Network Component Guide


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In this PDF we describe the various network component. We illustrate this network components using various points like adapter, modem, reapter bridge, switch etc. It is designed by

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Network Component Guide

  1. 1. IBM
  2. 2. IBMThe computer network is the groupof computer and other hardwaredevices those are linked together bycommunicating channel. Thesecomputer resource are shared byvarious users. The hardwarecomponent interconnect betweenvarious communicating channel.One device able to send or receivedata. When more than onecomputer interconnect through acommunication medium andexchange information then wecalled it computer network.
  3. 3. IBMBesides physical medium allnetworking operations are neededdevices those are designed tohandle certain specific function.These are often called networkequipment or component.Component’s function are notnecessarily handle by specificdevice. Network functions alsoperformed by software application.For example windows XP has built-in support for Network Bridging thathandle a bridges functions in ahome network with mixed media.
  4. 4. IBM  Network Adapter  Modem  Repeater and Bridge  Hub and Switch  Wireless Access Point  Router  Residential Gateway
  5. 5. IBMNetwork adapter works as aninterface between differentcomputers, devices or networks. Wemay need different types of adapteraccording to the type of network. Ittranslate a computer binary signalor message into the electrical oroptical signal across thetransmission channel. Each adapteris identified through MAC address.Different adapter are Wi-Fi,Ethernet, IBM HBA’s etc.
  6. 6. IBMModem means modulator anddemodulators. In the sending areamodem modulates the signal intothe high frequency carrier wave.Make it prepare for transmission. Inthe receiving end it demodulatesthe signal. That means extract thedata from encrypted signal. It alsotranslate digital signal into analogand vice versa,compression/decompression,encryption/decryption etc. Wealways need modem when weconnect to internet. There are lot’sof modem cable modem, ADSL andGPRS modem.
  7. 7. IBMRepeater := It receives signal fromtransmitter and amplifies it andretransmit it. When we transmit asignal for the long distance then weneed more energy. Amount ofenergy is directly proportional tothe distance. So we need repeaterto decrease the energy load ofsignal production.Bridge := The Bridge connect todifferent layer 2 protocol, likeEthernet, HomePNA, Wi-Fi etc. Italso used as split the network intodifferent segments.
  8. 8. IBMHub := It is a central connectingpoint in the network. Thosenetwork use star topology Hub usesthere. A computer sends a signal tothe Hub then Hub translate it andretransmit it to other computer inthe network. It act’s as a relaystation. Using Hub bandwidthcapacity is shared by all computers.Each computer use the portion ofbandwidth. It is used in the smallnetwork. In the two computernetwork Hub is not required.
  9. 9. IBMAs like Hub switch connect to thecentral point to the network. Whenit receives a IP packet fromcomputer than it examines thedestination address from it’s headerand transmit the packet to thedestination computer. Switchmaintains a table map of all ports ofthe computer into the network. Allswitches has MAC address. Usingthe switch the whole bandwidth areused, that’s why the large networkuse the switch instead of Hub. Inmany time it is integrated withrouter.
  10. 10. IBMAccess point of wireless LAN (Wi-Fi)acts as a hub or switch of the wirednetwork. It connect different devicetogether and create a wirelesscomputer environment. It acts as aaccess point of wireless to the wirednetwork like Ethernet. It has aninterface to a broadband modem.Some access point has multifunction device that incorporatefunctions like bridge, router andmodem. It is also known as basestation.
  11. 11. IBMRouter forwards packets acrossdifferent networks. Routing tablecontain IP address of other networkrouter. In the static router the cableis configured manually but dynamicrouter automatically configured it’srouting table. At the time ofreceiving the packet router examineit’s destination IP address and sendit. Router selects the most optimumor best path to deliver packet. It isselected by using the routingalgorithm. There are different typesof router these are edge, core,backbone router etc.
  12. 12. IBMIt is a type of router, it isconfigured to enable thesharing the single internetconnection by multiple users.When you buy or installresidential gateway then itincorporates other functionlike hub, switch, wirelessaccess point. In the residentialgateway you don’t need tomanually set the IP address.
  13. 13. IBMIt connect to different networks andto form a single network. Likenetwork A and B. Through gatewaywe connect two different network.Computer in network A canexchange information with acomputer in the network B. It alsoperform protocol translation. It isconsider the layer 7 in the OSImodel. So it is in the applicationlayer. But it can perform acrossseven layers.
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