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Who are the Evangelists, Influentials & Fans?

  1. Learn more about WOMMA and how we can help you improve your word of mouth marketing program at This presentation is from: (c) 2006 Word of Mouth Marketing Association. You may share this presentation if it is not altered in any way.
  2. Influencers, Virginia Miracle Evangelists and Fans (oh my!) December 12, 2006
  3. Who are the evangelists, influentials & fans?
  4. • Influentials – Opinion leaders. Specifically, opinion leader in your category. – Can be courted • Evangelists – Individuals empowered to take a leadership role in extending your brand to others. – Can be developed • Fans – People who love you – Can be inspired, multiply
  5. How do you work with them?
  6. Situation Fiskars wanted to create a sustainable, customer- led movement to improve the visibility and sales of their scrapbooking products
  7. Influencers Brains on Fire identified store owners, designers, teachers, and bloggers as influencers We interviewed them about Fiskars, crafting, and the program design Result: Program was jump started with their Buy In and Credibility
  8. Evangelists We interviewed passionate crafters all over the US looking for credible, passionate voices in online and offline hubs who were energized by sharing their knowledge and love
  9. We brought them to Fiskars HQ, and empowered them to take the reigns.
  10. 5 components of the Fiskateers curriculum •DNA •Scrap U •Being an Ambassador •Infection •Bring it Home
  11. Fans As soon as the blog launched, Fiskars fans spread the word on message boards, in stores, and at crops. Tools then helped the word spread amongst fans and create new ones.
  12. Results •1000+ Fiskateers have registered (more than 5x goal for 2006) • Online discussion of Fiskars is up 341% (goal 10%) •We have Fiskateers members in 49 US States
  13. The US-based has already attracted readers from 47 countries.
  14. FSKATR 3 Stephenie, without letting anyone know, took it upon herself to order a Fiskateer customized license plate. That’s Fiskars Love!