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FS Lub - presentation 2012


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FS Lub - presentation 2012

  1. 1. Fluid Solutions Your partner in planning and manufacturinglatest state of the art Lube Oil Blending Plants -2-
  2. 2. LUBE OIL – DEFINITION AND PRODUCTIONPROCESSDEFINITONA lubricant is a substance introduced to reduce friction between movingsurfaces . It may also have the function of transporting foreign particles.CHARACTERISTICHigh boiling point - low freezing point – high viscosity index – thermalstability – corrosion prevention – high resistance to oxidationPRODUCTION PROCESS“Lubricating oil is produced by ‘Blenders and Compounders’ who combinebase oil with 1% to 20% application-specific chemical additives, whichenhance the performance of the base oil. The ‘compounded’ Lubricating oilis then packaged and sold to end users.”* *General lube oil definition 3
  3. 3. Fluid Solutions – The CompanyBased on a small Engineering Company, Michael Krapalis startedin the dispenser business 1981.The development of the first fully automatic 24 Valve dispensing systemfor paint at the new plant “Contilack - Oberhausen Germany” was ready in 1982.Later on, 1985 Fluid Verfahrenstechnik was founded.Here the development of the Fluid dispenser type 1405 and Industrial was born.Until 1990 Fluid delivered the dispenser and control/ software technology for:Füll Systembau GmbHThe today name “Fluid Solutions”, with international character evolved at thebeginning of 2003.Based on more than 25 years of experience in the planning and construction ofcomponents and systems for all recipe-controlled branches.Fluid Solutions is now focused on consulting and concepts, strategies and thecomplete engineering including delivery and assembly especially for the Lube OilBusiness 4
  4. 4. Fluid Solutions – The Company• Focused especially on the Lubricants market (Lube Oil Blending and Grease Production Plants)• Customer support starting from programming via engineering up to the running production system• Latest technology, innovation and specialization for conceptual design and engineering of complete LOBP’s with focus on efficient core equipment.• Complete production concepts including storage, production, handling systems and logistics 5
  5. 5. Lubrication Projects Fluid Solutions• ESSO, Hamburg – 2 units AMBB each 30 additive components heated for pre-batches up to 600 Kg in mobile Containers. - 12 automated drum dispenser by robot with integrated “los in weight system” connected to each blender• Fuchs(Hispano Chemica), Barcelona – Fully automated movable 30 component additive dispenser for each 10 blenders. – IBC and drum storage for additives• DEA/ Texaco - Shell, Hamburg – 2 units fully automated batch blender(ABB) with each 30 valves• Statoil, Sweden – 3 units AMBB each 28 components heated for pre-batches and finished products up to 1.000 Kg in mobile Containers – Automated handling system for the mobile container – IBC and drum storage for additives• Q8, Belgium – 2 units AMBB each 28 components heated for pre-batches and finished products up to 1.000 Kg in mobile Containers and 1 3.000 Kg batch vessel – Automated handling system for the mobile container – IBC and drum storage for additives.• SWD, Duisburg – 1 units AMBB each 36 components heated for pre-batches and finished products up to 1.000 Kg in mobile Containers including automated mixing – Automated handling system for the mobile container – IBC and drum storage for additives – 5 blender connections• Fuchs Kaluga Russia – 40.000 to LOBP – Basic Engineering – Detailed Engineering – Automation material flow• Bautec Lubmin – 40.000 to LOBP – Basic Engineering – Detailed Engineering – Automation material flow 6
  6. 6. Fluid Solutions – The Company Range of supply and services Management consulting Provides proven, modern, flexible Front End Engineering and expandable designs Design Experience for modern lube oil EPCM Project Management blending plant is proven Process & Detail Design Key equipment like ABB, AMBB, Procurement/Fabrication SMB; Transfer Equipment, Installation Automation, … works as high Commissioning performance Building Block in Lube Training Oil Blending & Grease Plants 7
  7. 7. Engineering Skills – EOQ calculation The customers requirements are the origin for the engineering process The definition of type, number and size of blending equipment will be calculated according to economical sources (Economic order quantity calculation – EOQ) Results will be adapted to real life circumstances and lead to optimized storage, blending and filling capacities Innovative designs will follow out of the calculation method Optimized in-plant logistics This procedure is very successful in debottlenecking of existing Lube Oil Blending Plants 8
  8. 8. Engineering SkillsThe Process Economical Order Quantity calculation leads to optimized Process Flow Beginning from the storage of raw materials and ending with the filling lines, the material flow diagram illustrates the complete production process. 9
  9. 9. Engineering SkillsThe Layout In a first step the management rules for the plant are defined. They contain data about working time, the engaged blenders, pumps and information about the capacities of mixers and tanks and has lead to a process flow diagram In the second step the plant first layout is made. It leads to meet the optimal recommendations. 10
  10. 10. Fluid Solutions Key Equipment 11
  11. 11. KEY EQUIPMENTDDU – Drum Decanting Unit Characteristics Fast return on investment. Process flow diagram Automatic handling of additives up to 5000 Cst. Fast automatic decanting 3 m³/h (viscosity 3000Cst). No impact from changes in density, viscosity and temperature of the products on the dosing result. Skid mounted DDU-Module for easy integration in existing production units. 12
  12. 12. KEY EQUIPMENTAMBB – Automatic Mini Batch Blender Characteristics Latest state of the art technology for batches smaller than 5 m³ and for preblends Highest dosing accuracy Fast movers are hard piped with all its advantages (no contamination, exact dosing) Additives could be connected to the AMBB via flexible containers (Flexsystainers) or drums with its own dosing equipment to achieve highest accuracy with no pipeline contamination Maximum product variety and flexibility due to unlimited amounts of Flexsystainers 13
  13. 13. KEY EQUIPMENTABB – Automatic Batch BlenderCharacteristics used for batches between 5 and 30 m³ volume raw material dosing via load cells mixed in batch process easy to clean – short setup times when product changes easy to adjust the batch after quality analysis 14
  14. 14. KEY EQUIPMENTSMB – Simultaneous Metering Blender / ILB – In-Line BlenderCharacteristics used for fast movers production raw material dosing via regulating valves and mass flow meters mixed in continuous production process fast dosing – fast blending time SMB: all raw materials will be dosed in sequence and will be finished in storage tanks ILB: all raw materials will be dosed in parallel and leads to finished product immediately 15
  15. 15. KEY EQUIPMENT Transfer – pigging equipment Hose Manifold Matrix Manifold Characteristics avoids contamination in raw material and finished product transfer maximum flexibility by using manifolds by minimum pipework clean pipes – no material loss in pipes maximum safety by using Matrix technique 16
  16. 16. KEY EQUIPMENTAutomationCharacteristics complete production control leads to safe production same quality for all batch types documentation of complete process conditions maximum flexibility with shortest reaction times connection to ERP system (e.g. SAP) possible as option 17
  17. 17. Our expertise in Lube Oil Production • High quality Engineering and Delivery for the complete Lube Oil Blending Plant (LOBP) – storage, blending, transfer, filling, packing • Definition of working and delivery packages in the project • Available for a complete range of lube oil production applications • Available in a wide range of production sizes 18