math, Bookflix, Tumblebooks etc.) NOTE: Log-on using my username and password
  11. 11. Kumu Kanani’s Blog• CRBLC Portal (OPAC)• eBooks (Tumble Books & Bookflix)• Birthday Book Program (form)• Grade 3 - Informational Features/Note Taking• Grade 4 - PIP (Pacific Island Project)• Grade 5 - Sustainability
  12. 12. Important Things To Remember:• Never borrow a book or other library items for a friend.• Always return your library items on-time.• Never put fine monies & AV items in the Drop Box.• Keep library items in a safe place @ home.• Computers are for School Related work ONLY!• Return browse items properly to the shelving cart.• Always wait quietly and patiently @ the circulation desk. Give Aunty Nikki your last name to check out your items.