Social Trends and Predictions - 2013


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  • There was a period of liking everything, collecting friends, but now people are being more selective
  • From predictions 2013 whitepaper – read for more. More and more brands will tap into the rest of the organization to develop relationships with the customer – beyond customer services. People from product / marketing / sales /execs. Use personal accounts to tweet on behalf of the brand. Requires SM managers to set guidelines and provide tools.
  • Go to where your customers are –things are becoming more visual across the board but interact with your customers they way the want to. Consider demographics and preferences.
  • More and more retailers are incorporating social into the physical presence as well as online.
  • Burberry created this social experience in their dressing rooms where you would go pick out a suit, and there would be a tag and you would take it into the dressing room and there would be monitors in there so a video feed would show real-time tweets / photos of models in the suit.“Perhaps the coolest bit of technology is Burberry's use of radio-frequency identification (RFID) chips. Chips have been attached to certain clothes and accessories so that when a customer approaches one of the screens in the common areas or in a fitting room, specific content — say, information about a bag's stitching and craftsmanship, or a video showing how a skirt was worn on the catwalk — will appear. The chips will be attached before products leave manufacturing centers to assist with inventory tracking and management as well.”But doesn’t have to be this complicated – talk about how you can tweet in “cheese”y jokes to American Grilled Cheese Kitchen.
  • Jay Baer’s rant: doing something viral for the sake of doing something viral doesn’t drive business. It’s all about providing value and making your marketing do something that helps.
  • The Facebook Ads API enables several functions including:Audience creation/management – matching and adding to an audienceAd unit creation and managementBidding, including providing reach estimates and suggested bidsReporting
  • Social Trends and Predictions - 2013

    1. 1. Top 10 Predictions in Social MediaKatie Van Domelen, Product Marketing Manager, Social@ktvan
    2. 2. FirstWho am I? Andwho isExactTarget?
    3. 3. ExactTarget is a Global SaaS CompanyNYSE: ETTrades on the New York Stock Exchange4 Continents10 years in business, and 2,000 passionate employees
    5. 5. ExactTarget SupportsSocial Media Management at ScaleListen Measure AdsPublishEngage
    6. 6. ExactTarget Social Products:Start Conversations that ConvertSocialEngageA leading platform for socialcustomer engagement putsconversations in one place.SocialPagesCreate Facebook fan pagessimply, and manage multiplepages from one dashboard.SocialPartnersPartners in the socialspace that complementExactTarget Social products.SocialProfileConnectorAnalyzes the overlap of socialchannels for email subscribers,and provides smart and socialcross-channel analytics.
    7. 7. Nowon to thepredictions…
    8. 8. Prediction: Major Social ChangesPeople will use social media to motivate disjointed communities:1. Social Media EMPOWERS disenfranchised groups2. Social Media IGNITES action3. Social Media RECOGNIZES IndividualsTHE LESSON? Tap into the power of social change as a way to amplifyyour brand through Facebook and Twitter
    9. 9. What Causes Followers to flee?73% of social media users “unliked” a brand because of the following:1. Brands post too frequently2. Consumer stopped using the product3. Bad customer experience
    10. 10. Think Facebook is a good place to connect to brands
    11. 11. Like a Facebook Page better than the company website
    12. 12. 1. Monitor the frequency of your posts - post less often2. Consider using targeting by gender and location on Facebook3. Let users know that if they’d like to receive/not receive your posts4. And finally – provide an excellent social customer experienceKeys To Success:
    13. 13. Keys To Success:1. Training programs2. Social media policies3. Inspired content4. Internal metrics5. Recognition
    14. 14. Of B2B Marketers Believe Social is A Key Part of the Marketing Mix
    15. 15. 1. Success in B2B looks different—if it helps to create a lead, it’s worthmore than getting a lot of views.2. Be Patient – Purchase Cycle is Longer4. Social is an excellent way to build trust5. Social is the place where business people get news and informationKeys To Success:
    16. 16. Instagram – Proof of the Visual Trend1. 61% have used Instagram in the past 24 hours2. 48% of users declare using Instagram more oftenthan other networks3. 83% use it at work, surpassing Facebook and YouTube by a long shot
    17. 17. Consider your audience:
    18. 18. Access Social Networks from their Mobile Device
    19. 19. Before a customer will make a purchase decision
    20. 20. “Help someone and createa customer for life”
    21. 21. Example: FacebookCustom AudiencesUse insights from email program to target users on Facebook
    22. 22. • 40% Match Rate• Created 4X audience size• Tested 3 Segments• Yielded 3X purchase volumeSuccess!
    23. 23. Thank you!