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Resume short.key

  1. 1. Do you want your business to...
  2. 2. Grow Scale Expand
  3. 3. of course!!!
  4. 4. You will need a...
  5. 5. Sales Leader Business Leader Results Driven Leader
  6. 6. to reach your goals...
  7. 7. Paul Schmidt is a...
  8. 8. Sold for 4 Fortune 500 Companies Sold over $ 50 Million Dollars Implemented Sales Performance Management Systems 13+ Years Selling Enterprise Technology Solutions Sales Leader Sold Market Leading Enterprise Software Solutions Built Solid Relationships with C-level and Senior Level Leadership Transformed Company’s Sales Culture Increased Awareness 600%
  9. 9. Complete understanding of functions of operating a business Established & Executed the strategic vision for growth Achieved 45% growth rate over 4 years Business Leader Generated over 30 Million Dollars over the past 5 years Positioned the company to be our client’s trusted advisor Leveraged technology create growth & improve operations
  10. 10. Increased operational efficiency while reducing overhead Transformed culture into sales oriented company Financed the acquisition of FIVE STAR Results Driven Leader Leveraged his experience to build growth Leveraged $ 100,000 into $ 4.5 million in new revenue Exploited new technologies to build brand awareness & grow sales
  11. 11. who has...
  12. 12. Transformed Company to a Sales & Marketing company Grew company 45% using large company experience Implemented new technologies Scaled New Opportunities grow to 30% of overall revenue Sold solutions as Small Business & Fortune 500 Company Created mobile sales environment to connect with clients
  13. 13. Online Presence increased 600% Opportunities increased 300% Grew company while reducing staff 50% 2X Quota Club Winner Grew Average Sales increased by 49% Created & Closed Cerner Corporation Opportunity Closed UMB Bank for 800K Sales grew 45% over 4 years
  14. 14. Sold to over 65% of the top accounts in marketplace 4-years of growth after 3-years of no growth Grew revenue to $ 7.4 Million dollars Expanded 600% growth in online awareness Opened, Expanded, & Grew Territories Launched go-market Channel Strategy for 2 companies
  15. 15. Business
  16. 16. Paul is...
  17. 17. ...always looking for the next opportunity to improve and polish his business... If you are looking to do business with someone who thinks "outside the box" and is highly driven to succeed, you will not be disappointed in Paul. ...a very dynamic leader that has the ability to gain the trust and respect of those that he's working with to get things accomplished. Paul is tenacious in his pursuit of excellence. ...a visionary leader. His goal was not only to improve the brand, but to lead the industry through innovation and, given the resources, I think he could accomplish just that.
  18. 18. Complete understanding all aspects of operating a business Experience with small, growing & large businesses A Strategic leader who creates opportunities Paul offers... A leader who leveraged technology to create growth A focused, keen, and insight into strategic growth & sales 20 + years of result-focused success for market leading companies
  19. 19. How Paul Can Help? • Lead your organization to new heights • Build your strategic sales initiatives • Establish your strategic vision • Achieve your revenue targets • Stimulate and generate new ideas for growth • Open and Establish new markets
  20. 20. Let’s Get Started!
  21. 21. Contact Paul Paul Schmidt p: 913.634.8565 e:
  22. 22. Paul Schmidt Business, Sales, & Results Driven Leader