WoM: Word of Mouth Sampling


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By David Clark
TALK Marketing

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WoM: Word of Mouth Sampling

  1. 1. Learn more about WOMMA and how we can help you improve your word of mouth marketing program at www.womma.org. (c) 2006 Word of Mouth Marketing Association. You may share this presentation if it is not altered in any way.
  2. 2. Word of Mouth Sampling David Clark, President & CEO TALK Marketing Enterprises, Inc.
  3. 3. TALK Marketing Consumer Outreach program: How to generate WOM in the grassroots, peer group setting 70,000 community-based groups, clubs and organizations Working through the Group Leader at her scheduled meeting.
  4. 4. Why does the Group Leader agree to participate? Bring samples, prepare food, conduct demonstration, or try product in advance Focus groups conducted by client: Results Everybody likes getting something for free. Group Leaders/Influencers/Ambassadors enjoy being the first to know about relevant new products and sharing that information with their friends. It’s fun to learn about/experience new things in a group setting. I want my meeting to be fun.
  5. 5. Inspiring WOM in the peer group setting: Programs are more memorable when sample included. If impractical to give everyone a sample, raffle off 1 or 2 full-size products. Keeps the product front and center and adds to the fun. If you can only give a coupon, be sure it is of high value. Make it better than the Sunday paper. Ask yourself: “When the meeting attendees leave the room, what is the one thing I would like them to remember about my brand?” When you have this answer, you will have the USP, the point of differentiation between your brand and all the others. This difference is the basis for WOM.
  6. 6. Inspiring WOM in the peer group setting: Make it fun: Client with a new wipe made a stain emergency kit. Each attendee got kit with gauze, ketchup and mustard. Make a stain and watch it get removed. Assured demonstration of positive results. Is there an interesting story behind the brand that is worth repeating or will resonate with a particular audience? Campaign for immune system booster: Developed by a teacher who wanted to stay healthy in the closed environment of the classroom. Distribute samples and tell this story to moms at PTA meetings and teachers associations.
  7. 7. Where are the most fertile WOM opportunities? Who are the Influencers that should be approached ? Client was introducing new mascara. Went to groups & clubs whose members were in their target. Where else might it be natural to recruit mascara “fans” who would talk about the brand? SALONS: Pre-qualified to make sure clientele (age) was right. Worked through owner/manager to get agreement. (Not selling mascara.) Sent samples to all the stylists to try in advance and hand out to their best clients. The right people in the right atmosphere talked to their clients about an idea to improve their appearance. On average each stylist told 12 of her clients.
  8. 8. Be realistic when planning WOM: When arranging a wine tasting, ask Group Leader, “Do you regularly or occasionally drink wine?” Make-up campaign: “Do you use foundation?” By asking a Group Leader to try a product in advance, you screen out negative endorsements. After trial, the endorsement and recommendation are genuine. White strips. Explored a WOM campaign for a manufacturer of a drug to treat ADHD. Problem: Most moms do not want to talk about this problem in a group setting.
  9. 9. Have you given the Influencers what they need? If your goal is to get visits to your web site, offer an attractive incentive. Consumers are inundated with invitations to web sites. Consumers are protective of their personal information. Give them a good reason to open the door to your company and brand. Put yourself in the position of the would-be evangelist. Has the brand given me a reason to share relevant information with my friends? After learning about this brand, is there something important/interesting/fun I should pass on to my peers?
  10. 10. Measuring WOM recommendations and purchase activity: How can we demonstrate that the WOM effort made a difference?
  11. 11. Foot Cream Treatment Target: Appearance conscious women Action: Targeted consumers were provided an informational brochure with coupons for each group member in one Test cell and brochures with coupons and samples in a second Test cell. Group Leader Gift and door prize for one attending member—full size product and a pair of socks. Research: Conducted a customized survey among random participants 8 weeks following program. 90% 82% Control cell 80% 75% Test Cell 70% 61% 60% 50% 43% 40% 37% 33% 26% 30% 20% 9% 10% 4% 2% 2% 1% 0% Awareness Trial/Usage Purchases 1st Time P.I. W.O.M.* Purchases Program Objectives: Generation of awareness, trial & usage, word of mouth, and purchase
  12. 12. Dave Clark, President TALK Marketing 973-540-8333, ext. # 19 dclark@talkmarketing.com