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Introducing ProspectStream

Learn more about ProspectStream\'s revolutionary Lead & Prospect Management Solution

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Introducing ProspectStream

  1. 1. IntroductionPrivate & Confidential. Do not distribute without permission.
  2. 2. ProspectStream History• An Exciting 2011/2012 – 9/2010: Product re-launched on SaaS Platform – 1/2011: Acquired F500 Client• An Experienced Management Team – Ric Overholts – Steve Farfsing – Karl Treier
  3. 3. The ProspectStream ROI Sales Marketing ManagementReturn on Effort (ROE) Managed by Marketing Proven ROI- Optimized Prospecting - Managed Qualification Meaningful Metrics- Systematic Approach - Consistent Messaging Operational Expense- Increased Target Contacts Measure Results No Long Term CommitFaster Ramp to Results - By Source - By Qualification Data - By Message
  4. 4. Imagine the Impact!• What if you could… – Get a 10% increase in conversations with your Target Buyer? – Get a 10% better qualification rate, reducing pursuit of bad opportunities? – Optimized marketing spend? – Get 10% More Revenue? • Would 10% more revenue per sales rep outweigh a cost of just $89/month/user or less?• What if it were much more than 10%?
  5. 5. Traditional CRMTraditional CRM Leaves Users Wondering…• Who do I call first?• What was last outcome?• How much effort have I expended already?• How qualified is this Lead?…and provides no…• Systematic way to qualify a Lead• Guidance on messaging• Way to capture of detailed outcomes• Automatic scheduling of the next activity
  6. 6. ProspectStream 3.2 ProspectStream Lead ManagementCSV ImportCRM IntegrationWebsite FormsSocial Media Radar* Intelligent Call Cycle Optimization CRM Qualify & Disposition Call List ERP Campaign Message “Outcome” POS ProspectStream works differently than a CRM it: • Drives Repeated Activity Against Prospects Retire • Captures and Scores Qualification Data • Records and Metrics Positive & Negative Outcomes * ProspectStream 3.3
  7. 7. Intelligent Call Cycle OptimizationPrioritized Call List Call List Qualify & Message Record OutcomeCall List with Past Due, Scheduled and Uncalled Records Past Attempts Contact/No Contact Last Attempt Date/Time & Outcome
  8. 8. Intelligent Call Cycle OptimizationQualify/Messaging Call List Qualify & Message Record OutcomeRecord and History View Visual Cues Indicate Effort Still Worth- while
  9. 9. Intelligent Call Cycle OptimizationQualify/Messaging Call List Qualify & Message Record OutcomeCall Script Library and View with Embedded Qualification Questions Campaign Specific Library of Scripts Embed Qualification Questions Automatic directly in element Scripts substitution in Scripts
  10. 10. Intelligent Call Cycle OptimizationQualify/Messaging Call List Qualify & Message Record OutcomePopup Question Dialog with Answer Entry Capture Qualification Answers via Popup
  11. 11. Intelligent Call Cycle OptimizationQualify/Messaging Call List Qualify & Message Record OutcomeAlternate View of all Qualification Questions and Answers. Answers Drive Qualification /Lead Scoring and Visual Cues See all Questions & Answers in One View
  12. 12. Intelligent Call Cycle OptimizationRecord Outcome Call List Qualify & Message Record OutcomeCall Disposition (“Outcome”) Chooser and Data Capture Form Completely Customizable Outcomes Drive Workflow Automatic Next Attempt Scheduling Optimizes Results
  13. 13. ProspectStream 3.2• SaaS – Multi User/Multi Tenant Application – RIA (Rich Internet Application) • Outperforms HTML Web Applications – Nothing to Install/No Hardware to Buy – Secure, Reliable Cloud Hosting – Guaranteed Availability – Free Updates
  14. 14. Case Studies/Client Results • 10 Week “Seasonal” Campaign entirely managed by Sales VP • 10,000 Prospect Records, 40,000 Dials (2010/2011 Seasons) • Revenue Growth (turning around multiple years of decline) • 25% Reduction in Labor Cost • Sales Staff turnover reduced from 50% to Zero.13 Months Since Launch (Jan 2011)30 Self Administered Campaigns51,000 Prospect Records, 30,000 Dials, 4,000 Qualified44 Users (50:50) Call Center Reps : Regional Sales Directors HEALTH INSURANCE600 New Agents Under Contract COMPANY • 2 BlueStar (Distributor) Rep’s Called 1,109 Motorola Resellers • 4 Week Campaign • Goal was to get the Resellers Clients to renew their Motorola Service Contracts • Achieved 43% Uptick in Renewal Rate • Program expanding to 50 Motorola Resellers (~100 Users)
  15. 15. How Do You Get Started?• Subscribe… – Just $89/month/user or less• Implementation (typically less than a day)… – Add your Users – Import your Prospect Universe – Configure your First Campaign • Targets (Who to Call) • Messaging (Call Scripts, Voicemails) • Qualification (Questions & Answers)
  16. 16. Contact Info• Contact Us to Learn More – – – @prospectstream – +1 (513) 898-0505 – +1 (877) 258-8989 Toll Free