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viral marketing campaign for Tuli Hotels in IN

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Viral marketing

  1. 1. Tuli Hotels A Viral Marketing Campaign
  2. 2. Tuli Hotels• 7 Hotels existing• Located primarily in the ‘heart of India.’• At the moment in time, there are no social networks listed on the International Site.• Facebook Site does exist
  3. 3. What is Viral Marketing?• It is making an awareness of a brand through already existing social networks.• For example to achieve product sales• Such as using Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, etc.• It spreads like a “virus.”
  4. 4. SOSTAC Process• Situational Analysis• Objective• Strategy• Tactic• Action• Control
  5. 5. SOSTAC: How viral are Tuli Hotels? • Facebook exists but only ‘26 Likes’ • Twitter/Myspace/ Lindedin- no account found • Trip AdvisorSituational Analysis:Little to No viralmarketing exists
  6. 6. SOSTAC TuliObjective for Tuli Hotel’s: To make Tuli Hotel’s Viral all around theinternet, that people are aware of who they areand what they have to offer, by one simple click.
  7. 7. SOSTAC Tuli• Strategy: • Get to know what sites are the most important on the web • Create accounts and make attachments to different sites • Create offers and contests on different sites • Use word- of- mouse
  8. 8. • Tactic: TSOS Ac • Get to know what the market of India is using for Internet Sites Tuli • Find viral marketing examples • See where the hotel is able to place themselves • Create a more intriguing ‘home’ website for Tuli Hotels
  9. 9. Viral Marketing Examples• Hotmail: get your free email!• Dove: real models?• BMW Film• FiFa World Cup
  10. 10. Lets make them ViRAL! SOSTACAll Around the World: Popular in India:• Make a PINTEREST account • Join sites such as make local• Create a video about the offers experience at the hotel post on sites such as YouTube • Facebook, Twitter, Orko ut• Linkedin account important for hiring purposes • Makemytrip• Make offers on Travelocity and Expedia
  11. 11. • Talk about you.• Connect your account with your Facebook and Twitter accounts.• Don’t forget to add your website URL in your profile• Pin lots of stuff. Pin content steadily, instead of in huge bursts, to maximize your exposure and engagement.
  12. 12. Word of MouseOffer ‘Best wedding photo contest on PinterestsCreate offers on travel websites for those wanting to visit India and those looking for a place to travel toCreate accounts on my common social media websites, connect all sites togetherMake videos of the hotel post on YoutubeMake yourself well know all around
  13. 13. SOSTAC TuliControl:  Weekly updates on all sites  Change offers and contests  Have a position within the companies that takes care of all internet related marketing  Follow through on all give away’s for contests/make sure it’s an experience for the guest
  14. 14. Good Luck Tuli Hotel’s on becoming Viral!