Open Data Initiatives and PSI reuse in the Czech Republic


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Open Data Initiatives and PSI reuse in the Czech Republic. Presented at ePSI Workshop Platform in Budapest.

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Open Data Initiatives and PSI reuse in the Czech Republic

  1. 1. OPEN DATA INITIATIVES AND PSI REUSE IN THE CZECH REPUBLIC Michal Kubáň ePSI National Correspondent in the Czech Republic Open Data Coordinator @OPEN SOCIETY FUND PRAGUE October, 2nd 2013, Budapest ePSI Platform Workshop,
  2. 2. 1. Open Society Fund Prague and Open data 2. National level a) Open Government Partnership (OGP) b) Current status of OGP 3. Role of the public sector a) Otakar Motejl Fund b) NGO’s – best practices 4. Conclusion OUTLINE
  3. 3. OSF MISSION  Strengthening Open Society and Democracy in the Czech Republic Open data = a vital tool to strengthen the rule of law and transparency. 1999: Freedom of Information Act Supporting citizens asking for information according to this law 2011 - 2012: Open Government Partnership Providing the Czech government with consultations on the Action Plan for the Open Government Partnership (OGP) 2013: Let´s Open the Data Together •Supporting tens of online activism projects •Organizing a contest of applications using the open data OPEN SOCIETY FUND PRAGUE AND OPEN DATA
  4. 4. OPEN GOVERNMENT PARTNERSHIP RESULT - April 2012 , SIGNED - Action Plan for the Open Government Partnership 1. The adoption of an Act on Civil Servants, to ensure the depoliticization and stabilization of the public administration sector 2. Streamlining the system allowing free access to information 3. Improving access to data and information The Open Government Partnership is a global effort to make governments better. We all want more transparent, effective and accountable governments -- with institutions that empower citizens and are responsive to their aspirations. But this work is never easy.
  5. 5. 3. Improving access to data and information a) the publication of data under an open license b) the publication of data in a standard machine-readable format; c) the creation of an open data infrastructure in the CR and the establishment of rules for the public procurement sector d) Opening up the most important sources of data - 10 datasets ACTION PLAN FOR THE OGP Deadline: End of 2012 - March 2013
  6. 6. Theoretical part -> 1. Czech Public Administration Open Data Publishing Methodology 2. Concept of Catalogization of the Czech Republic’s Public Sector Open Data Practical part -> new deadlines ! • Open data catalogue (December, 2013) • Legislative conditions (July, 2014) • OD datasets - only 1 out of 10 (Election Results, Census 2011 ) CURRENT STATUS OF THE OGP COMMITMENTS
  7. 7. OPENED DATASETS – 1/10
  8. 8. Institutions that opened data Czech Statistical Office The Czech Trade Inspection Authority Ministry of Finance – Monitor of State Budget OD – as a part of key strategies Government Strategy For the Fight against Corruption for the period 2013-2014 Digital Czech 2.0. Development Strategy of Czech Public Administration and eGOvernment 2014+ CURRENT SITUATION – NATIONAL LEVEL
  9. 9. ROLE OF THE PUBLIC SECTOR 1. OTAKAR MOTEJL FUND (OSF) Forum for Open Data => Otakar Motejl Fund (OSF Prague) + Faculty of Informatics and Statistics (University of Economics, Prague) + Faculty of Mathematics and Physics (Charles University in Prague) Open Data Cities - pilot project - 3 cities Let´s Open the Data Together (OD challenge) The Data Journalism Handbook (CZ version) Open Data: Opportunity for the Czech Republic (handbook)
  10. 10. NGO‘S – BEST PRACTICES let's know who really represent you Factcheck of political discussions Encyclopedia of Czech politicians Control the budget of your city Where does my money go? Ask your institution Information about all auctions and sales
  14. 14. •Otakar Motejl Fund – + • • •Data IHNED.CZ - Data journalism and data visualization on • + mailinglist MORE ON OPEN DATA IN THE CR
  15. 15. CZECH OPEN DATA AUTHORITIES @jindrichmynarz @jakubmracek @MichalBerg Martin Nečaský
  16. 16. OGP commitments –> no punishments –> no results x - OD as part of for e-strategies => new government, end of 2013 Lack of OD legislation and user- friendly guidelines for institutions Some institutions are more opened than others – depend on each IT department NGO‘s sector is more active than state sector  Internationally successful projects transformed to CZ  Czech OD community – active (meetups, barcamps) x  lack of datasets as a fuel to OD projects CONCLUSION
  17. 17. Michal Kuban @kubanster Thank you for your attention