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Pluto presentation

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Pluto presentation

  1. 1. Hanna Brown, Anna Coleman, JustinChang, and Alec MartinezMay 2013
  2. 2. NeighborsUsed to be the smallest planetHas at least 3 moonsmoons are about the same size as its selfDiameter is 1,500 miles!
  3. 3. Pluto vs.EarthPluto is colder than EarthEarth has life forms, Pluto doesn’tEarth is closer to the sunPluto is not as big
  4. 4. Cool factsPluto has moons as big as it’s self!August 24, 2006 Pluto became a dwarfplanetTakes 248 years to orbit around the sunThe first dwarf planet found
  5. 5. How it gotit’s namePluto was named by 11 year old girl.
  6. 6. LocationNext to NeptuneOne of the farthest dwarf planets from thesun
  7. 7. MoonsHas at least 3 moonsMoons names are Charon ,Hydra and Nix