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Publicis indonesia youth research 2013


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This is an initiative research video done by Hanussa Hamzah (Cuca) and Arindam Chatterjee (Chats) for Publicis Indonesia.

The idea of the whole thing is to understand more about the leisure time and space of the Indonesian youth.

Publicis indonesia youth research 2013

  1. 1. A peep into the life of theYoung IndonesiansLife, leisure, dreams, & aspirationsPUBLICIS INDONESIA2013
  2. 2.  The power of youth 50% of the Indonesian population is under theage of 30 They are the primary target audience for mostbrands across categories Hence the need to better understand theirchanging attitudes, opinions, interests, leisureand consumption habitsBackground
  3. 3. ObjectiveUnderstand the Youth leisure and entertainment spaceOut of home/in home Key motivators/driversKey decision makingvariablesBrand choice HangoutsPromotions/offersGadgets and Games Work and Play Lingo
  4. 4. Target 18-22 year olds Trendsetters Male/Female College-goers and First jobbers JakartaMethodology Ethnography study- Following a buddy group (5 best friends) for 4days An online survey of 86 Young Indonesians, in and around JakartaResearch Design
  5. 5. Friends are key to life…extension of family… Friends at this age is super important Anytime is good time for friends- thevenue is not important, the companyis It’s always the unanimous choice thatdictates the night out spot- it’s alwaysa collective decision Not MEchoice but WEchoice
  6. 6. A typical week…SaturdayNight OutFridayChill OutSundayFamily DayMondayCollege Day-Futsal-Movie at themall-Bar&Resto-House Chillinat friendsplace-Gaming-De-stress withfriends-Tight budget-Prefer to talkand catch upwith friends-Attending class-Meeting friends-Specific hangoutplaces-The youth lingo-Dreams andaspirations-The role of a child-Running errands-Hanging out withfriends-Ways to unwind athome-Personal grooming-Social media time
  7. 7. Friday Chill Out‘Nongkrong’Unlimited
  8. 8. Hot SpotsSevel (7/11)Rp. 15-30kLawson’sRp. 15-30kCoffee ToffeeRp. 11-30kCircle KRp. 10-30kStarbucksRp. 40-80kThat’s Life CoffeeRp. 15-40k
  9. 9. ExperienceFree WiFi is essential inour hangout..We have our brand ofchoice, but 7/11s brands arequite nice too! Not to forgetit’s relatively cheap!Promo works well with us, buy2 get 1, 20% off for phonecredit if we buy coffee,discount on beers…It’s Friday night, time to chill andforget about work and attendingclass for the next day. We wouldstay here for 3 hours just to chill!Others tried to copy Slurpee,but 7/11 for sure have theoriginal and the best! It’s what7/11 famous for…
  10. 10. Current promos they like…• Discounts for Big Bite and Slurpee withMandiri and CIMB card• 20% off for phone credit w/coffeepurchase• Best Deal For Meal promo• 1 free beer for 1 pack purchase• Free coffee with everysandwich purchased• Starbucks Treat a Friend(buy 1 get 2)• BCA Frappuccino promo• 50% discounts for Mugsand Tumblrs• Discounts for Japanesesnacks over x numbers ofpurchase• Buy 1 get 2 by followingthe Twitter account
  11. 11. Points to ponder…‘Nongkrong’ is a RITUAL for theyoungsters.. Rain, traffic oranything…There’s no stoppingthem.It allows bonding in the simplestway. No frills, not high-brow, inthe comfort of football jerseysand slippers.Conversation topics will gethotter, and they would forgetabout going home.Friends and consensus rules.Death of the single leadingvoice.It’s always OUR choice.
  12. 12. Saturday Night OutFutsalMovieBar & RestoHouse Chillin
  13. 13. Hot SpotsMetro FutsalRp. 100-200k/hrCitos FutsalRp. 150-300k/hrSamba FutsalRp. 250-350k/hrGoals FutsalRp. 175-270k/hrSTC FutsalRp. 160-285k/hr
  14. 14. Wearing jersey of yourfavorite team is a must, it’s likea religion, I’m not kidding..Futsal at least once a week,it’s good to release stress, tohave a good laugh, and toscore some goals!I’m here to cheer for the boys,and to do a bit of gossip!After a 2 hour futsal, ourstomach crumbles, so we gofor a snack at Pertok. Goodfood and good price..Pertok is famous for its chickensatay, the best in town!Experience
  15. 15. Current promos• 50% discount if book court 2 weeks ina row• Free drinks if play morethan 2 hours• Play two hours get onefree• Play two hours get one free• Free complimentary drinks • Play two hours get onefree
  16. 16. RitualsBring 4 different football jerseys Playing futsal with their favoritefootball player at their backMimicking famous goal celebrationTalk about the forthcoming football match Late brunch at the usual nearest hawker
  17. 17. Movies- Hot Spots
  18. 18. Even after a tiring day, I haveto watch it !We love snacks to come aftera movie, and we want to trythis new place Miji Ojisan,Cheese Cake for all! Nothingbetter than a good treat onour weekend!I said itbefore, HotelTransylvaniais going to beepic andfunny!We stayed for about an hourto talk about the movie, andjust fool aroundWatching movie at PIM isexcellent, because we canspot lotta girls!Experience
  19. 19. Favorite movies of all time
  20. 20. Resto-Pub-Bar Hot SpotsDe HooiRp. 45-200kBeer GardenRp. 150-300kEastern PromiseRp. 45-200kSoHoRp. 175-270k/hrCasaRp. 150-300kAlcoholics Bar&GrillRp. 50-200kDomainRp. 90-300kPosteRp. 50-200k
  21. 21. After a fun and tiring day wewon’t stop now, we round itoff with booze!From Monday to Sundaythere are great promos, 50%off, free beer, cheap chickenwings, and a lot more!We never forget to do ourpre-drinking ritual!I always checked in at4Square and Tweet whereverI’m in. The free WiFi here ispretty fast!Experience (Beer Night)
  22. 22. Chilling out at Rashta’s houseafter drinking, just kick backand relaxGame of FIFA is a must!The internet is as fast asSpeedy Gonzalez! I’mdownloading the latestepisode of Walking DeadExperience (House Chillin)
  23. 23. Points to ponder…A core group of friends,complementedby different passiongroups-Futsal, movie buzz, bars,games.Segmentation based onpassion groupsis a huge way forward formarketers whiletalking to the youth.
  24. 24. “ Me time”- House Chillin TV shows and DVDs Gaming Hobbies Online surfing
  25. 25. House ChillinChilling at friends placeAnd end up finishinga movieGetting lazy in theevening and finishing 4seasons of DVDRushing back home forThe Voice, they can’tmiss out on itIn a midst of assignment,they would break themonotony by chattingwith friends via skypeand Facebook.Other activity mightinclude BBM-ingtheir crushPursuing other passionsWhile at home, such asPracticing on their guitarskillsStaying at home is theperfect time to downloadthe new season ofWalking dead
  26. 26. Points to ponder…The content is in myhand at myconvenience.The millenial kidsdownload TV series.Time-poor|Multitasker|Onthe go existence.
  27. 27. House ChillinNews…andleisurereading…
  28. 28. House ChillinBooks are more appealingin a digital format forthe youthComic Books on iPadNewspapers packageddigitallyE-Magazines
  29. 29. Favorite magazines
  30. 30. Points to ponder…Reading is still part oftheir life, althoughthere’s beena shift …E-Books are nowmore superior andappealing thanTraditional hard copies,that’s according tothem…
  31. 31. House ChillinNet rituals
  32. 32. House ChillinPlay music on: WMP VLCRealPlayer QuickTimeiTunes
  33. 33. House ChillinConnect with friends: MSN Skype FB ChatYahoo Messenger VIBER
  34. 34. House ChillinChecking E-Mail: Gmail iMail HotmailBig file share sites Dropboxes
  35. 35. House ChillinSocial Media : Facebook TwitterPinterest InstagramTumblrFlipboard
  36. 36. House ChillinDownload music/video: Youtube VimeoNubishare Kick Ass TorrentMp3 Skull
  37. 37. House ChillinInfo on interests: Manga Fox Comic Kid IndowebsterLiving Social Kaskus
  38. 38. Gaming revolves around consoles and laptops:House Chillin
  39. 39. Favorite gadgetsHouse ChilliniPhone iTouch PlaybookSamsung GalaxyTab
  40. 40. House ChillinHome entertainmentTV Shows Reality TV
  41. 41. House ChillinHome entertainmentMovies Channels
  42. 42. House ChillinMusicNoahPinkIncubusPhoenixOwl CityRaisaPSYParamoreSkrillexFar East MovementSeringaiRadiohead
  43. 43. Points to ponder…Gadgets and Gamingto youths, are like fairy-tales to kids…It allows them theaccess to a worldwithout limit.
  44. 44. Sunday Family Day
  45. 45. Family DayI had dinner with my brothersat the mall, then to drive mymum to shop for groceriesEvery Sunday I always go outwith the big familyMy ResponsibilityKick back and relax, whilewatching TVPlay with my lovelykitty!Spent the whole day at ToysFair with my buddies !My Weekend
  46. 46. My Ways To UnwindFamily DayBBM-ingPlaying PS3Readingonline comicsReading onlinemagazinesBrowsing videoson YoutubeReading novelsPinning onPinterestUpdating statuson Tweet DeckSkype-ing withfriends
  47. 47. Points to ponder…To them Sunday is theday where theydevote themselves tofamily.Sometimes attractiveevents with friends willtake priority.
  48. 48. College DayBooks…Girls…Hangout…Cigarettes…Hubs…
  49. 49. Traffic always pisses me off! Iwoke up late, and now I’mgoing to be so late to attendmy classWe usually hang out with allgroups, geeks, jocks, nerds,sportsman, politic groups, leftwing, right wing, you name it!Other than spending time atKantin Atas I usually hang outat Kantin Kami. I usually spendabout 10 to 30k maxThe design student’s hub is theperfect place for us to to posefor a pictureAnd of course, one of ourmotivation to go to class arethe fine girls!Experience
  50. 50. Movie StarStand UpComedianNovelistChefAmbitionsvisualsStage PerformerRock StarBakery ShopOwnerEvent Organizer
  51. 51. Adrie SubonoSoeharto SoekarnoSandiaga Uno Emirsyah SatarDavid Beckham Lionel MessiPeter FirmansyahPeople I look up to…
  52. 52. Bisa=Sabi Yalsi=SialNangte=TenangCabs=CabutSelow=SantaiWoles=SelowYongkru=YoiSob=BosAre we talking to them in their lingo?Gancit=GandariaCityPIM=PondokIndah MallCitos=CilandakTown SqCK=Circle KSency=SenayanCitySevel=Seven ElevenCimol=CinereMallFlipped wordsBuddy callsPlacesBroCuyGanBrayMamenSisFren
  53. 53. What do they spend on?
  54. 54. Spending HabitsEntertainment Fashion Food and Bev Music-Bars-Futsal-Cinema-Shopping-Activities-DVDs-Clothes-Shoes-Accessories-Sevel-Café-Hawker-Restaurants-Gadgets-Apps-CDs
  55. 55. Spending HabitsEntertainment Food and BevFutsalRp. 150k/hrCinemaRp. 35-50kBarsRp. 45-100kSevelRp. 15-30kCaféRp. 30-50kCampusRp. 10-30k
  56. 56. Brand Religion
  57. 57. BrandsTo them brands are to be believed in, but depends on what theycan get from themSometimes it’s just about the cool quotient
  58. 58. Promotion Hot ButtonsMOBILE- Online Banking- Info on sales and best deals- Smartphone apps- Free phone calls to the same provider from12AM to 5AM
  59. 59. Promotion Hot ButtonsENTERTAINMENT- Buy 2 get 1 movie ticket with a specific credit card- Free drinks for the whole team if booking for 3 hoursfor a futsal pitch- Monday to Sunday daily promo in bar & resto
  60. 60. The mindset in a nutshell A balanced consumerist- PrudentPunter? Want the badge value but not willingto pay premium Willing to pay premium for anythingthat heightens the cool quotient Budget airline to a fancy resort
  61. 61. Now let’s follow them ontheir weekend..