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Naskah Drama Inggris


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Bercerita ttg Hansel dan Gretel

Published in: Entertainment & Humor
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Naskah Drama Inggris

  1. 1. “This task to complete an encirhment task of English Lesson” THE TEXT OF DRAMA and NARRATIVE CREATED BY FAJAR MAULANA 3 EXACT 6 SMAN 1 CIMAHI 2015
  2. 2. DRAMA TITLE : HANSEL AND GRETEL Once upon a time there were children called Hansel and Gretel. They lived with their father and mother.This family was rich,and they had a neighbor’s,She was Anna.Anna liked father of Hansel and Gretel and wanted to take him to her heart. One day,Anna met with Witch to make a poison #SCENE 1 : WITCH HOME Anna : (Knock the door) Witch : Wait for a minute (Open the door) What’s your name and where you come from? Anna : Hello, I’m Anna,I’m from another village. Witch : What’s your Problem? Anna : I wan’t to kill someone.Can you make for me a poison? Witch : I have something for you,Come in! (Enter witch home) (Sound : Witch Spell)(Witch give anna an Apple) Anna : Now I can kill you Cinderella. Thank you madam Witch : No problem (Witch Laugh) Tomorrow,Anna came to Hansel Gretel home to give their mother an apple. SCENE 2 : AT FRONT OF HANSEL GRETEL HOME Cinderella : (Sweep the floor) Anna : Hello Cinderella Cinderella : Hi Anna,Why do you come here? Anna : mmm,I’ll give you a gift,take this.. Cinderella : oh,thank you Anna : Taste it one,it’s so yummy Cinderella : Ok,Mmm so yummy. Not along after that . . Cinderella : (feel Sick and fall her broom and apple) Why do you do this to me? Anna : (Laugh and hold head of Cinderella) Because, I love your Husband !
  3. 3. After that, Anna asked anyone there to held her and Cinderella was die there.Suddenly Anna cried when Father came to there.But,behind of kindness,Anna wanted to take their wealth,with her strategy to take Cinderella Husband Heart. Not long after that,Father married with anna and anna became the Stepmother of Hansel and Gretel. More and more long time,Stepmother was bad behavior to Hansel and Gretel. And one day . . SCENE 3 : INSIDE OF HANSEL GRETEL HOME Stepmother : Hansel & Gretel ! come here! (Hansel come) Gretel : Please wait a moment mom. (Gretel come) Stepmother : Where are you from?!! Clean this clothes and this house! When I go back home, the house must be clean ! (hold Hansel head) After stepmother go back home . . Stepmother : Hansel & Gretel ! (Hansel Gretel come to Anna) What are you doing here ? Why is’nt clean here? You can’t work?!! After that,father came back from work. Father : (Open a door) What Happen here? Stepmother : I’m so angry with them,They can’t work! They’re stupid! Father : Be calm Anna,and you’re (Hansel Gretel) go to bedroom and go to sleep. Finnaly H&G were going to bedroom.After that . . Stepmother : Father,I want Hansel & Gretel go out this home! When They discussed to throw Hansel,Gretel.Hansel heared all their dialogue,and Panic. Father : No way! They’re my child and I’m very love them.I’ll manage them forever although I die ! You know! Stepmother : If you want that,I will make them painful! Father : I don’t have another choice,so I will throw them to the forest.
  4. 4. Tomorrow,Father and stepmother invited them to vacation to the forest. Father : Hans,Gretel,You want to vacation to camp in the forest? Stepmother : It’s very fun, we must go now! You want? Gretel : I like it!! And you Hansel? Hansel : Hmmm.I think so . . Father : Ok,Here we goo! Stepmother : Keep your soul !! oke! SCENE 4 : On the way to forest After that H&G families were going to vacation to forest and walked together.Stepmother and their father took their childrens deep into the forest to left them there.At the moment,in the way to forest… Stepmother : My Dear,pick up this and eat this bread,for your supplies. Father : Eat that bread,so you’re not hungry Gretel : Oke mom,dad. I’ll eat this bread,because I’m so hungry now.hehe Hansel : Hmm oke At the moment Gretel eat that breads,Hansel cutted the bread and kept that into his bag.In the way,Hansel crumbled up the bread along the road,because he knew a plan of his parents to throw him and Gretel. SCENE 5 : Inside the forest. Father : My dear, Dad will bring mom to behind forest,We will look around. Stepmother : Be careful my dear, Mom will go back again here a moment,you’re undertand! Hansel Gretel : Oke mom,dad. During the hours,Hansel and Gretel waited their parents returned there,but there was nothing.At the afternoon came . . . Gretel : Hansel, I’m scare .. where are dad and mom? I want back to home .. Hansel : Don’t worry Gretel ! I have crumbled the bread along the road. So come on! We can followed the bread crumbs and We can go to home Gretel ! Gretel : Oh .. you’re so clever Gretel!
  5. 5. When they would return to home,the bread crumbs along road was . . Gretel : You said you crumbled the bread along this road,Nothing bread along this road Hansel ! you lie to me Hansel ! Hansel : I don’t lie to you Gretel! In this road I …. Oh Look him ! When they dispute, they looked a man who stole their bread crumbs Gretel : Oh no! What must we do now to him?! Hansel : Don’t be angry Gretel.Hey you! What are you doing there? Burglar. Food’s Burglar : I’m Just eat this bread,because I’m very hungry and I eat for a week,you know !! Hansel&Gretel : Ruuuunn ! Then, hansel and Gretel walking deeper and deeper into the forest. They were hungry and tired. Finally, after walking for a long time they meet a fairy Fairy : (Sound : Fairy Spell) Helloooo everyonee! Hansel : Ruuuunnn agaiiiin Gretel ! Gretel : Woooww,Amaziingg. (Touch fairy body) Hansel : She is ghost ! Gretel : You’re so beautiful and cute,Oh My God Hansel : what the? Fairy : Don’t touch me like that ! Eh. .Emm.. Ok.I have a task to guard you(Hansel) and you (Gretel) and help you return to home again,so don’t worry kids,hehe H&G : Horee! Hansel : What should we do now? Fairy : Oke,First.I’ll give you a cake,so you aren’t hungry again.Second,We must walk to north,Third . . . Gretel : Where’s a cake? Fairy : Oke,please wait baby,simsalabim abdacadabra! (Sound : Fairy Spell) Gretel : Wow Fairy : Keep this bracelet if you are in a dangerous condition.Keep it Hansel. (give bracelet to Hansel) Hansel : haikk. When they already ate a cake,they continued to walk and followed fairy.At the moment they found a cake house
  6. 6. SCENE 6 : FRONT OF COTTAGE / WITCH HOME Hansel : (fall his cake) Look Hansel! A cottage mades from cakes, and chocolates. Hemm, so yummy gretel! Gretel : Wow! What a wonderful house! Let eat again Hansel! Fairy : (Block hansel&Gretel) Don’t child! It is dangerous ! You don’t know what inside that house! (Hansel Gretel push fairy) Aaaah! Fairy was angry and left them there.When they eat that house, an evil old witch watching that. Witch : (Opened the door, came to them) Who’s that overthere? Gretel : Ahhh , who are you?! *hiding in behind Hansel* Hansel : Ohh, sorry madam we disturb you. We can’t back to home and we’re hungry. When we walking, we see your cottage made from many cake, chocolates, and candies. So we eat your cottage. Sorry Madam … Witch : Oh, no problem. You can eat again if you hungry. Are you hungry now? Lets eat more cakes and chocolates inside my house. Come on! H & G : Horraayyy ! (enter witch home) But, as soon as they stepped inside the house the nasty witch grabbed Hansel. She put him inside a cage and locked him in. Then she gave him lots of food to fatten him up. SCENE 7 : INSIDE WITCH HOME Witch : Eat this! (give a food and Laugh) Hansel : What will you doing to me?! Witch : Hee, hee, hee! I’m going to eat you! Hansel : No, you can’t eat me. Open this cage now! Helpp! Witch : No ! You must in this cage until you fat. And I will eat you. After I eat your brother I will eat you (to Gretel) (Laugh) Gretel : You can’t eat us! You can’t! WITCH : SHUT UP! Clean this room now. This the broom. Get sweeping now! And eat that foods now! Gretel : Nooo.. (cry) Witch : You must do this now!! (Laugh)
  7. 7. The next day the evil old witch see Hansel to check if he was getting fatter or not. Witch : Let me feel your finger. Hansel : This Madam ! Witch : Too thin, too thin! Eat again. Everyday, everytime the witch always looked the Hansel finger. One day the witch grew very impatient. And she want to eat Hansel now. Witch : I can’t wait it! I’m going to eat you now! I want cook you in oven. Greteelllll ! come in ! Gretel : What happened madam? Witch : Opened this oven and turn on the fire now for Hansel ! Hansel : Oh My God. When Hansel was in dangerus condition,Hansel forget a bracelet in his hand to call a fairy. Hansel : I forget it ! I’ll touch it and call fairy Suddenly,the fairy appeared there. Fairy : (Sound : Fairy spell) OMG, You ! What are you doing to my child ! Witch : I want to Cook them! If you want to beat me,that’s impossible. Fairy : Eat this ! Witch & Fairy : (Together) I kill you!! (Sound of spell) Suddenly,Fairy’s hit a heart of witch Witch : Damn you,all . .Ahhh (die) Hansel : Fairy,Help me to open this cage ! Fairy : Oke,simsalabim abracadabra! Hansel Gretel : Horeeee! Hansel : We must go out from this home now and back to home!
  8. 8. SCENE 8 : INSIDE HANSEL GRETEL HOME In other place, father was aware that his child threw in forest. Father : What do I do to all my children?! I’m very stupid to throw them. Stepmother : What happen my dear? Father : Because of you Stepmother! Without you,My son won’t at forest now! Stepmother : What?! I’m not understand! Father : Go out from this home now ! I don’t want to look you again ! Stepmother : I don’t mean like that ! please forgive me,forgive me! Father : No,before my children back to this home ! After that,Father went to the forest as fast as he can to met his children. At the moment Hansel and Gretel walk through the forest. . SCENE 9 : IN THE FOREST Hansel : Gretel,We are lost again in this forest,so what should we do now? Gretel : I don’t know,I’m very confused Hansel : Hmm, We are lost Gretel !What should we do now?! Gretel : Shut up ! I’m very confused! Hansel : Oke,I’ll ask fairy.What should we.. Fairy : Hansel,Gretel . I’ll explain something for you Hansel : What’s that? Fairy : I’m your mother. Hansel&Gretel : Haaahh?! Fairy : Be careful my children,I will . . Father : (Come) Hansel,Gretel ! (Father,Hansel,Gretel Stopmotion) Fairy : Love you Forever. Gretel : Father ! Hansel : Father,we have surprise for you, This mom! (look behind) Father : Where ? It’s just your illusination. So, Let’s go back home Gretel&Hansel : Horayyy!! After that,They went to their home together and happy forever. THE END
  9. 9. TITLE : HANSEL AND GRETEL Character :  Hansel : (Kind,Clever,like tinder,careless)  Gretel : (Kind,Stupid,careless)  Cinderella (Mother of Hansel Gretel) : (Kind,trick easily)  Father of Hansel Gretel : (Kind,trick easily,like tinder,lier)  Anna (Stepmother of Hansel Gretel) : (Evil,chiseler,craftly,lier)  Witch : (Evil,chiseler,craftly,lier,weak)  Fairy : (Kind,like tinder,strong)  Food’s Burglar : (like tinder) Scene :  Hansel Gretel Home : 1. Front of Home (Scene 2) 2. Inside of Home (Scene 3,8)  Forest : 1. On the Way (Scene 4) 2. Deep the forest (Scene 5,9)  Witch Home / Cottage : 1. Front of Cottage (Scene 1,6) 2. Inside of Cottage (Scene 1,7)